21 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Gujarat

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Gujarat has a variety of food items to offer. Not only does it offer a variety of vegetarian food items, but it also offers a wide range of pickles and chutneys that make you savor every bite.

21 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Gujarat

These food items are easily available in restaurants, so do try them.

1. Dhokla

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Whenever you recall Gujarati cuisine, the first picture you might have in your head is of Dhokla. Every Gujarati household has been making this dish for breakfast. This soft, fluffy, and sweetened dish, which is made up of besan mainly, will win your heart. In addition to this, it has a quick and easy recipe and will also result in being healthy for you.

2. Thepla

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Thepla is the most popular and healthy Gujarati snack. Though it looks very similar to Paratha, Thepla has a slightly different taste. If you are someone who enjoys eating fenugreek leaves (methi), then this dish will meet your demands and will offer you a bitter-sweet taste. It is served for breakfast or lunch with a pickle and curd.

3. Khandvi

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Besides being admired and served in Gujarat, Khandvi is also a famous name in Maharashtrian households. Low in calories, this besan (gram flour) based dish is sweet, sour, and fluffy altogether. On the one hand, it’s going to tickle your taste buds, and on the other hand, its strong aroma will not let you stop eating it.

4. Gathiya

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Our list is unfinished without the deep-fried Gathiya, which is made from chickpea flour. From being sweet, sour, and crunchy, there is a wide range of Gathiya that are available in the market. It’s a very popular snack for Gujaratis during their snack time, and it’s best served with Indian tea (Chai).

5. Handvo

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If you are trying Gujarati food for the first time, then Handvo might look like a besan cake at first sight. Made with gourd filling and besan, this dish can be served for breakfast as well as meals. Though the taste of Handvo greatly depends upon the region it is made in; it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is predominantly sweet-sour.

6. Fafda & Jalebi

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Every Gujarati festival is incomplete without Fafda & Jalebi. Fafda is made from a blend of besan (gram flour), carom seeds, and pappad khar, and then deep-fried into the oil. On the other hand, Jalebi is made from maida flour and dipped in sugar syrup. This snack offers a sweet and salty taste that wins everyone’s heart.

7. Gujarati Khichdi

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From mung dal, bajra, lentils, to sabudana, Gujarat offers you many different versions of Khichdi. Though the choice of ingredients switches from region to region, Khichdi has always been the staple food of Gujarat. The taste of Khichdi largely depends upon the ingredients that are used to prepare it.

8. Sev Tamatar Nu Shaak

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Do you like eating curries? If yes, then stay tuned. We have got a new dish for you. Sev Tamatar Nu Shaak is a curry that is made of tomatoes and sev. The sweet, tangy, sour flavor of this curry, garnished with crispy sev, has made it very popular with folks.

9. Undhiyu

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Undhiyu is a fusion of vegetables like eggplants, muthiya, green peas, and many more. Served with cilantro leaves and chili pepper as toppings, Undhiyu can be sour, sweet, and a bit bitter altogether.

10. Gujarati Kadhi

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Made with besan, buttermilk, or yogurt, this sour-sweet curry will surely change your day. Seasoned with curry leaves and sesame seeds, Gujarati Kadhi is not only quick and easy to make but also turns out to be a healthy and light meal.

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11. Bajra No Rotlo

best Gujarati dishes you must try
Source – indiaphile.info

Bajra No Rotlo is a flatbread or roti, which is made from the flour of millet. Though it is served in many ways across Gujarat, one of the common combinations is Sev Tamatar Nu Shaak and Bajra No Rotlo. This dish should be on your diet if you are aiming at gaining weight and also looking for something tasty and spicy.

12. Mung Dal Khichu

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Khichu is well-known for its doughy consistency and soothing taste. This dish is a must-try if you’re exploring Gujarati cuisine and love eating doughy and sour dishes. It is garnished with chili powder to make it spicier. It tastes fantastic with a splash of Koro Sambhar and a drizzle of oil.

13. Phoolwadi

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Phoolwadi is a deep-fried, crispy, and cylindrical-shaped snack. This popular Gujarati snack can be enjoyed at any time of the day and is also a great option to travel with. Though there are many variants of this snack, the most beloved one is the batter-based Phoolwadi.

14. Khichdi Pakoda

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It might be difficult to believe, but this dish is made from Khichdi. The taste of this dish greatly depends upon the way Khichdi is cooked. It is made by mixing Khichdi with batter made of besan and then frying in oil. It’s crispy, deep-fried, and tasty; it will make you relish each bite.

15. Dabeli

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Originating from Kutch, this snack is everyone’s favorite. It’s sweet in taste and is made by boiling potatoes and adding dabeli masala to them. It’s served in a bun with a chutney, which enhances its flavor. Not only it’s easily available in all Gujarati restaurants, but it’s also inexpensive.

16. Patra

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Made from Colocasia leaves, tamarind, and rice flour, this North-Indian delicacy is very popular in Gujarat. The Gujarati version of Patra includes the use of lemon to make it sour in taste. Though it is steamed for 20-30 minutes, it can also be fried to make it crispy and more flavorful.

17. Sev Usal

Source – gujrasoi

Sev Usal is a very popular and demanded Gujarati street food in Vadodara. It’s made from chutneys, spices, and crunchy bites like papdi, sev, and tikkis. This dish has a bunch of flavors, from sweet to sour and, many times, spicy. The reason behind its large fan following is also its cheap rate.

18. Khakhra

Source – zaykarecipes

Khakhra is a thin cracker that has been part of Gujarati cuisine traditionally. You can make Khakhra in several varieties, such as methi, jeera, bajri, and pudina. It can be served for breakfast or at any time of the day.

19. Khaman

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The next on our list is Khaman, which is our all-time favorite Gujarati snack. Its exquisite texture and appetizing flavor will tickle your taste buds. Not only it’s a famous delicacy in Gujarati households, but it’s also quite popular in other Indian states.

20. Mathiya

Source – merisaheli

Last but not the least is Mathiya. Though it has a very quick and easy recipe, you can’t deny how tasty, crispy, and spicy this snack is. It has a sugary-salty flavor which makes it perfect for everyone. This Gujarati snack is garnished with chili powder and stored in air containers to preserve it for a long time.

21. Ghari

Source – nishamadhulika

This sweet dish originated in Surat; hence it is called Surati Ghari. It is generally consumed during Chandani Padva. It was actually prepared by the cooks of freedom fighter Tatya Tope to provide energy and strength to the soldiers. It is made of puri batter, milk, and ghee with a sweet filling inside.

That’s the end of our list of 21 best Gujarati dishes. We also noticed that the real essence of Gujarati food lies in the creative use of everyday vegetables and mild spices. They are easy to make and also light meals, which makes them healthy and good for people from every age group. Gujarati food is actually a plate-pleasing combination of sweet and sour flavors.

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