12 Types Of Sushi Rolls You Must Know About

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Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that usually has raw fish or seafood in it, wrapped with seaweed (nori). Sushi has also always been an integral part of Japanese culture historically.

Though there are hundreds of sushi dishes that are available at the market. You might still find it difficult to select the kind of sushi you can eat. So for your convenience, we have curated 12 must-try sushi rolls that you should not miss out on.

12 Types Of Sushi Rolls You Must Know About

1. Alaska Roll

source – commons.wikimedia.org

The first sushi dish we are going to talk about is Alaska Roll. If you like eating sushi or have tried it a couple of times, then you might be aware of this roll. Although there is no fixed method of making the Alaska roll, one ingredient that is common in all the versions is salmon. If you love eating smoky and fresh salmon, then this sushi roll is a big yes. It’s also apt for those who are eating raw fish for the first time.

2. Cucumber Sushi Roll

source – mountaincravings.com

All our vegan friends, don’t worry, we have got something for you too. Cucumber sushi roll is one of the classic Japanese sushi rolls. Not only is it easy to make but also requires very few ingredients. Seaweed and sushi rice wrapped with long peels of Japanese cucumber give this sushi a very fresh and tender flavor.

3. King Crab Roll

source – harusushi.com

The best way of enjoying crab meat is making a roll of it. If you love eating crabs, then nothing can be better than this sushi roll. King crab is a species of crab that is used to make this sushi. Although one may find it expensive to purchase, it is very rich in proteins and nutrients and can be included in your healthy diet. The juicy, tender, and sweet flavor of crab meat is what makes it stand out.

4. Shrimp Tempura Roll

source – www.growlermag.com

Many of you who don’t like eating raw fish, and for this reason, we have got a new variety of sushi dish. It’s called the Shrimp Tempura roll. As a matter of fact, this sushi roll is equally easy to make like any other sushi. It is deep-fried in oil and rolled into nori, which gives it a very crispy and soft taste at the same time.

5. California Roll

source – www.pressurecookrecipes.com

Our list is incomplete without the California roll in it. It is one of those sushi that does not require you to have raw fish, which makes this roll super easy to cook at home. One of the key ingredients of this sushi roll is avocado and sesame seeds, which makes it fruity and delicious.

6. Spicy Tuna Roll

source – cookwithcandy.com

Although Spicy Tuna roll is not from Japan, it has become a very popular delicacy around the globe. The small slices of tuna wrapped in rice and nori can change your bad day into a good one. Not only it is colorful and flavorful, it is also rich in protein, which makes these sushi rolls a great option for you and your kids. The spicy Tuna roll is very soft, oily, mild, and fresh in flavor.

7. Spider Roll

source – www.sabukusushi.com

The dish got its name from the legs of crab that are used as a garnish at the end of the roll, which somewhat makes it look like a spider. It includes breaded or battered soft-shell crab with avocado, lettuce, and nori in the center. This one should be on your list if you like eating spicy food.

8. Rainbow Sushi Roll

source – twitter.com

One might find Rainbow Roll very attractive and colorful at first sight. If you want to try different types of fish at the same time, the Rainbow Roll will surely meet your demands. It is made of tuna, salmon, eel, yellow tail, and snapper. This sushi will delight your taste buds as it has a fresh, juicy, oily flavor in it. There are many versions of rainbow sushi that are available on the market.

9. Tiger Sushi Roll

source – wasabisushibars.com

Spicy and colorful, this sushi is a delight to your sight and taste buds at the same time. Although it is served with edamame, wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce with nori and rice wrapped from the sides. It’s sour, sweet, and mild in taste which you will enjoy eating.

10. Nigiri Sushi roll

source cookingwithdog.com

You must have heard about the Nigiri Sushi roll. Not only it’s easy to make, but it’s also tasty, it has one raw fish or any seafood with sushi rice. It traditionally originates from Japan. If you are looking for simplicity and fresh raw fish meat, then try out this roll.

11. Sashimi Sushi

source – casasensei.com

Are you looking for raw meat or fish which tastes sour? This sushi will offer you all those things. It is served with thin slices of fish or meat with soy sauce as its main ingredient. Although it has many versions, one thing that is maintained in all the versions is its sour taste.

12. Maki Sushi

source – theindigokitchen.com

Maki sushi is generally wrapped in nori, but can occasionally be found wrapped in a thin omelet, soy paper, cucumber, or parsley. It is one of the traditional sushi dishes that you can enjoy at any time in Japanese restaurants. The taste of the sushi largely depends upon the kind of ingredients that are used to make it.

Sushi is a rare and flavorful dining experience that is unlike anything else, whether you couple it with a bottle of sake, a beer, a glass of wine or some other beverage. The combination of cold, strong seafood, rice, sauce, and other ingredients is completely unique and tasty.


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