16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Sydney

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Sydney, the most populous city in Australia, is among the top twenty most visited cities in the world. This influx of tourists would like to taste the traditional food items that are popular in Sydney. Below is a compilation of the dishes that you must not miss out on while you are touring Sydney. Do let us know about your favorite dish in the comments.

16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Sydney

1. Barbecued Snags

Must-Eat Foods In Sydney
Source: Taste Atlas

An Australian barbecue will satisfy your hunger and salivate your mouth. These sausages are skimmed with garlic butter, and then barbecued. Thus, when you visit Sydney, don’t forget to find out about barbecued snags.

2. Pigs in blanket

Source: Kitchen Sanctuary

Pigs in a blanket are loved by many people as a starter. It is one of the most famous street food in Sydney. You can find it anywhere in the streets of Sydney. It is made up of pig meat wrapped in a fried flour wrap. You must try the authentic flavors of this food item.

3. Spring rolls

Source: Cubes N Juliennes

Spring rolls are a wonder with the filling of meat and various vegetables. So taste this food from the streets of Sydney and experience the heavenly taste of spring rolls.

4. Chicken Green Curry

Source: Kitchen Sanctuary

If you like to try out a flavor of chicken curry apart from the regular butter chicken or the garlic chicken, it should be the chicken green curry from Sydney. The lemongrass and peppercorns will leave a taste in your mouth like no other chicken curry.

5. Hamburger with Beetroot

Source: Taste

While visiting Sydney, you must try this unique burger. Hamburger with beetroot has crispy meat patty and soft buns. The meat in this hamburger is very juicy. This classic hamburger is very famous in the entire city.

6. Chiko Rolls

Source: Best Recipes

Chiko Rolls are similar to spring rolls, but they are filled with delicious beef. It is a preferred snack in Sydney and available in many shops. You can get it from street vendors as well.

7. Meat pies

Source: Taste

Meat pies are delicious street-food items in Sydney. You can have it as a snack. These pies are filled with delicious meat and served with mashed potatoes and gravy. You will never forget the taste of this famous food.

8. Strawberry watermelon cake

Source: Recipe Community

Strawberry watermelon cake is a delicious dessert with the layers of dacquoise, watermelon and rose-scented cream.

9. Lamingtons

Source: Eat, little bird

Lamington is the best sweet treat in Sydney. It is a square-shaped sponge cake which is dipped in chocolate and coated with coconut. It may also have a filling of cream or jam between the two layers of the cake. The combination of lamington with tea or coffee is a perfect snack!

10. Gelato

Source: southernliving

Gelato is a famous dessert in Sydney and you must try this flavorful, mouthwatering, dessert. In Sydney, you can find a huge variation of this with marvelous flavored combinations. Some of the flavors are sour cherry, pomegranate, and vanilla. Some may have almond and pistachio as its topping.

11. Yum Cha

Source: Welcome to china

Yum Cha, also known as Dim Sum in some parts of the world, is the best choice of breakfast on weekends. One can find this delicious food in the streets of Sydney very easily and it is very cheap to buy.

12. Snow Egg

Source: Delicious

Egg yolk and sugar is a combination that might seem quite unconventional. But as unconventional it might sound, it is one of the tastiest food items you can find on the streets of Sydney. As a tourist, this item must be on your checklist.

13. Ricotta cake

Source: A baking Journey

Ricotta cake is an unassuming fluffy cake filled with sweetened ricotta. A serving of this dessert will make anyone feel special. The lemon zest, vanilla extract, and the milk ricotta cheese combinations turn out to be irresistible for anyone. The ricotta cake comes in varieties like choco chips ricotta cake, raspberry ricotta cake, blueberry ricotta cake and many more.

14. Truffled Egg Pasta

Source: cookpad.com

Butter and cream are added in sumptuous amounts to make this dish tastier. The truffle’s smell manages to penetrate the egg as well. These egg yolks, when combined with the pasta dough, will produce a dish which turns out to be a favorite of most of the people in Sydney. This signature dish tastes best with raw egg yolk.

15. Beef Pho

Source: Simply Recipes

The beef pho is a noodle soup that comprises seasoned beef as its main ingredient. The beef is cut into thin slices and placed on a layer of noodles and broth. Various sauces like the plum sauce and hot sauces are added as per the taste of the person ordering the item. It is a staple food in most restaurants in Sydney.

16. Sausage roll

Source: Pinterest

The sausage roll is a snack which is popular not only in Sydney but all over Australia. It is made as a pastry and is available in several bakeries and retail outlets. The sausage meat and puff pastry serve as the main ingredients to make a tasty sausage roll. An egg is added at some places to make a new variety of the sausage roll.

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