17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Norway

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Dishes in Norway


The Beatles have a song called Norwegian Wood. It describes how the country is one with its woods. Norway is a country whose vast landscapes full of snowy mountains, Viking culture, and ecstatic food would all leave you spellbound. So, get ready for these unique and tasty gourmet foods while you visit Norway.

17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Norway

1. Lefse


Lefse is a type of sweetened tortilla, especially eaten during festivities. The simple ingredients of flour, butter, potatoes, and milk make this dish what it is. It is always accompanied by a dip or a side dish. Lefse is a must-have during festivals.

best place to grab it: From Ferries around the country

2. Lutefisk

Lutefisk is a traditional nomadic dish. One makes it by aging stockfish or through dried and salted whitefish. Traditionally served along with potatoes, green peas, and bacon. Lutefisk forms an essential diet of the Norwegian region.

Best place to grab it: Traditional Restaurants

3. Norwegian Waffles

Norwegian waffles
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The best place to try Norwegian waffles is of course Norway. These heart-shaped waffles will surely steal your heart away. Normally served with jam and berries, they come with a nice, crisp outer edge.

Best place to grab it: From ferries during a ride

4. Reindeer Meat

Reindeer Meat

Reindeer meat is also known as Caribou meat. It is rich in nutrients like omega-3 and is low in fat. Its leanness makes it comparable to fish meat. It comes in various forms like sausages and meatballs and tastes best with creams and other dairy products. Soothe your taste buds. Plus points for its nutritional value.

Best place to grab it: Maaemo in Oslo City

5. Pinnekjott


Pinnekjott is a ship’s air-dried ribs. They are salted and steamed over birch sticks. Their rich and salty taste is enhanced by the sweetness of kholrabi. The result is a lusciously savory dish.

Best place to grab it: Western Norway

6. Brunost


Brunost also called brown cheese, is not a cheese at all. It is made of whey, a type of protein found in milk. Whey is boiled and given this unique caramelized flavor. You can find it on toast, on ice cream and other everyday food items.

Best place to grab it: Supermarkets or cafes

7. Krumkake


Krumkake looks like ice cream. Literally translated into bent cake, you can find it with stuffings of jams, chocolate, and cream. Recently, vegan versions of this sweet dish have become available.

Best place to grab it: Vaaland Dampbakeri & Conditori

8. Polse

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Polse is an iconic fast food dish in Norway. Mind you, it is not just another sausage dish. It has been a Norway tradition for years. They generally contain deer meat, but a vegan option with mushrooms has come up.

9. Whale Steak

Norway is amongst the few countries that hunt whales (not the endangered species). The taste is crunchy and spongy and sometimes a little sweet.

Whale hunting, because of some brutal practices involved, is an ethical battle for some. Here is a link debating that.

10. Cloudberries


Norway has a big collection of berries. However the most popular of them are cloudberries. You can find cloudberries in almost anything, be it a dessert or as toppings on various dishes.

Best place to grab it: Fresh from the market

11. Smalahove

Image Credit: Reddit

Smalahove is a traditional dish containing sheep’s head. The head is served smoked and accompanied with mashed potatoes and boiled rutabaga. A little bizarre? Agreed. But it is worth a taste.

12. Raspeballer

Image credit: Matoppskrift

Raspeballer is a dish made from grated potatoes, salt, flour and sometimes meat. Perfect for a light lunch or midnight cravings. They also come in a variety of names, potato dumplings being common of them all.

13. Svele

Image credit: RecipeReminiscing

Svele is a type of Norwegian pancake, served generally with burnost. It gets its characteristic flavour due to the salt of harts horn being used in it.

14. Klippfisk

Image credit: Huffpost

Klippfisk is an exotic dish made from dried codfish. Native to the seas of Norway, it is extremely easy to find in restaurants. Norway exports a major amount but it is best served in the country it originates from.

15. Kjottkaker

Image credit: middaymat

Traditionally made Kjottkaker usually contains beef but it also could contain pork. These tender meatballs are a regular dish on every menu.

16. Pickled herring

pickled herring
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Herring, a fish is preserved in pickling liquid is used to make this Norwegian dish. Served with onions and sour cream, it is a true delight for our taste buds.

17. Fårikål

Image credit: MatPrat

Fårikål is also considered as the national dish of Norway due to its large-scale popularity. One tasty combination is simply mutton with cabbage black pepper and flour.

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