15 Types of Berries You Need to Try Today

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15 Types Of Berries: Wish You A Berry Happy Day!

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Berry or berries are cute, small, pulpy, yum, round fruit that comes in different colors like blue, red, and purple! Different types of berries are often used for desserts and jams, these are sour and sweet. They tend to have an excellent nutritional profile. They’re typically high in fiber and vitamin C. Literally, anyone can have them any time, and the soft chew-able ones can surely make your taste buds happy.

The berries in the fruit industry vary from country to country, and so do the types of berries growing or cultivated in the wild. There are some edible berries, but some are poisonous to humans, such as deadly nightshade and pokeweed. Berries like white mulberry, red mulberry, and elderberry, are poisonous when they are not ripe, but are edible when ripe.

15 Types of Berries You Need to Try Today

Here is a list of different types of berries that can make your mood change from sad to happy and can definitely make your dessert look delicious and tempting. So let’s see which berries are edible and in which form.

1. Raspberry

source- Wikipedia

This pink-colored fruit is a great idea to make someone happy. The unique texture of raspberries makes them a crowd favorite. This delicious fruit can help in fighting with wrinkles. These are often used in teas and candies.

2. Blueberry

source- Supermarket Perimeter

These sky-colored gems are luscious, tangy, and deserving of the “beauty food” label. These are generally used in popsicles, pancakes, and muffins. The powerful combination of vitamins and minerals promises both weight loss and anti-aging effects.

3. Blackberry


The dazzling blackberry is a long-standing summer favorite fruit. Blackberries are greatly appreciated in cheesecakes! Each sour-sweet bite of these treats helps with the prevention of cancer and better functioning of the brain. 

4. Barberry

source- Healthline

~ Generally used in savory Middle Eastern dishes. This fruit is flavorful, sour, and uncommon. They help in preventing diabetes and helps in fighting infections and cleansing the liver too. 

5. Chokeberry

source- Pinterest

Chokeberries are also known as Aronia berries. They have a refreshing flavor and are great for lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity, helps in good eyesight. It is often used in oatmeal cookies, wines, teas, and juices.

6. Strawberry

source- Britannica

The seedy and amazing strawberries are delicious in everything from jam to muffins. Strawberries give a great taste in literally anything, whether it is ice cream, milkshakes, or custards. The combination of strawberries dipped in chocolate is top-notch! 

7. Cloudberry

source- Wiktionary

These glorious berries are creamy with a light tart finish. They are also an essential part of a healthy detox routine and can help strengthen your bones. Usually, cloud-berries are used in cakes, tarts and jams.

8. Cranberry

source- WBUR

Did you know that cranberries can promote healthy gums? Yes, cranberries other than helping in fighting with cancer, help in promoting healthier gums. Pop some of these marvelous red color looking fruit in your mouth and enjoy the taste! These are used in pancakes, juices, and supplements.

9. Gooseberry

source- Recipe

Gooseberries are used in a lot of things for example, making pickles in Indian culture, making candies, used in hair oils, etc. The sour taste, the superb texture is just too satisfying. This helps in making the bones stronger. 

10. Huckleberry

source- allrecipes

This is a pie-filling fruit that is a favorite among many people. This fruit helps in lowering cholesterol and has antibacterial properties. It is nicely used in candies, cakes, and puddings.

11. Currant

source- Ardo

Visiting the eye doctor a little too often? Give currant berries a shot and you will see the results as it is known to help your optical health. A unique treat is cupcakes of this flavor!

12. Juneberry

source- Gardening

Evocative of the summer months, the June berries have a nutty and sweet flavor. These berries are useful in fighting arthritis and inflammation. Juneberries give a wonderful taste when made in the form of tarts, cakes, and pancakes.

13. Lingonberry

source- Arctic Flavors

Because of their profound flavor, lingonberries are delightful when paired with both sweet and savory dishes. They aid in weight loss and anti-aging. Trying these in the form of sauce can be a classic dish.

14. Salmonberry

source- Twitter

The salmon berries’ flavor is herbaceous as well as floral. These are some of the most intriguing berries on the list. Salmon-berries are the perfect compliment to any meal. They help in calming stomach pain. People who have tried the pie of this fruit and jams and syrups give it a 10 out of 10.

15. Elderberry

source- Medical News Today

This mild tart and floral berries combat allergies and boost immunity all at the same time. Ice cream of this flavor is made for a heavenly after-dinner treat. These are also useful in making syrups, jams, and juices.

Too many berries, too many fruits, have a good day when you will have them all!

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