13 Delicious Foods to Eat in Tibet

Beautiful, picturesque, and serene are the three words that come into our mind when we think about Tibet. The combination of snowy mountains and crystal clear lakes is one of the finest examples of the beauty of nature. Tibet is an extremely popular tourist destination because of its remarkable hospitality, stunning location, and lip-smacking food. Tibetan cuisine heroes the local produce like barley and yak meat. Here are some of the most amazing and exotic dishes that Tibet has to offer. 13 Delicious Foods to Eat in Tibet 1. Butter tea Butter tea is a must-have drink for everyone who visits … Read more

21 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Delhi

Delhi is the heart of India. It is home to over 18 million people who have migrated from all across the country. Delhi can be best described as a kaleidoscope, consisting of several elements of the magnificent Indian culture and tradition. This ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity is beautifully reflected in the food as well. Street food in Delhi is colorful spicy, rich, and hearty just like its people. Though the variety is vast but still every dish is unique and worth trying. Here are some of the most impressive street food in Delhi that makes it the ultimate food … Read more

16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Beijing

Beijing, the capital of China is a pioneer of modern architecture and renowned for its ancient relics such as the grand Forbidden City complex, the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. 16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Beijing 1. Beijing Roast Duck An authentic dish with an amazing thin and crispy layer, roast duck is Beijing’s best and most famous dish and the dish has become the national symbol of the country. 2. Jiaozi A super yummy dish that is known by different names in different places around the world, Jiaozi are the Chinese Dumplings where, ground meat, … Read more

28 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Bhutan

Here is your guide to all the spicy and piping hot food in Bhutan that you will need during your cold and frigid stay there. The food here warms you from within. Although they don’t really have a culture of serving desserts, the meals feel more than complete the way they are had traditionally. So here we go… 28 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Bhutan 1. Ema datshi Ema datshi is the most popular dish, and it is basically chillies and cheese. The chillies can be fresh green ones or dry red chillies. The chillies are sliced lengthwise and … Read more

11 Most Popular Vegetarian Foods to Eat in Tibet

Tibet has a cold climate due to which meat forms a large part of the diet. When it comes to food, vegetarian options are a lot fewer as compared to non-vegetarian ones. However, the ones that do exist are quite delicious. 11 Most Popular Vegetarian Foods to Eat in Tibet 1. Momos Momos are extremely popular in India, however, it is believed that they are Tibetan in origin. Although they are similar to Chinese dumplings, they have their own distinct flavour. The outer covering is made from a dough using refined flour. The filling consists of meat traditionally, however, there … Read more