21 Types Of Parathas You Must Try

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When we speak of parathas, the mouthwatering Indian flavors and spices come to mind. Paratha is one of the most commonly consumed breakfast dishes in many parts of India. It’s nothing but a stuffed piece of bread; the stuffing can be done with your own creativity. Paratha being the most versatile food you can experiment with is one of the beloved dishes in India. Try the dish with varying ingredients; trust me, you’ll not get bored. It serves as the perfect tiffin snack for kids too!

Here are the 21 types of parathas you must try:

1. Aloo paratha

Source: livelaughmirch

Probably the most popular kind of paratha loved by all. Aloo paratha is one of the staple dishes in many Indian households. A whole-wheat flatbread stuffed with a spicy potato filling, the dish is best served with raita or pickle. Also, kids will love it as a tiffin snack. With the nutritious value of potatoes, it’s healthy too!

2. Keema paratha

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For all the meat lovers – it sounds too yum! Doesn’t it? Filled with a spicy, flavorful mix of minced chicken in a flaky, whole wheat flour flatbread, these parathas are a joy to cook, share, and eat! This will surely make your mouth water as it is irresistible.

3. Palak paratha

Source: aaichisavali

Made with whole wheat, spinach, and spices, this flavor is tasty too. Spinach is known for its nutritious value, especially iron. The dish can be made in minutes.

This paratha is all you need to treat yourself and your loved ones to a full-of-health meal for breakfast.

4. Gobi paratha

Source: cookwithmanali

A ‘must-have’ Punjabi breakfast, gobi paratha is a delicious dish to try. It is stuffed with flavored cauliflower and vegetables that give it an amazing flavor; you’ll definitely want to have more.

5. Methi paratha

Source: awesomecuisine

A shallow-fried traditional Indian flatbread, methi paratha is prepared with fenugreek leaves and whole wheat. Not only healthy, it is filling too. 

6. Egg paratha

Source: swasthisrecipes

Well, many of us may be fond of eggs, especially kids. This is for all egg lovers. The perfect recipe, stuffed with the delicious combination of spices and egg, is irresistible!

7. Paneer-stuffed green pea paratha

Source: archanaskitchen

How about some fresh paneer stuffed in a unique dough of whole wheat and green peas? A wonderful combination, isn’t it?

You can add some juicy raisins and green chilies too!

8. Achar paratha

Source: cookpad

If you are fond of pickles, this is for you!

Adding some pickles as a filling will give the parathas a wonderful taste. Its unique, spicy, and layered texture is worth trying.

9. Mooli paratha

Source: archanaskitchen

Belonging to Punjabi cuisine, mooli paratha is mild and delicious. By mixing grated radish and spices in whole wheat flour, it makes an ideal dish for dinner. It can be served with a raita or pickle. 

10. Mix veg paratha

Source: awesomecuisine

This is a delicious, healthy dish made by stuffing mixed vegetables and spices in whole wheat flour. Vegetables, including carrots, beans, potatoes, and green peas, would make a wonderful filling. Apart from its nutritious content, thanks to the vegetables, the dish is yummy too!

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11. Cheese paratha

Source: recipeanarecipes

Why not give a modern taste to a traditional dish? If you’re in the mood for a cheesy treat, you must definitely try this.

Kids love cheese; of course, grownups will love this dish too. Adding some cheese filling with sauces to your parathas will be a good idea.

12. Malabar paratha

Source: yummytummyaarthi

Though there is no filling added, the flavors of ghee and oil will definitely do the trick. Also known as Kerala paratha, this variety is popular not only in other states but in countries such as Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Sri Lanka as well. The parathas have to be made and layered with perfection. And yes, you can pair them with your favorite gravy!

13. Pudina paratha

Source: yummytummyaarthi

With the refreshing aroma of mint leaves, this is a healthy dish one must try. It has a beautiful fresh flavor. Basically, pudina paratha originated from Mughlai cuisine. It is a quick recipe; you’ll want to make it a part of your daily menu.

14. Laccha paratha

Source: cookwithparul

A popular flatbread from Punjabi cuisine, the name is derived from the Punjabi word “parat,” meaning “layered.” It is a unique flatbread that can be made from whole wheat flour or maida. The unique technique of rolling the layers with flavors of ghee makes it delicious. Why not try it with your favorite gravy?

15. Onion paratha

Source: vegrecipesofindia

Also known as pyaz paratha, onion paratha is a delicious whole wheat flatbread stuffed with finely chopped onions along with green chilies and some spices. It is easy to make and can be served as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

16. Lauki paratha

Source: archanaskitchen

You may not be so fond of lauki, i.e., bottle gourd, but trust me, you may change your opinion once you try this! With some green chilies, salt, red chili powder, and garam masala added to grated “lauki,” this is a healthy and tasty dish with the numerous health benefits of the vegetable.

17. Dal paratha

Source: foodviva

A whole wheat paratha stuffed with dal – this is a traditional dish you need to try! You can add some moong dal or chana dal soaked in water before being cooked. Loaded with nutritious legumes, isn’t it a good option for a healthy breakfast??

18. Green peas paratha

Source: healthshots

This is a delicious and filling breakfast with the stuffing of onion and bodied green peas. It can be served with pickles or curd. It’s a mildly-spiced, satiating breakfast, which keeps acidity at bay.

19. Broccoli paratha

Source: vegecravings

How about adding some broccoli to your favorite paratha? Broccoli, along with capsicum, onion, and a few spices, will enhance the taste; you will love it for sure! Even if you aren’t fond of broccoli, you will have a changed opinion once you try this dish.

20. Beetroot paratha

Source: veggiefoodrecipes

With the health benefits and the attractive color given by the beetroot, this is a must-try dish! You can also add some boiled potatoes and spices for a good flavor. Serve it with your favorite chutney, dal, or some salad.

21. Garlic paratha

types of parathas you must try
Source: sharmiskitchen

How about a paratha with amazing flavors of the wonder food “garlic”? You will not be able to resist it! A flavorsome variation of the original paratha, it would serve as a wonderful breakfast or evening snack!!

Thus, parathas, being the favorite dish of the nation, are the first and true love of every Indian. Once you try these yummy parathas, they’ll surely make you crave more!

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