14 Best Traditional Foods to Eat in Nepal

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Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country in South Asia. It is primarily located in the Himalayas but also, includes some parts of the Indo – Gangetic Plains. The national cuisine of Nepal is Dhindo and Gundruk. It is a land rich in cuisine and spices. Mustard oil is a common cooking medium with a host of spices including cumin, coriander, turmeric, garlic, ginger, etc. Some of the famous and traditional dishes of Nepal, which will give you the true taste of Nepal are:

14 Best Traditional Foods to Eat in Nepal


Often eaten with a vegetable curry, pickle or Gundruk ( fermented leafy green vegetable ) soup, Dhindo is a traditional Nepali dish made by continuously mixing hot water and flours of maize and buckwheat. It is widely consumed in the hilly and mountain regions of Nepal, where rice and wheat are not very common.


The Newar community of Nepal offers a viand of traditional and most unique dishes of Nepal. Yomari is popularly prepared in a Newar family during winters as it is known to kill cold. It is a steamed dish made out of rice dough and has a very peculiar shape. The steamed rice dough is stuffed with sweet dishes like chaku and khuwa or finely steamed lentils.


Prepared usually during festivals or family gatherings as A starter this Newari dish reflects the unique feeding habits of Newar people in Nepal. This traditional dish consists of Chiura ( beaten rice) and is served with many side dishes like Choila ( marinated meat ), fried boiled egg, black soybean, spicy potato pickle, finely cut ginger, spiced beans, green leafy vegetables, buff and a famous Newari drink ‘Aila’.


It is a very common sweet dish available at some of the departmental stores of the cities. It is made out of rice dough. It is a famous ring-shaped sweet dish prepared during Diwali. Cardamom and sugar are mixed with the rice dough to add taste before frying it. 


A must-try delicacy referred to as Newari Pizza by foreigners is made of rice dough. Prepared in the most traditional manner, it is quite different from other bread dishes prepared in Nepal. Seasoned with vegetables and egg this baked rice crepe is topped with homemade spices and minced meat.


Momo or MoMo cha ( in Newar communities ) is a famous food in with Newari seasoning to suit the Nepali palate. Served as bite-size dumplings with seasoned stuffing like veggies, meat, sweets or anything that suits your palate. It is usually steamed but a number of varieties like Fried Momo and C- Momo ( served with a spicy hot soup).


A pious food among Hindus, it is usually served during sacred rituals and Puja as a sweet dish. A delectable dish, it is prepared by mixing butter and sugar with rice flour and to make the rich and mouth-watering dry fruits are added. This mouth-watering dish is sweet and crusty and is prepared occasionally. It can be eaten dry or with warm milk.


A sweet Nepali toffee made by stirring a big pan of mixed sugar, thickened milk ( Khuwa), peanut powder, coconut, and traditional Newari seasoning powder to give a tinge of sour taste making it a sweet and sour treat.


Pau in Newari means sour. This sour treat is made from local fruits like Lapsi ( Hog Plum), Amla ( Phyllanthus Emblica), Tamarind, Mango, Lemon, and Orange. Some varieties of these treats have a sweet and sour taste while some are extremely spicy.


One of the most mouth-watering treats belonging to the Newar community it is sweet and crispy. It is one of the most famous sweet treats among the Newars. It is found in different shapes and sizes.


Sukuti means dry or Jerky in Nepali. Mostly, served as a side dish mixed with other ingredients it is either consumed directly or spiced as a snack. It is a traditional dried meat dish made by cutting meat into thin strips and then coated with spices such as salt, cumin, pepper, and chili powder.


Juju Dhau means King Curd. A milk product made by bacterial fermentation of bacteria is a must-try when one visits Nepal. It is usually made and served in clay pots or plastic cups.


Also, known as Churpi, it is a delicious variety of cheese made from the milk of Yak is a famous traditional cheese. It is found in two of the soft variety, which is usually served as a side dish and a hard variety, which is consumed directly. This variety of cheese is known to be native to Nepal.


Thekuwa and Anarsa are two famous sweets from the Terai region of Nepal. These sweets are usually served during festivals like Chhath in the Terai region. Two mouth-watering and delectable sweet dishes are a must-try when one visits Nepal.

These traditional dishes reflect the culture and diversity among the people of Nepal. A beautiful place with dishes that could make anyone drool is a foodies dream which is satisfied in Nepal.

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