14 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Assam

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Assam must offer the ideal flavors to sate your palate because our country already has a sufficient quantity of diversity. The cuisine of Assam, which offers a wide variety of native foods, is famous for its distinctive tastes and influences. Delicious dishes made with pork, poultry, and mutton will leave you craving more. That’s not all, either! The herbs, subtle flavors, and influence of Bengali cuisine on Assamese cuisine will appeal to all food lovers. Visitors to Assam must try the following assortment of cuisines.

14 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Assam


This mouthwatering Assamese dish is very cooling to the taste. This distinctive Assamese fish stew has a sour undertone that adds to its originality. The fish and dried mangosteen pieces in this recipe make it ideal for summer. If dry mangosteen is ever out of stock, Kazi nimbu can be substituted in this recipe’s stead. The fish is gently cooked in a tomato, outenga, and lemon broth, which imparts a sharply acidic, reviving flavor to the dish as a whole. All Assamese communities enjoy it because it is summer-friendly and light.


Pitha is one of the most popular snacks in Assam. It is frequently ingested with morning or evening tea. Pithas appear in a wide variety and are made in a number of ways. They can be either sweet or savory, steamed or cooked. Pithas have a flavour that is very delectable, but it is sad to realize that they are almost completely gone from Assamese cuisine. Pitha mainly happens during the Assamese holiday Bihu. Pitha is similar to other Indian dishes, but it is unique and can be made using a basic hand-rolling method. This meal requires a great degree of accuracy to prepare properly.


Mashed potatoes prepared in the Assamese style are a delectable side dish for both lunch and supper. A real soul food, aloo pitika is loved by all Assames. With some chopped onions, chopped coriander leaves, mustard oil, chili powder, and salt, it mainly consists of mashed potatoes. This meal comes together quickly, is extremely easy to make, and tastes fantastic. The uncomplicated Assamese version of the typical mashed potato is easy to make and flavorful. While being very simple, this recipe is also delectably delicious.


This typical Assamese dish is made with lentils, bamboo shoots, and chicken flesh. This recipe stands out due to the addition of green chilies and grated bamboo shoot. The ingredients for this recipe are the same as those for other chicken dishes, but to enhance the flavor of the chicken, they add the grated bamboo stalk at the same time as deep-frying the chicken. The dish goes well with rice and can be served with chopped green chilies and scallions as a garnish. Although bamboo shoots are not everyone’s favorite food, once ingested, they leave a distinctive flavor that frequently goes well with meat dishes.


This Rice Payas has a straightforward preparation and a mouthwatering flavor. The use of Joha rice in the making of this Payas is its unique selling point. Dry fruits, ghee, and sugar combine to make this sweet meal extremely filling. Cardamom grains are used to decorate it in a lovely way. Occasionally, saffron is added as a condiment. The most significant factor that must be considered when making a meal is the flame on which it is cooked. This delicious dinner is made on a low burner. Overall, this dinner is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth.


The flavour of this confection is similar to a “hattke.” Although the recipe for this dish is quite identical to that of kheer, the addition of orange pulp gives it an even stronger distinction. The orange juice can be added as a garnish as well. The sweet dinner has a revitalizing flavor thanks to the orange pulp addition. This dinner consists of a sweet orange-flavored rice pudding known as kheer.


The most straightforward and affordable meal is the narikolor laru. Sugar and grated coconut are all that are required to prepare this meal. The coconut and sugar are cooked together to create tiny laddoos after the mixture has cooled. The flavor of this laddoo is fantastic. The flavor has a coconut candy-like quality. It’s also worth a try because Assamese folks make this dish even tastier.


Assam is where Narikol Pitha, a delectable treat, is produced. The ingredients for this sweet dish are extremely straightforward, but the flavor is truly extraordinary. The distinctive feature of this meal is the use of coconut. Making the ingredients for this dish couldn’t be easier: just mix roasted coconut, sugar, and half a cup of flour. The dough is used to make a small chapatti after it has been made from the combination into a soft dough. After that, the chapattis are deep-fried. It tastes even better when it is served steaming.


Not really a meal, ou khatta is a sweet and sour chutney. Jaggery and ou, also referred to as elephant fruit, are the main components of ou Khatta. The marmalade tastes delicious. In Assam, this chutney is well renowned. This chutney is as delicious as it is nutritious thanks to its high vitamin C content. The ou, or elephant apple, is meticulously boiled before mashing. Before the jaggery is added, it is gently mashed and then sautéed with mustard seeds in a tiny amount of oil. After that, the salsa is finished. It is a delicious culinary item that complements any dinner well.


Khaar, a non-vegetarian dish, is the best when it comes to Assamese food. This Assamese meal is exceptional and very unique. This meat dish is named khaar because it contains khaar as its main ingredient. The main ingredient of the dish is a non-vegetarian item, along with raw papaya, beans, taro, and other ingredients. The distinct flavor and delightfully surprising refreshing quality of the dish are enhanced by the fact that all of these ingredients are filtered through dried banana leaves. This delicious curry meal is typically served with rice and is frequently consumed for lunch.


Another specialty food of Assam is duck flesh. Most often, this cuisine is required for special events. When prepared correctly, the dish can make one forget about everything else due to the use of whole spices. This dish is made from lauki, a specialty of Assamese food, a bottled gourd. The use of whole spices gives this meal its exceptional flavor. The curry can be made in a variety of methods, depending on the individual’s preferences, which differ from person to person. Sesame, pumpkin, and lentils are just a few of the many components that can be used to make it.


Normally, a side dish like this one is given with lunch or dinner. The majority of the ingredients in this meal are herbs and vegetables, and in most cases, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, onions, and occasionally lemon are used to give the mixture an additional flavor boost. This meal is a staple of Assamese cuisine and is offered for both lunch and supper. In Assam, it is a basic dish that is frequently eaten, but it is still delicious and flavorful.


Yes, the Assamese do eat silkworm, and despite how strange that may sound and look, it is one of the most delicious meals in the state. Exotic is the word that best defines this dish. This meal is essentially tribal in origin. As the meal is being prepared, the larva is stir-fried with a range of spices. Its exterior is crunchy, and its center resembles liquid. This fare, which is primarily tribal food, must be tried by anyone traveling to Assam. The meal is worth a try, even though not everyone will like it.


Duck, also known as “haa” locally, is one of the most consumed foods among Assamese people. The white gourd is a perfect addition to this dish because of its natural perfume, which enhances the flavor of the duck. This dish is great even though it uses a lot of spices. It is a crucial and incredibly distinctive dish in Assamese cooking.

While you are in Assam, try at least two of the Assamese cuisines on the above list to expand your palate to new flavors and textures. Since Assamese food isn’t well-known, it’s real and unprocessed, and you can be confident that no other cuisine can match its flavor. You can taste the distinctive flavors of the area’s spices, meat, veggies, and other cuisines by staying with a local family. Travel to Assam during Bihu for the ultimate experience, when the state is fervently celebrating this holiday and preparing the most delectable and distinctive cuisine you’ve ever tasted.

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