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bachelorette party dishes

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Bachelorette party is one of the most memorable parties for the brides-to-be and the cutest bridesmaids. This flourishing party often holds the strength to unite the feelings of love and happiness before the grand day of the wedding. Refreshing drinks, exciting food and mouth-watering desserts undoubtedly boost the party mood.

A perfect balance of music and mocktails would add on to the glory of the day. While bachelorette parties are all about celebrations and fun, an adorable blend of aroma of scrumptious food would surely be an icing on the cake!

25 Bachelorette Party Food Ideas

1. Blue Raspberry Cocktail

blue raspberry cocktail
Image Credit : Art of Drink

Welcome! Blue Raspberry Cocktail could be the most loved welcome drink for the start of the party. Blue Raspberry Cocktail could be made with blue raspberries or with Blue raspberry flavored vodka. Lemonade powder works best for the preparation of this refreshing drink. Lemonade powder and the vodka are mixed well with a perfect stir. Ice and fresh blue raspberries are added once the powder dissolves absolutely. Garnish your drink with some lemon slices and mint leaves for the extra joy on the top of the glass.

2. Martini Cocktail

martini cocktail
Image Credit : Lifetsyle Asia Hong Kong

The other word for Martini is surely Magic! Made with Gin and Vermouth, Martini Cocktail is the perfect drink to booze you up. Martini can be prepared in a variety of flavors to suit the taste buds. Any desired flavor syrup can be used for preparing Martini Cocktail. Orange syrup, strawberry syrup or even flavored vodka. The ingredients are mixed together with a fine shake for 30 seconds. This ensures the blend of flavors for the perfect cocktail. Martini is generally served chilled with a splash of ice cubes over the drink. This drink can be garnished with strawberries, lemon slices or olives.

3. Whiskey Lemonade

Image Credit : Gimme Some Oven

A strong female always goes with a drink matching her bold personality. Here is this Whiskey Lemonade to intoxicate yourself on your big day. This drink follows no rules or behavior and lets you feel free with a whisk of lemon and bold whiskey. Sugar syrup is added for a flawless lemonade. The beverage has a bitter-sour flavor along with visually enhancing mint leaves over it. Ice cubes are added and the drink is served super chilled for the best taste outcome.

4. Green Apple Mojito

green apple mojito
Image Credit : Times Food

Green Apple Mojito is surely going to brighten up the party feels due to the refreshing and energetic feature of this drink. Green Apple Mojito can easily be prepared with white rum (optional) or green apple syrup. Soda and lemon prove to intensify the flavor of the drink. Green apple syrup along with soda are mixed in a fine jar for a great stir. Some green apple slices can be added to this drink. An exciting topping of lemon slice enhances the beauty of the drink.

5. Sangria

red sangria
Image Credit : Miss7 – 24sata

Red Sangria or call it the drink of luxury, is one of the most preferred drinks at any party. Sangria is a unique togetherness of fruits and wine. Rum can be utilized in place of wine for Sangria. Apples and oranges are highly used for Sangria. The fruits are poured in the glass along with some orange juice and sugar. Bold and fruity red wine or rum is then poured over. This drink becomes special with a happening topping of lemon slice for the Bachelorette.

6. Pink Lemonade Jello Shots

pink lemonade jello shots
Image Crdit : Delish.com

When life gives you lemons, turn them into Pink Lemonade Jello Shots! This exquisite shot is all about the lemons. The fruit of the lemon is scooped out for the jello to fit in. Lemonade is first heated and watermelon jello powder is combined with it. Vodka can be added along with the jello once the mixture dissolves completely. The lemons are then filled with the jello mixture and set to cool down. Any flavor of jello mix can be used for jello shots, depending upon the taste bud.

7. Mississippi Mud Cup Cakes

Image Credit : Love Life and Sugar

Nothing could be more chocolaty than Mississippi Mud Cupcakes! These cupcakes are prepared with a heavenly combination of flour, cocoa powder, and baking soda. The cupcakes are then baked and get ready for the amazing chocolate frosting. Chocolate frosting is prepared with dark chocolate and whipped cream. These cupcakes can be topped with little marshmallows with a quintessential drizzle of chocolate ganache.

8. French Fries

french fries
Image Credit : The Daily Meal

French Fries are a delight to the mouth and increase the charm of the party. A crisp during the party time proves to boost up the mood. French Fries can generally be prepared by chopping potatoes into long sticks. The potatoes are then frozen for a crunchy outcome. Potatoes are then fried in hot oil. French Fries can usually be tossed with spices like chili powder and coriander powder. Seasonings such as peri-peri or chili flakes can be used for a spicy delight to be served to Bachelorette.

9. Mozarella Sticks

Image Credit : All She Cooks

Want your Bachelorette to be more cheesy? Mozzarella Stick is the answer to add some more cheesy smoothness to the party. The gooey stretchiness of these sticks heals the soul of humans. The mozzarella cheese block is dipped in egg, followed by bread crumbs. The sticks are coated twice with bread crumbs for a thick outer layer. These sticks are frozen and fried later. They can be served with mayonnaise dip or flawless ketchup.

10. Cranberry Brie Bites

cranberry brie bites
Image Credit : The Recipe Credit

What’s better than soft cheese with juicy cranberries? Cranberry Brie Bites are prepared with crescent dough. They are usually baked to give these bites a fluffy texture. The dough is shaped like a square for the mouth-watering brie to fit in. Brie is then topped with cranberry sauce and rosemary. This dish is a complete delight for any party to shine!

11. Mini Grilled Sandwich

mini grilled sandwich
Image Credit : Pinterest

When you can convert a healthy sandwich to a starter, why not? Mini Grilled Sandwich proves to be a heavenly dish for the bachelorette! A crispy texture with the ever-smooth filling of cheese works like magic. Buttered bread is initially stuffed with cheddar cheese. Mozzarella cheese can be used as well for the stuffing. It is then grilled to perfection for a scrumptious result.

12. Garlic Parmesan Mushroom

garlic parmesan-mushroom
Image Credit : Tasty

Mushrooms tend to have a soft texture which perfectly fits the big day! This delicacy is prepared initially by chopping off the stems of mushrooms. A smooth filling of these chopped stems and Parmesan cheese is prepared. Salt, garlic, and pepper are added for a spicy flavor. Breadcrumbs are added to the mixture for the filling to be thick. Interestingly, this filling is stuffed in the mushrooms which are baked for consumption! This appetizing dish can be served with ketchup.

13. Spring Rolls

spring rolls
Image Credit : RewardsNG

A bachelorette could just be more fun with mouth-watering spring rolls. This amazing dish is cooked by sauteing carrots, cabbage, and capsicum. Vinegar is generally added while sauteing. Once the stuffing is cooled down, pepper and spring onions are added. Rolls are prepared with fine dough. Once the rolls are ready, they are deep-fried to be served with mint chutney or ketchup.

14. Taco

Image Credit : Wallpapers Vista

Have some Tacos for your girls! Tacos can be prepared in a variety of ways, depending upon the ingredients used. A fine stuffing of beans, onions, shredded cabbage, and avocado dip is made. The filling is stuffed in the crunchy tortillas which can be topped with your favorite dips. Tacos can often be garnished with lime slices or feta cheese.

15. Idli Kebab

idli kebab
Image Credit : Yummily Yours

Make it unique with a chutney shot this time! Idli kebab is not only a flavorful delicacy but also proves to be healthy for consumption. Kebabs are prepared with a fine mixture of mashed Idlis, cooked veggies, carrots and green peas. Pungent spices like turmeric, chilly powder, pepper, and garam masala are often added to the mixture. The mixture is folded into kebabs and is roasted to perfection. The dish is served with chutney is a glass that makes it attractive to consume.

16. Nachos

Image Credit : Organic Valley

The crunchy snack of the day lies at the heart of all parties. Nachos could be served in different ways which can be matched with the theme of the party. One can serve Nachos with Mozzarella cheese that stretches to the last bite. A classic dish can be prepared with the togetherness of salsa sauce and Nachos. This delicacy can be garnished with coriander leaves.

17. Red Sauce Pasta

red sauce Pasta
Image Credit : Schwartz

Pasta ranks number one to add the Italian spark to the menu. Red Sauce Pasta can be prepared with thick red sauce and bell pepper. Green Capsicum can also be added for an Indian twist. As the sauce along with veggies is cooked perfectly, Pasta is added to the pan. A great toss to the Pasta ensures a smooth togetherness of the dish. It is generally garnished with cheese and basil leaves.

18. Chocolate Truffle

ganache ball
Image Credit : The Kitchn

The ganache ball or call it chocolate truffle – it is one and the same. The magic happens with thick whipped cream which is heated in the microwave. Hot whipped cream is combined with dark chocolate. A thick ganache is prepared and cooled down. It is then rolled into tiny truffles and finely drizzled with dark chocolate.

19. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Image Credit : Cooking Classy

Juicy strawberries could instantly lift the mood of the party. Strawberries can be dipped in dark, mild or white chocolate through the tips. Chocolate sauce is then drizzled over the strawberries for garnish.

20. Banana Pudding

banana pudding
Image Credit : Yellow Bliss Road

Fresh bananas with vanilla flavored custard in layers could just work right for the party. Banana Pudding is a delicious dessert prepared with bananas and layers of dark chocolate and whipped cream. Dark chocolate sauce can also be added to the pudding. The pudding can be garnished with heavy cream and some cookies.

21. Ice Pops

Image Credit : Weelicious

Get goosebumps with the most chilled Ice Pops on your day! Ice Pops could really lift up the party mood. These can generally be prepared with fruits or ice pop mix. A variety of flavors could be combined together for an exquisite outcome!

22. Gummy Gems

gummy gems
Image Credit : HipWallpaper

Gummy Gems could definitely work for serving something light throughout the party. These gems are prepared with a jelly mix and shaped in dissimilar molds. Find your favorite color and let it stick to your tongue for an awesome feeling throughout the day.

23. Fruits

Image Credit : Cooking Classy

Would you prefer something scrumptious yet healthy? A platter of fruits is the perfect answer. The extraordinary colors of a variety of fruits definitely bring charm to the eyes. Beyond that, fruits are delicious with each having a different flavor. A happy fruit dish could be prepared by adding your favorite fruits for the party.

24. Cookies

Image Credit : Sallys Baking Addiction

Cookies have proven to be a source of happiness. The more chocolate in the cookies, the tastier they become. Cookies are made with a cookie dough wherein dark chocolate chips are added to the dough. They are baked which results in a fluffy and smooth texture right for the bachelorette.

25. The Bachelorette Cake

bachelorette cake
Image Credit : Handle the Heart

Woah! The party sounds generally incomplete without a mouth-watering cake for the Bachelorette celebration. A cake adds to the joy of the ceremony. There are numerous varieties of cakes to choose from. It can be covered with chocolate which is mixed with the extra smooth whipped cream. Garnish your delicious cake with chocolate chips, sprinklers, or truffles.

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