25 Types Of Noodles Around The World

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Noodles are thought of as comfort food throughout the world. There is nothing that a bowl of noodles can’t fix. All over the globe, they are found in different forms and shapes. Every culture has its own way of preparing noodles; some are sweet and tangy; some are spicy; and they come in all shapes and flavors.

25 Types Of Noodles Around The World

Here we have listed all types of noodles, right from famous pasta to instant ones. They usually make you go crazy with their taste; try not to go crazy after reading about its many types.

1. Spaghetti

Source: Serious Eats

The most favorite of all. It is made from all-purpose flour; it is generally sautéed in tomato sauce/paste and garnished with cheese, chives, and basil. It is one of the best-tasting noodles and is easy to cook as well. There are both meatless and meat versions.

2. Pasta

Source: Modern Honey

There are different pasta types, but pasta is made in either white sauce or red sauce, i.e., cheese and milk sauce or tomato paste and tomato sauce. Vegetables like broccoli, spinach could be added to it or served as simply as possible. There is a seafood version as well; it can be served with meat. Mac and cheese is the offspring of white sauce pasta. Gnocchi is the most simple version of pasta; it is just steamed flour balls.

3. Carbonara

source- Wikipedia

This special dish is from Italy. It is healthy and tasty. It is made with cheese, eggs, and pancetta. The steamed noodles are mixed with creamy sauce; it has pieces of pork as well. It is very delicious.

4. Fideua

source- Recetas de rechupete

For all the seafood fans out there, this is your dish. This is Paella, which is rice, but Fideos, are finely chopped noodles. The dish includes fresh prawns, squid, and tomatoes, mixed with the noodles. Garlic aioli, paprika, pepper, and salt are some of the spices added to it.

5. Saimin

source- Wikipedia

It forms a part of Hawaiian cuisine. The food culture is a blend of Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and Portuguese. These are the Hawaiian version of Ramen. They are thick, chewier, and cooked in Hawaiian style. They are soupy ones, with mushrooms, ginger, spam, and boy Choy. Spam is a Hawaiian special food.

6. Tallarines Verdes

Tallarines Verdes
source- Youtube

It is a dish served in Peru. It is pesto pasta. The recipe is unique. The noodles are made by adding spices to evaporating milk, which gives it a bit sweet taste but makes it creamier. It is served with steak.

7. Sopa Seca

Sopa Seca
source- One Green Plant

It literally means ‘Dried soup.’ These are made from fideo noodles and are served in a pan with tomato sauce; the traditional way to serve. They are a bit drier than spaghetti, so they are served with sour cream/ sauce and are garnished with chives, cheese, etc.

8. Macaroon Bil Toum

Macaroon Bil Toum
source- Tara’s Multicultural Table

This is a type of Gnocchi pasta. It is simple to make. Gnocchi is made at home from wheat flour and is no filling dumplings. After they are taken out from the steaming water, sprinkled with lemon garlic sauce, garnished with coriander, and served.

9. Chard and Egg Noodle

Chard and Egg Noodle
source-Steele House Kitchen

This is Tunisian soup. The broth is the base, and noodles are added to the spicy hot sauced broth, which has eggs, chard and chickpeas. They are rich in veggies and flavourful aroma.

10. Ramen

source- Kitchen @ Hoskins

Ramen is instant noodles from China. They are famous all over the world. Ramen can be turned into whichever version you like. Add meat to it or vegetables topped with chives, and sesame seeds. They can be made in soy sauce or steamed water. However one desires to eat it. It is an all-time favorite snack and street food.

11. Zhajiangmian

source- Youtube

These are Chinese noodles made in soy paste. These have minced pork in it. They are added to the soy paste along with the pork, and spices such as soy sauce, salt, pepper, paprika, and hot sauce are added as well. They are garnished with chives/spring onions. Served and eaten hot.

12. Udon

source- Drive Me Hungry

Made from buckwheat flour, they are a bit thicker than usual noodles. They are denser than ramen. They also have broth and different veggies added to them, mainly radish, onion, cabbage. Even eggs are added to bring in extra flavour; they are garnished with spring onions.

13. Filipino Spaghetti

Filipino Spaghetti
source- Gobble The Cook

Made with meatballs, these have a different Philippine taste. These are mixed with tomato sauce and meatballs or chicken. It does not have broth, though. They are mixed and served with cheese.

14. Kimchi Noodles

Kimchi Noodles
source- Pinterest

Koreans generally serve kimchi with ‘Guksu.’ They have beef broth mixed with buckwheat noodles. They are made with soy sauce and served with sesame seeds and kimchi. Korean style noodles are a combination of Chinese and Japanese noodles.

15. Pad See Paw

Pad See Paw
source- Hot Thai Kitchen

These are the ultimate Thai noodles and are dry compared to Chinese and Japanese noodles. They are made by adding broccoli, and soy sauce to the rice noodles. and are served with eggs, and garnished with sesame seeds. They are famous for Thai street food.

16. Bun Chay

Bun Chay
source- The Wanderlust Kitchen

This is a famous Vietnamese street dish. These are made from rice flour and served with many veggies such as mushrooms, carrots, radishes, broccoli, etc. The noodles are garnished with chives, sesame, and spring onions. They are served with soy sauce dip.

17. Indomie

source- Sisi Jemimah

They are made from instant noodles, the favourite snack of all time. After making the noodles with spice, it can be eaten plain or with some extra toppings, such as pepper, eggs. Veggies such as spinach, spring onion, carrots are served as side dishes. They are not fully dry.

18. Maggi

source- Time Magazine

Maggi is the Indian version of instant noodles. After they are prepared with the ready-made spice, they can be made in many different ways. Extra toppings like paneer, carrots, cheese, peas, cabbage, tomatoes, or cauliflower sauce, can be added to make it tasty.

19. Reshteh Polow

Reshteh Polow
source- Savorychicks

It is an Iranian specialty, made on New Year’s Day. It is a combination of rice and noodles. Cooked with saffron, cardamom, and then topped with dry nuts, and raisins, these noodles are served with rice, which is sautéed with ghee.

20. Kushari

source- Kitchen-desibantu

The national dish of Egypt. It is a pretty simple dish, made from the staple food of the region. Onions are fried with oil to which rice is added along with macaroni. This is topped with chickpeas, lentils, and tomatoes. It is a full vegetarian recipe.

21. Aush

source- Pinterest

Aush is a cooked soup. Noodles are cooked in tomato broth with legumes, turmeric, chili, lentils, spinach, etc. It can be both veg or non-veg cooked with meat, preferably beef, or just vegetables. It is garnished with mint leaves and Greek yogurt.

22. Goulash

source- The Recipe Critic

These noodles are made with paprika and caraway seeds; this makes the dish special and different. Noodles are served along with minced meat, coriander, and sour cream.

23. Kaese Spaetzle

Kaese Spaetzle
source- T-Online

It is the Mac and cheese version of Germany. The noodles are made to be quite cheesy and make up a decent meal. The noodles are mixed with this cheesy sauce and then topped with caramelized onions and herbs.

24. Pelmeni

source- Wikipedia

These are Russian noodles, in the form of dumplings filled with salted meat such as turkey, pork, or veal. They are soupy and served with dill on the top of it. There is no vegetarian version of this.

25. Seviyan Kheer

Seviyan Kheer
source- Spoons Of Flavor

They are roasted vermicelli. These roasted noodles are added to boiled milk, and then dry fruits like almonds, and cardamom are added to it. It is sweet and thus, eaten as a dessert.

These were the types of noodles found all over the world. Some noodles are made from rice flour, some from wheat, and others from all-purpose flour. But the cooking method of noodles is the same, cook them in steaming water. After this, every culture came up with its own version. Each one of them is unique in its own way.

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