21 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Gujarat

Gujarat has a variety of food items to offer. Not only does it offer a variety of vegetarian food items, but it also offers a wide range of pickles and chutneys that make you savor every bite. 21 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Gujarat These food items are easily available in restaurants, so do try them. 1. Dhokla Whenever you recall Gujarati cuisine, the first picture you might have in your head is of Dhokla. Every Gujarati household has been making this dish for breakfast. This soft, fluffy, and sweetened dish, which is made up of besan mainly, will … Read more

13 Indian Snacks That Can Suit Any Palate

The majority of India remains unknown for its innovative and tasty dishes. A land of many cultures, Indian snacks can prove to be surprising to both kin and abroad. We have snacks that have existed for as long as the memory of them remains, for they are just naturally delicious! 13 Indian Snacks That Can Suit Any Palate 1. Shakar Paras Shakar Paras, sweet pastry squares made from a simple dough of plain white flour and clarified butter, cut into pieces and deep-fried in bubbling oil. These diamond-shaped crackers are then coated in sweet sugar syrup that goes well with … Read more

10 Hearty Rava Recipes You Should Try

Rava, also known as Sooji and Semolina in India, is made up of dried wheat. This fine and granulated rava are used by roasting it first before preparing the recipe or making a batter before cooking it up to make the dish. It is used in making various kinds of dishes, be it spicy or sweet. And truthfully, such recipes are loved by everyone, be it kids or adults. While some Rava recipes are super savoury, some are super crispy. Rava is also used to make items like pasta, baked food, and various other breakfast cereals. It also has many … Read more

15 Delicious Street Foods To eat in Mathura

Mathura is a place filled with devotees of Krishna. There is faith and purity in the air of that place. With faith and purity, the air of Mathura is also filled with the aroma of delicious foods. Mostly sattvik food is served here. Sattvik food is a type of vegetarian food that is prepared without using onion and garlic as Hinduism finds these two ingredients impure. and it’s also famous for its dairy products because of the love of Shri Krishna with dairy products. Here are some really delightful foods you can get in Mathura, Vrindavan. 15 Delicious Street Foods … Read more

27 Local Foods to Eat in Gujarat

Gujarati culture and food are an important part of India’s diverse culture. North Gujarat, Kathiawad, Kachchh, Central Gujarat and South Gujarat are the five major regions of Gujarat that contribute their unique touch to Gujarati cuisine. 27 Local Foods to Eat in Gujarat 1. Khandavi Khandavi is a snack in Gujarati as well as in Maharashtrian cuisine. It is liked by everyone but mostly by people who are fond of lightly spiced food. It is made of gram four and yogurt and is generally served with green chutney. 2. Undiyu Undiyu is the regional speciality of Surat. It is a … Read more