20 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Varanasi

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foods to try in Varanasi


Varanasi is famous for its temples, and the place is blessed with Gods and Goddesses. People more often visit this place to gain salvation and adore the beautiful scenery of this holy place. The food here is also world-famous and mouthwatering, so let’s dive into it to learn about the dishes you can explore while visiting Varanasi.

20 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Varanasi

1. Sabji With Kachori

More often, we crave for having something that is spicy yet delicious in taste, so here comes the epic dish of Banaras that is loved by locals and even by visitors.

The sabji is spicy, and the kachori is super hot, which goes well together.

2. Aloo Kachori

A slight variation from the normal sabji kachori recipe. Aloo Kachori is a stuffed potato kachori, which is spicy and savory and served along with chutneys.

3. Desi Ghee Wali Jalebi

Crispy, sweet, and super delicious. Even if you’re on a diet, you don’t wanna miss this on your visit to Varanasi.

It’s a must-try dish.

4. Baati Chokha

One of the most famous dishes served in Bihar and UP, and it’s worth it. It’s basically mashed potatoes, tomatoes, and brinjal with some spices served with kachori-type bread called baati.

Do give it a try while visiting Varanasi.

5. Aloo Tamatar Chaat

Who doesn’t love to eat chaat? This is one famous dish of Varanasi that is sweet, spicy, and savory.

6. Golgappe

This is one of the most favorite dishes loved by so many people around the world, and trust me; you don’t wanna miss this opportunity to try golgappe on your Varanasi trip!

7. Launglata

It is sweet, savory, crispy, and sweet. Don’t forget to try it because it’s worth it.

8. Lassi

The cold, refreshing drink with malai on top and Varanasi is famous for its thick and sweet lassi, so don’t forget to try it.

9. Thandai

Thandai is one thing that is extremely popular in Varanasi, and it’s delightful.

Don’t miss having some on your visit to Varanasi.

10. Bhang

Well, no offense. This is a must-try, but you should have it only if you are used to it.

It’s one of the most popular drinks available there.

11. Pedas

The place known for temples and traditions has many reasons to have some sweetmeats.

Pedas are found all over India, but this one is different in taste and texture.

12. Besan Ke Laddu

Well, it’s not your ordinary laddu; it’s Sankat Mochan Wale Besan Ke Laddu. They’re popularly known as this around the place.

If you forget to try this on your visit, you will miss out on some good things.

13. Makkhan Malai

One of the most loved dishes, which is made with a lot of effort and time, and yes, it’s absolutely delicious!

14. Rabri

Rabri without Jalebi is nothing. I mean, most of the people in Varanasi have them together because it tastes best that way.

15. Chhena Dahi Badas

It’s basically a dahi vada dish that can be found in every part of India but with a twist.

The badas are made of chhena in Varanasi, which makes it a must-try at least once.

16. Dalmandi Wali Chicken And Roomali Roti

It’s an absolutely delicious recipe and a must-try for chicken lovers.

It’s basically a chicken tikka along with roomali roti.

17. Bhojan At Annapurna Temple

It’s free food that’s available at Annapurna Temple for all the devotees but don’t waste food just because they allow you to have as much as you wish.

18. Kulhad Wali Chai

Absolutely must try for every chai lover. Its taste is heavenly.

19. Lemon Tea

It’s tea with some lemon extract. It is sold near the Ghats of Varanasi.

20. Banarasi Pan

Last but not least, who doesn’t know about the banarasi pan? It’s the most popular and loved pan in India.

And I don’t need to say it; everyone knows it’s a must-try.


Varanasi is rich in culture and tradition, and the food is also inspired by it. One cannot resist themselves to try their warm delicacies along with the beautiful scenery and temples.


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