15 Delicious Street Foods To eat in Mathura

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Mathura is a place filled with devotees of Krishna. There is faith and purity in the air of that place. With faith and purity, the air of Mathura is also filled with the aroma of delicious foods. Mostly sattvik food is served here.

Sattvik food is a type of vegetarian food that is prepared without using onion and garlic as Hinduism finds these two ingredients impure. and it’s also famous for its dairy products because of the love of Shri Krishna with dairy products. Here are some really delightful foods you can get in Mathura, Vrindavan.

15 Delicious Street Foods To eat in Mathura

1. Lassi and Chaach

Lassi and Chach
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Going to Mathura, Vrindavan and coming back without having their sweetened Lassi should be a crime. You cannot find Lassi as pure and as good as theirs in any place in the world. It is thick, white and sweetened milk. Whereas Chaach, on the other hand, is watery in consistency and salty in taste.

2. Makhan Mishri

Makhan Mishri
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Makhan mishri is the favourite food of Shri Krishna so it’s natural for you to find the Makhan mishri in the hometown of Shri Krishna. If you visit the temple of Shri Krishna you might get lucky and get prasad of Makhan mishri but if you didn’t, then you can find Makhan mishri from any sweet shop.

3. Milk and Tea in Kulhad

Milk and Tea in Kulhad
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There are the famous clay pots of Mathura, Vrindavan in which most of its drinks are served. I don’t know how but that pot adds some flavour to the drink which makes it tastier. The same way sweetened milk and masala chai (masala tea) is served in kulhad (famous clay pot) is Mathura, Vrindavan delicacy.

4. Peda

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Mathura most famous sweet is its signature peda. It’s made from milk, sugar and ghee and mostly served to Shri Krishna as brought as prasad. You can find here more than 10 types of pedas. It is a widely famous sweet and served to temples as prasad or offerings to God.

5. Ghewar

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You can find ghewar in any city of India but the purity, taste and flavour will never be the same. Ghewar is made from milk, khoya and ghee and has a thick layer of dry fruits on it. Every state or city has its own style of eating ghewar and Mathura has its own as well. In Mathura, ghewar is served with a layer of rabri and crushed dry fruits on it.

6. Aloo Chaat

Aloo Chaat
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Aloo chaat is nothing but fried potatoes served with chutney. Sounds easy, but it is not! Most of the Aloo chaat makers mess it up somehow but in Mathura, Vrindavan you can have some delicious, un-messed aloo chaat.

7. Samosa and Tikki

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You can find a shop of samosa and Tikki in every corner of Mathura, Vrindavan and I’m not even exaggerating. Most of them make great samosa and Tikki except for a few but there are always some exceptions. Indian loves fried foods and Mathura as well have an avid lover of samosa, tikki, and other fried snack items.

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8. Kachori

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Just like samosa, kachori is also very popular is Mathura, Vrindavan. They make great kachori with alloo sabji. Kachori is filled with sattu and the flavour of sabji is quite light as it seems, the filling is delicious and swoon-worthy.

9. Bhalle Papari

Bhalle Papari
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They serve here sattvik bhalle papari (that is without onion and garlic) and it’s a must-try food item here. The thickness of curd is unmatchable and the taste of bhalle papari is also at its best.

10. Jalebi

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Jalebi is a popular Indian dessert. It is made of maida and sugar syrup. There are so many shops and stalls in Mathura, Vrindavan which are selling some delicious jalebis. The best places to enjoy these crisp jalebis are Brijwasi, Bihari Road etc.

11. Ras Malai

Ras Malai
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Ras Malai is again a desert. It consists of paneer balls soaked in milk cream. Yes again with fairy products. This article mentioned that this city loves its dairy products. Ras malai is a famous Indian dessert which you should give a try.

12. Thandai

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It’s a popular Indian drink whose main ingredient is milk and there are large amounts of dry fruits and nuts with added sugar. It is served cold and mainly served in summer.

13. Indian Vegan Food

Indian Vegan Food
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Unfortunately for non-vegetarians, Mathura, Vrindavan only serves vegan food but fortunately for vegans Mathura, Vrindavan has a large variety of vegan foods to choose from. You can find all the Indian food from starters to the main course as well as veg Chinese and veg burgers and pizza.

14. Vegetable and Fruit Salad

Vegetable and Fruit Salad
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You can many salad stalls in the streets of Mathura, Vrindavan. They are available in all seasons. These salads consist of different vegetables and fruits like carrots, radishes, tomatoes, beetroot, sweet potatoes, pineapple, banana, etc.

15. Gol Gappe and Dhokla

Gol Gappe and Dhokla
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Last but not least the stall of panipuri and dhokla can be found easily in the streets of Mathura, Vrindavan. Those who seek spice food must try Golgappe of Mathura, Vrindavan and Dhokla can be enjoyed by all.

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