8 Most popular Indian spices and herbs

We all know Indians have the special knowledge of various spices due to which they can make boring food into an interesting one. They can very easily make use of Indian spices in perfect proportion, and that’s why Indians are famous all over the world due to the specialty of Indian spices. These Indian spices are not used immediately but after a perfect blender or roasting it they can give the perfect smell and texture. Some of the most popular Indian spices and herbs are.

8 Most popular Indian spices and herbs

1. Cardamom

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Cardamom is of two types, green and black. These are called big cardamom and small cardamom. Green cardamom is somewhat sweet and is used by Indians in sweets or desserts. This black cardamom used in the spices mixes like that in garam masala with all other spices. We can say that black cardamom is a part of the spice mixture. If black cardamom has to be used in desserts, then these have to be crushed and then used. The black cardamom has to be used with caution, unlike the green one.

2. Cloves

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The most popular and famous spice cloves have a very strong smell that can be recognizable in almost all Indian food and delicacies. Its anise note brings a favourable smell and makes it more delicious. Though it is said that the use of cloves should be precautious as it can overpower the strong spice flavours too. Cloves can be used as a whole or their oil can be used in food.

3. Cassia bark

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Cassia Bark is also similar to cinnamon as it is a genus of the cinnamon tree. It is a very interesting spice as this can be used in an excessive amount in food. This is ground cinnamon, so it can be used in a great amount. The taste of this spice is so soothing that it gives a special aroma while adding it to the food. It is easily distinguishable by its rough, tree-like bark like a stick, and it can be used by blending it completely and then adding food.

4. Black pepper

Source: Healthline

Black pepper is actually a native of India from the Western Ghats and Malabar coast. This is the only reason the black pepper cost varies a lot. Black pepper is also first roasted or blended and then added to the recipes. The ground smells very soothing and tastes good.

5. Cumin

Source: Healthine

Cumin is a very popular and frequently used spice by Indians due to its smoky note, and it gives an intense smell to the recipes. Cumin can be distinctively seen due to its brown and rough texture, and it is added by roasting. Roasting cumin should be done cautiously due to its amazing and smoky notes. Roasting cumin till it gets smoky notes.

6. Coriander

Source: Times of India

Coriander is the oldest spice in the Indian spice rack. The coriander can be very easily distinguished due to its green rough colour, and it is very famous for its aroma. Coriander is also used as a dry roast. The coriander needs to be dry roasted before it can be used. It is used as a spice base for any food or recipe as it gives a very aromatic and aromatic smell with a citrus base.

7. Mustard seeds

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Mustard seeds are yellow, black or brown, and the taste of it can only be felt when it is cooked in oil or crushed before using it. It has a smoky, nutty flavour which is frequently used in making curries.

8. Fenugreek

Source: Healthline

Fenugreek which is also called Kasuri Methi, has a very smoky, earthy, musky flavour. It is usually used in curries that give the perfect fragrance. The Fenugreek is green in colour that is similar to wheat kernals.

So these are certain spices that are very popular and which are traditionally used in Indian foods and recipes that make food very delicious and aromatic.

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