5 Amazing Movies To Watch If You are A Foodie

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2020 without a doubt has been a very unfortunate year, however, the one good thing about it is also that it gave us all the time in the world we needed to catch up on our favorite movies and shows. While you must have binge-watched your favorite shows already there are some movies that will give you the food you want. From drizzling chocolate on desserts to piping hot cheese on pizzas, these movies have some beautiful visuals and shots that have actually captured the beauty of food. While the plot of these movies also revolves around food, these movies are a must-watch if you’re a foodie.

5 Amazing Movies To Watch If You are A Foodie

1. Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love
( Source- nytimes )

Eat Pray Love is based on a novel written by Eliza Gilbert, starring Julia Roberts. In the movie, Julia Roberts travels from Italy to India and then to Rome in order to find peace and to live her life again. She travels and most importantly eats, and every shot is just beautiful. Whether it’s her enjoying an authentic pizza in Italy with dripping cheese as she explains why you shouldn’t be counting calories, ever and that mantra is to live by. This movie will make you fall in love with life yet again as you will keep rewinding to watch those shots again and again where she enjoys some simple Indian food as she falls in love with the cuisine and various shots where you also get to see the beautiful place where this movie has been shot.

2. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
A scene from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Source – Gyfcat)

If you have already watched this movie you may want to watch it again because it’s just so amazing because of the visuals, the music, everything just sets so well. If you’re someone who hasn’t watched this absolute treat yet then it’s an American musical fantasy film based on a book written by Roal Dahl. This movie will definitely make you crave chocolates and a lot of it because as Charlie wins a ticket to the chocolate factory and makes his way through the glossy chocolate river, the candy grass, and whatnot. If you’re someone who watched this movie at a young age the image must be imprinted well in your mind considering what a masterpiece this movie is.

3. Ratatouille

A scene from Ratatouille (Source – Film)

An animated movie from the world of Disney is what we all need right now. Since it’s all about food, how can we miss this movie where a rat puts a garbage boy to test his culinary skills. Being a movie which is 10 years old it is undeniably a classic with its food shots especially. The final dish shown in the movie in the climax is especially a masterpiece considering how beautiful it looks and how it brings out a lot of emotions in the movie. It shows how food can bring a lot of memories back and give you a nostalgic trip just like old songs do. Ratatouille is considered one of the best food movies of all time.

4. Axone

A scene from Axone (Source – Scroll.in)

Axone is a 2020 Indian comedy-drama film directed by Nicholas Kharakongor and produced by Saregama- Yoodlee Films. The movie is based in Delhi where a group of North-Eastern youngsters tries to organize a wedding for their friend, where they have to prepare their traditional food, Axone. The movie shows their struggle as no one is ready to give them their kitchen. Along the way, they face a lot of discrimination but it shows they won’t give up as Axone as food is such an important part of their culture that they try their best to make it so their friend could have the perfect wedding.

5. Maska

Still from Maska (Source – The Indian Express)

Maska is a Netflix original definitely worth a watch because of its amazing visuals and yet again the entire plot revolves around food as a boy struggling to become an actor is forced to work at his father’s Irani café which is famous for its delicious bun and Maska. The story is sweet as it shows how people have so many emotions connected to the simple bun and Maska and how he finally meets a girl and discovers reality.

These were 5 movies with their plot revolving around food as they show how food is connected to emotions and nostalgia and beautiful visuals which will leave you drooling all over them.   

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