15 Different Types Of Coffee you must try out

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If you are a coffee lover, then you should definitely try all the various types of coffee. Some people like the light flavors of coffee whereas some are fond of the stronger ones.

Here is a list of different types of coffee for you

1. Black Coffee

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For a coffee lover, Black Coffee is a stress buster. It consists of only plain ground coffee beans without any sugar, milk, or any other flavor.

2. Decaf

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Decaf is a type of coffee that is made up of decaffeinated coffee beans. All other types of coffee beans contain caffeine but if you want to avoid it then Decaf is the best option for you.

3. Espresso

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Espresso is bolder and stronger than the form of normal coffee. This difference originates from the type of coffee beans used for it. The more finely ground beans are used to prepare Espresso. These beans make the liquid more concentrated with a thicker consistency.

4. Latte

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A latte is a classic form of coffee. It is a combination of 1/3 part of Espresso and 2/3 part of steamed milk. A thin layer of foam is used to make its topping. You can also prepare your personalized form of Latte with the flavors of your choice.

5. Cappuccino

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Cappuccino is an Espresso based coffee. It is similar to Latte except for the thick foam layer on its top. Usually, a 6-ounce cup is used to serve it. Sprinkles of cinnamon on the topping make it fabulous.

6. Iced Latte

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Iced coffee is a perfect beverage for your hot and sunny day. It is a variety of Latte. It consists of Espresso, milk, and ice.

7. Macchiato

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Macchiato is a variation of Espresso. A shot of Espresso with just a touch of foam or steamed milk is called Macchiato. On a busy day, all your stress will vanish with just a cup of Macchiato.

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8. Americano

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Americano is a diluted version of Espresso. Americano is prepared with a shot of Espresso that is diluted with hot water.

9. Cafe au Lait

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The French variation of coffee. The name of this beverage is very fancy and attractive. To prepare Cafe au Lait you need to add equal parts of coffee in steamed milk.

10. Iced Coffee

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If you are a coffee lover, then all you wish for a hot day is a glass of iced coffee. It is very easy to make, you just need to brew a regular hot coffee and cool it over ice. Serve it with milk and whatever sweeteners you like.

11. Mocha Latte

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The sweet version of Latte is known as Mocha latte. Sugar and chocolate are used to give mouthwatering flavors to it. The most liked flavors for Mocha Latte are melted chocolate or syrup, cocoa powder, etc.

12. Red Eye

Source: tasteatlas

When you need some extra amount of caffeine to boost yourself, then you should get a Red Eye drink. It is a mixture of a normal cup of coffee with a shot of Espresso. This drink will give you the energy to tolerate a hectic day and help in increasing your work efficiency.

13. Cortado

Source: perfectdailygrind

Cortado is a form of beverage that was originated in Spain. Cortado contains half part of Espresso and half part of steamed milk with minimal or no foam on top of it.

14. Flat White

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Source: nespresso

Flat White originated from Australia and New Zealand. It consists of steamed milk and higher content of Espresso which gives a velvety texture to this drink.

15. Irish Coffee

types of coffee
Source: foodnetwork

Irish Coffee is a flavorful beverage that contains various ingredients. This drink is an amazing combination of black coffee, sugar, and whiskey, with the topping prepared with a dollop of whipped cream.

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