15 Street Foods to Eat in Chongqing

Welcome to Chongqing, the culinary capital of southwestern China, where every street corner is adorned with the tantalizing aroma of spicy delights. Renowned for its fiery cuisine and vibrant street food culture, Chongqing beckons food enthusiasts from around the globe to explore its rich gastronomic offerings. From sizzling hot pots to savory skewers and aromatic noodles, the city’s diverse street foods promise an unforgettable culinary adventure. Join us as we delve into the vibrant flavors and bustling energy of Chongqing’s bustling food scene. 15 Street Foods to Eat in Chongqing 1. Hot Pot (火锅) Chongqing is famous for its spicy … Read more

10 Best Streets Foods to Eat in Kolkata

A recent survey was held named ‘Taste of Travel’. Beating cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Amritsar, the cultural capital of India have won the title. Back in 2018 the study also highlighted how 49% of Indian travelers were planning on a dedicated food tourism trip to Kolkata. We all know how famous and delicious Bengali sweets are but by the end of this article, you would definitely be in a dilemma of what’s better, the spicy taste of street foods or the sweetness of Bengali sweet shops. 10 Best Streets Foods to Eat in Kolkata 1. Puchka Pani puri … Read more