Kashmira Sawant

Singapore’s 27 Best Sweet Treats You Must Try

Without a doubt, Singapore has a mind-blowing list of savory foods that one can enjoy any time, any day. But not tasting the desserts...

New York’s 23 Most Luscious Meaty Delights Picked Out For You

New York is a metropolitan city that has not only an abundance of scenic sights but also a beautiful intermingling of cultures. The latter...

India’s 24 Best Tea Varieties You Must Try Right Away

India is remarkably diverse in terms of both culture and geography. Different climatic conditions are highly favorable for a tea market, as dramatically distinct...

Hyderabad’s 20 Iconic Dishes That Can Instantly Fire Up Your Appetite

Don't you think some places just compel you to give in and gluttonize your heart out? Well, if your answer is no, Hyderabad will...

America’s 27 Best Fast Foods That You Will Absolutely Love

Americans love to eat, and that is obvious given how booming the food industry is in the country. There is a mind-boggling variety of...

Rome’s 25 Best Desserts Picked Out For Sweet-Loving Foodies

Sure, the pizza, pasta, and all the savory eatables are super yum. But a trip to Rome is simply incomplete if you do not...

London’s 27 Best Sweet Treats You Must Try Right Away

Sure, the English Breakfast is fun and all; but a trip to London is simply incomplete if you do not try the iconic desserts...

Turkey’s 27 Best Desserts Handpicked For The Sweet Toothed Foodies

Sweets are celebrated as festivals in Turkey. Going beyond the regal Baklava and Turkish Delights glamorously displayed in pop culture, we bring you a...

Cape Town’s Top 12 Picks For A Truly Mouthwatering Experience!

South Africa calls for luxurious treats for the palate. The capital, Cape Town, features this culinary trend across its variety of restaurants. Capetonians seek...

Japan’s 28 Best Desserts Handpicked For You

Japan has a severe case of a sweet tooth. Be it traditional Japanese confections or western desserts, the Japanese love to fill their tummy...

28 Outstanding San Francisco Desserts You Must Try

No doubt, San Francisco has a mind-blowing list of savory foods that one can enjoy any time, any day. But not tasting the desserts...

Delhi’s 16 Best Street Foods Handpicked For Incurable Foodies

Street Food of Delhi is a fanciful affair. Whimsy bites of delicate snacks compete with an exorbitant array of plates loaded with appetizing carbohydrates....

14 Outstanding Regional Delicacies Of Amsterdam You Shouldn’t Miss

Going beyond the scenic beauty and Madame Tussauds, of course, Amsterdam has a lot more to offer. The Dutch cuisine here is absolutely inviting...

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