11 Delicious Bread Toast Recipes to Try Out Now

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Delicious bread toast

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Bread is a common food item and can be found on the shelves of almost every household. It is immensely loved by people, be it in the form of a vegetable sandwich or butter or jam-bread or simply enjoying a bread slice with your morning tea.
Bread is also commonly and popularly enjoyed in the form of some delicious bread toast. Toasts are generally the grilled form of bread with a layer or a stuffing of various types like veggies or certain types of spices and sauces.

Toasts are super crunchy and delicious to have and they can be prepared super quick, especially in time for a good breakfast. Toasts can be relished along with a cup of hot tea or as a snack whenever you feel like eating or munching on something. Toasts are available in a variety of options and all are tremendously scrumptious and fulfilling to have. So, here are some of the types of bread toasts that will surely satiate your taste buds.

11 Delicious Bread Toast Recipes to Try Out Now

1. Chilli Cheese Toast

Chilli Cheese Toast
Source: Tesco Real Food

Chilli cheese toast is a very popular Indian street food. It is usually served as an evening snack or as breakfast. The ingredients used for this delicious bread toast are cheese, chilies and spices. Serve it hot with chili flakes and oregano on the top.

2. Chocolate Toast

Chocolate Toast
Source: Taste of Home

Chocolate toast consists of milk, sugar, vanilla extract, salt, bread and chocolates. Add Nutella to it to make it more flavourful and sweeter. Dust the toast with confectioners’ sugar and enjoy it.

3. Cheese Toast

Cheese Toast
Source: WikiHow

Cheese toast is an easy to make and a flavourful dish to eat at any time of the day. This delicious bread toast is loaded with cheese and spices. The taste and flavor of cheese make this recipe very delicious. Serve it hot with chutneys or tomato ketchup.

4. Masala Toast

Masala Toast
Source: Palate’s Desire

Masala toast is a very popular and tasty dish that people of every age like. It consists of vegetables, spices, and cheese and can also have mayonnaise added to it, adding more flavour to it. Dip the toast into chutney or sauce.

5. Garlic Chilli Toast

Garlic Chilli Toast
Source: INDIA Eats

Garlic chilli toast is a very scrumptious and tangy recipe. This toast has ingredients such as garlic, cheese, capsicum, onion and spices. Spread mayonnaise on the base of bread that will make it tastier. Eat it with green chutney or sauce.

6. Paneer Toast

Paneer Toast
Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Paneer toast consists of paneer as the main ingredient. It also includes veggies and spices into it. You can even grate paneer or cheese on the top of the toast and dip it into chutney or schezwan sauce as your wish.

7. Pav Bhaji Masala Toast

Pav Bhaji Masala Toast
Source: Food On TV Network

Pav bhaji masala toast is a very popular and loved street food by everyone. The ingredients used for making it are pav, veggies, spices, green chillies and bread. Serve it hot and enjoy this delicious bread toast with green or schezwan chutney.

8. Mixed Vegetable Toast

Mixed Vegetable Toast
Source: Malini Space

Mixed vegetable toast is prepared using different vegetables, spices, chillies and bread. This is very known and simple to make toast for you and your friends at any time. Enjoy these toasts with chutney or sauce.

9. Onion and Tomato Toast

Onion and Tomato Toast
Source: Shelly Food Spot

Onion and tomato toast is made with ingredients such as chopped onions, tomatoes, spices and cheese. add chillies to it to make it spicier. Enjoy it with coriander chutney or tomato sauce.

10. Creamy Spinach Toast

Creamy Spinach Toast
Source: Hey Theresia

Creamy spinach toast is a very delicious recipe that you can enjoy as a morning breakfast or even as a meal. This toast has spinach, veggies, masalas and cream in it. This creamy and spicy toast will definitely make you fall in love with it.

11. Mixed Sprouts Toast

Mixed Sprouts Toast
Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Mixed sprouts toast is made using bread, sprouts, vegetables, and spices. This is a very nutritious recipe that you will surely love. Enjoy these healthy toasts with spicy green chutney or tomato ketchup.

So, these were some of the well-known, super popular, and tasty bread toasts that you can enjoy during your tea-time or snack time. They will surely make you crave more and will definitely be a delight for your taste buds.

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