Know the History of Bikaneri bhujia

What is Bikaneri Bhujia?

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Namkeen has always been the soul of the Indian people. Indians usually eat to change the boring routine of food. As we all know, Indians are fond of tea, so those Indians used to eat snacks with each other. For the snack, Indians made many new snacks or fused some.

Bikaneri bhujia is one of the most popular Indian snacks. It is very crispy and made of beans and gram flour. The spices which are marinated are regarded as Indian spices which have different taste and texture that can give any food a distinctive flavor.

Bikaneri Bhujia is the most wanted crispy snack that is an all-time favourite among the Indian people irrespective of age. This bhujia came a long way when it started.

As in the beginning, I said that this Bikaneri Bhujia or Bhujia sev can be eaten at tea time or evening snack, but do you have any idea that this bhujia snack can be eaten with any dish as a complimentary meal, be it your breakfast that we eat sandwiches or at tea time? So this snack gives extra flavor and removes boredom if children are unable to eat this.

How Bikaneri bhujia came into existence?

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Bikaner, the city in Rajasthan which gives the cumulative of all cultures, traditions, valour, the giant forts, the beauty of the Rajasthan. This city was originally founded by Raja Bika in 1497 and later became the most developed fourth largest city in Rajasthan. This Bikaner is famous for all types of namkeens or snacks that are famous all over the world and are exported after being manufactured.

It is actually famous among foodies and at every nook and corner bhujia is being sold, which is the fame of this city. Bhujia was first prepared in the princely state of Bikaner during the reign of Dungar Singh in 1877. It was first prepared there, and now it’s the fame of the city. Recently, Bikaner Bhujia received Geographical Tag (GI). It is the highest footage of the industry we can ever imagine. Over 2.5 million people are employed here each day and around 50,000 tones of Bhujia are manufactured there by over 2.5 million people.

This cottage industry has employed not only men but also women. This Bikaneri Bhujia is so famous that people started copying to start their business, but soon it collapsed because the original is always on demand, then Indian patent Co. Gave a geographical tag to the original Bhujia.

Bhujia is traditionally made here as the resources can simply be found here, the moths gram flour crop is planted in the desert of Bikaner and Jodhpur, the Bengal gram flour and spices are also found here.

More about Bikaneri bhujia

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If you wander around the Bikaneri bazaar, one thing you will see is that the whole market is full of mobs. Either for making Bhujia or to see or to eat. This depicts the love towards the Bikaneri Bhujia. This is a traditional crispy snack that needs an expert as the equal proportion of all the spices and marinating it needs technique. So, this technique, artistic skills need an expert as this is so famous for many decades. There is one of the oldest manufactures in the Bhujia market named Bikharam Chandmal.

This oldest manufacturer has been making this Bhujia traditionally for 150 years, and now it is under the fourth generation of it. As I told you, it needs artistic skills to make it as the ratio of all ingredients ranging from the gram flour, chana dal, powdered cellulose, salt, cloves, spices.

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This Bikaneri Bhujia doesn’t make only one flavor of Bhujia but varieties of other flavors and tastes. I guess I told much about Bikaneri Bhujia that by even seeing you can differentiate whether you are eating the original Bikaneri Bhujia or just Bhujia Sev.

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