8 Most Outrageously Expensive Dishes Around The World

Food is something that drives our stomachs crazy. From a double cheese burst pizza to a Chappan bhog thali, any dish, from any cuisine, it’s all the same for the foodies.

What’s the most expensive dish have you ever ordered? A platter, or a good fancy cuisine? What does it cost you? A thousand bucks? Well, that’s what we can assume a high price for a dish. Unfortunately, that’s not the only limit if the bar is set too high.

8 Most Outrageously Expensive Dishes Around The World

1. The Golden Phoenix Cupcake

The Golden Phoenix Cupcake
Source – theextravagant.com

These golden cupcakes are located in the Mall of Dubai. Every single cupcake is infused with gold and prepared with Italian cocoa which later is dusted with edible gold, Uganda vanilla beans, organic strawberries, and lastly presented in a royal presentation of an edible 23-carat gold sheet.

2. Cognac

Source – whiskyauctioneer.com

One of the most expensive cognacs served is the Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl in The Library lounge bar of The Leela, Delhi, India. If you all are thinking that it’s the cost of the whole bottle, then you’re wrong. It is the cost of a 30ml peg, served only in The Leela.

3. Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

Source – phinemo.com

The brunch in Manhattan can get expensive. Talking about the Norma’s in Le Parker Meridien hotel there’s a popular rich omelet that will set you back $2000. This deluxe breakfast has a whole lobster served with 10 ounces of Sevruga caviar, cream, six fresh eggs, lobster sauce, and chives over a base of Yukon gold potatoes.

4. White Truffle and Gold Pizza

White Truffle and Gold Pizza
Source – townandcountrymag.com

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s one of the most consumed dishes and affordable for most of us. You’ll get this amazing gold pizza at Margo’s Pizzeria in Valetta, Malta. This pizza has set a world record for being the most expensive pizza in the world. It is delicately ornamented with 24-carat gold leaves and buffalo mozzarella with a few sprinkles of white truffle shredded over it.

5. European White Truffles

European White Truffles
Source – today.com

They are not chocolate truffles or any other dessert truffles which are easily available in any bakery shop. These are the true truffles, which are expensive and rare delights and cannot be missed. These white truffles are a subterranean fungus that grows under the shadow of oak trees and can be found in Langhe, Alba, and Asti.

6. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

Frrrozen Haute Chocolate
Source – gqindia

The Serendipity 3 restaurant has added a new dessert to its menu. This hot chocolate is not any ordinary kind of hot chocolate. It’s a mix of cocoas and frozen milk. Is it all about this? No. A mixture of five grams of 24-karat gold makes it all worth the amount. With whipped cream and chocolate, there’s some more gold. The royal sundae finally, is garnished with La Madeline Au Truffe, and no cherries on top.

7. Almas Caviar

Source – AzureAzure.com

It is the most luxurious and posh food existing to date. This exclusive Almas Caviar is preserved for the elites. The precious sturgeon roe can be bought in the few selected Caviar House & Prunier stores which are the only places where Almas Caviar is available to be sold. It is elegantly packed in a metal container dipped in 24-karat gold.

8. Lindeth Howe Pudding

After all, gold is rich. This chocolate pudding is not an ordinary pudding, and it is worth the price. This pretty pudding is prepared with four different chocolates that have the best quality. It is also served with a diamond on top. The comforting flavors give a hint of orange, peach, and fine whiskey. This gem of dessert is specially prepared with Belgium chocolate. The presentation is also quite novel. It comes under a shimmery golden Easter egg, decorated elegantly.

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