20 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Patna

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Patna remarks on contemporary landmarks showcasing bronze sculptures and old coins of ancient times. The capital city of Bihar has an astonishing history with the foundations of great kingdoms. Along with historical structures, Patna encompasses a variety of dishes majorly dominated by East Indian cuisines. This city is a definite delight for non-vegetarian delicacies with mutton as well as chicken. To taste the ethnic cuisine with numerous sweet dishes, Patna stays at the top of the list.

20 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Patna

1. Litti Chokha

litti chokha
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One of the most prominent dishes of Patna is “Litti Chokha.” Locals here love this dish and cherish it with dripping ghee. It consists of two elements- the Litti and the Chokha. Litti is prepared with wheat and pungent spices which are then shaped into round balls dipped in ghee. Chokha is generally prepared by boiled vegetables like potatoes, eggplant and tomatoes which are later mixed with different spices, especially garlic. The texture of this dish is crunchy, soft and mouth-watering.

2. Chana Ghughni

chana ghugni
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Chana Ghugni again tops the list of favorite foods of Patna. As chickpeas give warmth to the body, this dish is extensively enjoyed in the winter season. The dish can be prepared with curry or without it. Fried onions, tomatoes and spices of pungent flavor are often used in the preparation of this dish.

3. Khaja

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A renowned dessert of Patna is Khaja. The crispy dessert is prepared with wheat flour, mawa and sugar which is then deep-fried in oil. With multi layers folded, Khajas are available in different shapes and sizes. The scrumptious dessert of Patna has a wafer-like crunchy texture that melts into the mouth.

4. Sattu Paratha

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Paratha is basically an Indian version of thick Chapati. Satttu ka paratha is deliciously prepared with wheat flour and sattu. A variety of spices like ginger, garlic and red chilly are added into the dough. It also includes a pinch of lemon juice and coriander to enhance the flavor of the dish. The dough is rolled in a circle shape which is then cooked with ghee.

5. Kesar Peda

kesar peda
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Kesar Peda is prepared with authentic saffron and rich condensed milk. The milk is condensed after which strong cardamom powder is added into it. Saffron is mixed with the mixture to bring out the color and fragrance in this dessert. The milk is heated and is it develops a thick texture, it is cooled down. Circle-shaped pedas are prepared for your cravings!

6. Kadhi Badi

kadhi badi
Image Credit: Archana’s Kitchen

Kadhi Badi is an extremely loved delicacy in Patna. Auspicious occasions stand incomplete without this palatable dish. A soothing curry dominated by curd includes bits and pieces of chickpea. These dumplings are known as “Badi.” Curry leaves and ginger and garlic paste result in the mouth-watering flavor of this curry. Rice is often complemented by the Kadhi.

7. Pantua

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Pantua is popularly known as Kala Jamun. It differs from the original Kala Jamun due to its outer texture being hard. It is prepared with rich mawa, milk and powdered sugar. They are shaped into circles which are then deep-fried. This dessert is generally consumed at the end of a heavy dinner.

8. Balushahi

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Balushahi, as the name suggests, is a rich dessert with a porous flour cup induced with the flavors of khoya inside it. Pungent spices with cardamon and cinnamon enhance the flavor of Balushahi. They are deep-fried and at times are sprinkled with fresh saffron.

9. Patna Samosa Chaat

samosa chaat
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Patna Samosa Chaat is popular among travelers due to its availability in every nook and corner of this city. A samosa is a fried delicacy with a stuffing of potatoes, coriander, peas, and spices. A chickpea curry is prepared which is known as “Ragada.” The curry is spread over the samosa on a plate which is topped with onions, tomatoes, beetroot, and carrots. This local chaat lies at the heart of Patna and is present in all celebrations, from small to huge ones.

10. Puri Sabzi

puri sabzi
Image Credit: Hindustan Times

Puri Sabzi can be considered to be a loved delicacy of the people here. While the sabzi might be prepared from potatoes or chickpeas, what is common is the usage of strong spices in the dish. It has vegetables along with a gravy that is eaten with Puri. Puri is prepared with wheat flour which is deep fried in oil.

11. Gur Anarsa

gur anarsa
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Gur Anarsa predominantly is considered to be a master of sweet delicacies in Patna. Gur or jaggery turns out to be the major ingredient in this dessert. Gur Anarsa is prepared with rice flour wherein jaggery is mixed with the flour. It is kneaded well and the dough is prepared. The dough is shaped into circles that are fried in ghee. Sesame or poppy seeds are sprinkled over it.

12. Parwal ki Mithai

parwal ki mithai
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Parwal ki Mithai is prepared from a green vegetable called “Pointed Gourd.” Pointed gourd is boiled in water along with sugar. As the vegetable becomes tender, it is set aside for ten minutes. As soon as it cools down, the pointed gourds are cut from the center to stuff them with flavorful fillings. Soft Mawa (Khoya) is stuffed along with rich almonds, pistachios and cardamom powder.

13. Khurma

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Khurma is nothing but fine flour coated with sweet sugar. This classic dessert is fried into small dumplings making its appearance appealing to be consumed. Sugar syrup is spread over the khurmas that crystallizes, leading to sweetness in the entire dessert.

14. Thekua

Image Credit: The Statesman

Thekua is a dry dessert yet has the quality to satisfy your sweet tooth. Flour is used for the preparation along with sugar syrup and ghee. Fennel, grated coconut and cardamom powder are mixed in the dough. Unlike other desserts, this dessert is prepared in hot oil which makes it crunchy, crispy and delivers a non-sticky texture.

15. Malpua

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Malpua stands out to be one of the most unique desserts in the city of Patna. It includes rice flour, cardamom powder, semolina (rava) and khoya. These elements are mixed together to form a liquid-like batter to be spread on a pan. Ghee is added once the batter is put on the pan to ensure the smoothness of the dessert. As the dish turns light brown, it can be served hot as well as cold.

16. Laung Latika

laung latika
Image Credit: saraswathiorganics.com

Laung Latika stands out to be an interesting dessert of Patna due to a clove attached at the center. It is similar to other desserts but has a crusty texture. This dessert is prepared during festivals as well as during winter. The clove in the dish dipped in sugar syrup simultaneously brings out a sweet and spicy flavor.

17. Laktho

Image Credit: Archana’s Kitchen

Laktho is more or less similar to Khurma. The only difference between Laktho and Khurma is the usage of different flours. While Khurma is prepared with wheat flour, laktho is prepared with rice flour. Sugar syrup is spread over the Laktho which crystallizes later.

18. Rasia

Image Credit: Times Of India

Rasia is considered to be a puristic dessert for spiritual festivals in Patna. It is prepared with milk and rice along with rich dry fruits. Almonds and pistachios are used to garnish the dessert. This delicacy is a perfect blend of solid rice with sweetened milk.

19. Dal Peetha

dal peetha
Image Credit: AaoBihar

Dal Peetha could be compared to momos or dumplings. A fine lentil paste is prepared which is stuffed in rice flour. Pickle and spices often are utilized for the preparation of this dish. The dumpling is steamed and at times, fried for consumption. The texture of this dish turns out to be soothing and it melts in the mouth.

20. Mutton Kebab

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Luscious non-vegetarian delights can be found in Patna city. Out of the various mouth-watering dishes, mutton kebab is beloved by the locals and travelers. The aroma of this dish attracts the locals who take pleasure in its consumption. Mutton kebabs can be found in the streets of this city.

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