16 Must-Have Food Experiences in Japan

Japan is undoubtedly one of the world’s best culinary countries. One of the major draws for tourists to Japan is the cuisine. From quick snacks from street vendors to opulent meals created for monarchs and traditional dinners made by spry elders who presided over the kitchen for decades, Japan has it all. Consider the following dining events to make the most of your trip to Japan: 16 Must-Have Food Experiences in Japan 1. Kaiseki cuisine The cuisine and culture are combined in this Japanese eating experience. Kaiseki cuisine, or Japanese haute cuisine, is a multi-course meal made up of a … Read more

7 Varieties Of Japanese Noodles To Try Now

Noodles are one of the main dishes found in Japanese cuisine. Here are some of the most magical varieties of Japanese noodles preparations that you should try when visiting Japan.  7 Varieties Of Japanese Noodles To Try Now 1. Ramen  Ramen are thin, wheat noodles that are made fresh before serving. It’s the most popular noodle among all. There are different types of preparations which will zhoosh up the dish. Japan is known for its noodles and ramen is the favourite of all. Ramen noodles are made with wheat flour, kansui, water and salt. It’s mostly had with chicken soup, … Read more

21 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Japan

Japan is known as a hub of distinct gourmets. The nation serves cuisine similar to no other nation. Containing both savory and luscious items, Japan is truly a wonder for foodies. 21 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Japan 1. Sushi Sushi is the first thing that comes up in our mind when we talk about Japanese cuisine. It contains an array of toppings. From fishes to simple vinegar, you will find it all. Sushi is made of rice, fish and covered with a seaweed called nori. 2. Miso Soup One generally serves it in small quantities as a … Read more