11 Vegetable Lasagna Recipes You Must Try

Lasagna is an Italian dish with a long history. It is a type of pasta prepared from layered flat spaghetti sheets filled with a variety of filling, spices, seasonings, and cheese. It’s a dish that’s not only delicious but also healthy to eat. Vegetable lasagna on a platter looks stunning and the aroma is tempting, so no one can resist eating it. This meal is also popular among children because of its delicious taste and texture and the fact that it provides them with nutrients, as even if it isn’t a vegetable lasagna exclusively, it can still be filled with … Read more

13 Spicy Vegan Dishes You Need To Try Now

Vegan food means boiled vegetables or a salad in a bowl; this is what a lot of people imagine. Vegan food does not mean that it would always be boring and bland. Spicy vegan dishes comprise a variety of amazing and nutritious plant-based meals that have many health benefits. It helps in losing weight, and also increases your fibre intake and helps you get glowing skin. Vegan food can be amazingly delicious when prepared by adding some spices or scrumptiously spicy sauces. So, here are some of the delightful spicy vegan dishes that would make everyone go vegan crazy. 13 … Read more