8 Fail Proof Cookie Hacks to save the day

Cookies are my favourite of all time; it is fun to bake them at home. It is not necessary that one will get it right in the first try. Even if anyone messes it up, not to worry, here are some hacks that will definitely save those cookies and all the energy as well. Even if they do not turn out perfect, you can make some equally delicious desserts from these cookies.

So here are some of the fail proof cookie hacks to save the day

1. Burned cookies

fail-proof cookie hacks
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While baking cookies at home, sometimes they get over-cooked. Do not worry, rub the burnt part of both cookies together after they cool down; the friction will make the over-baked cookies fall apart, giving a perfect cookie.

2. Hard cookies

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Some cookies can become hard after a period of time, it is natural. At times, while baking they might become hard; but they can still be eaten. Place the hard cookies along with breads. The moisture in the bread softens the cookies.

3. Not well baked

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If the cookies are not fully baked, not to worry, take that batch and crush all of the cookies in a large bowl, reserve some of it in a small bowl. Add some melted butter to a large bowl, mix well. In a cake, try to press this at the bottom. Freeze it for around an hour. In a separate bowl, take chocolate ice-cream and blend it, if desired, add choco-chips, chopped almonds and chopped pecan or pistachios. Pour this on the frozen base, freeze this cake overnight. You can serve either with caramel sauce or chocolate sauce.

4. Baked too soft

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If the cookies are too soft, they are brittle as well. Make a cookie tiramisu of them. In a bowl, mix cream cheese, vanilla essence, and chocolate sauce (optional). It can also be made in a dessert glass – place the cookie, then top it with this mixture and layer it like this. You can enjoy this dessert anytime.

5. Leftover dough

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Make small balls and freeze them for up to a month and bake a cookie whenever you want. If not, then mix all the remaining dough together after mixing well, roll it into a big ball and roll it out with the help of a rolling pin. Arrange it well in a pan; fill it with caramel, peanut butter cups, or marshmallow as stuffing. Cover that with the other half of the rolled dough. Bake it till the marshmallow is melted and enjoy it as a dip for the biscuits. Eat it while having milk or milkshakes.

6. Extremely hard cookies

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Some cookies might be harder, if so, blend them and make a fine powder of them. Use this to garnish ice cream, cake, or smores. Garnish it on tiramisu, cupcakes, milkshakes, and even sandwich cookies. It tastes yummy, and the cookies do not go waste.

7. Pancakes

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Make yummy pancakes with the cookie pieces in them. While cooking the pancake, add pieces of cookie and cook them. This makes the cookie-gone-wrong tasty and edible. Serve the pancakes with sliced banana, and strawberry and garnish with chocolate or maple syrup along with some berries, and enjoy a delicious, hearty, and healthy breakfast.

8. Cookie milkshake

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You can always make a milkshake of anything. Make a milkshake if something goes wrong after baking and you don’t know what it is. Mix in the cookies, milk, and ice cream. Top this with whipped cream and garnish it with some small cookie pieces or crushed cookies and syrup.

These are the ways in which one can mend the damage done to the cookies. Even if a batch goes wrong, it won’t go to waste. Enjoy them with Nutella, milk, and coffee if they turn out well.

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