8 Best Beverages to Try Out in Maldives

As the Maldives islands are an Islamic nation, the locals do not drink alcohol. It is a dry nation. However, as a tourist, you’re in luck because it is available in most resorts usually with a discretionary drinking age of 18+. This guide will include the local drinks as well as cocktails you can try at resorts.

8 Best Beverages to Try Out in Maldives

1. Sai (tea)

Sai (tea)
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Maldivians follow the British tea tradition. They have kalhu sai (black tea) or kiru sai (milk tea). These are enjoyed with sweet bites or salty snacks. Unless you ask otherwise, tea is served black, with sugar. Milk isn’t a common drink as there are no cows in the Maldives. Milk powder is more commonly used.

2. Maldivian Lady

Maldivian Lady
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Your senses are in for a treat with the tropical smell and fruity taste of this drink made of white rum, apricot brandy, grenadine, orange, and pineapple juice. And, it goes without saying, that this drink is only available at resorts.

3. Biyadhoo Special

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The Biyadhoo special is a combination of alcohol and fresh juice. It is served in the traditional stemmed cocktail glass. It is a part vodka, another part pineapple juice, and two parts melon liqueur topped with a slice of pineapple.

4. Lucky & Al

Lucky & Al
Image credit: Drinks World

This is one of the most expensive cocktails in the Maldives. Lucky & Al is an intense combination of spirits, giving it a strong flavour. This drink was created to pay homage to the Prohibition Era in the US. It is served with a vintage 1930’s Guy Lheraud, Vieil Armagnac and Salon 1988 Champagne. Made with the finest ingredients, this classy cocktail is not cheap, but quite worth it.

5. Raa

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Raa is a traditional drink. It is a toddy that has been tapped from the crown of the palm trunk at the point where the coconuts grow. Every village has its own toddy man (raa- very). Raa is sweet but has a very pungent smell. It can be drunk immediately or left to ferment. Fermented raa is the closest most Maldivians ever get to alcohol.

6. Nonalcoholic beer

Nonalcoholic beer
Image credit: Nyomad

Although there is a ban on alcohol, nonalcoholic beer is very popular in Male and on inhabited islands. So one can give these a try if alcohol is not easy to find.

7. Mihiri Lemonade

Mihiri Lemonade
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It is a very refreshing cocktail. It is a fruity take on the typical lemonade with alcohol. This drink requires fresh strawberries, aged rum, strawberry, and vanilla liquor along with soda.

8. Green Tea & Chili Lemonade 

Green Tea & Chili Lemonade
Image credit: Jessica Gavin

A spicy variation of an alcoholic lemonade. Nothing screams “Maldives” more than this drink. It contains green tea, fresh lime, Southern Comfort, Brandy, and some chili.

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