7 Pocket friendly tasty meals to try

We all love food. For all the foodies out there, you know it is a struggle to cook a tasty but as well as pocket friendly meal. When you want to have a hangout with your friends at home or a weekend dinner or even a movie night. Here are some of the dishes you can cook which are tasty, pocket friendly, and delicious all at once.

7 Pocket friendly tasty meals to try

1. Jeera Rice (Cumin Rice)

Source: Whisk Affair

It is a far more simple and easy dish to prepare for a hearty meal. All you need is rice, cumin, and spices, which are already in-store in every home. You can make dal or have it with pickles and papad to go with the rice. Jeera rice is my favorite and easy to cook pocket friendly meal.

2. Rava Dosa (Semolina Pancakes)

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Dosa preparation seems to be tiresome and time-consuming. It is not, dosa can be made with the least available ingredients at home and in less than 20 minutes. Rava is Semolina; take some rava and add water to it to make the batter. While it rests, make potato filling for the dosa. All you need is a potato, curry leaves and spices. Once the batter is ready, enjoy authentic rava dosa with the potato filling at home.

3. Mutter Paneer (Peas and Cottage cheese)

Source: Fun food frolic

It is a simple vegetarian dish, anyone can cook it at home. Cheese, peas and paneer are the only ingredients needed. Paneer is cottage cheese and mutter means peas. After making a tadka of spices, add tomato paste, simmer for a while. Then add paneer along with peas and sauté it. Garnish it with coriander leaves. This can be served with regular rice or parathas. Anyhow, you feel good.

4. Maggie

Source: LBB

Maggie is the most favorite to go dish. These instant noodles can be made interesting and more tasty by adding some variety to it. Add the available vegetables before the noodles, sauté them in butter/oil with garlic, onion and spices. Add some tomato paste and cheese, then add the noodles. It enhances the instant noodles’ normal taste.

These were some of the Indian dishes which are tasty, healthy and pocket friendly. Now, listed below are some of the foreign cuisines which we all love and can cook at home in the least available ingredients.

5. Potato Fries/ Wedges

Source: Dassana’s veg recipes

Potato fries are the easiest to make. Wash the potatoes, after cutting them, submerge them into a container full of salt water. After resting it for about 20 minutes, deep fry them in oil, after they are golden brown, take them out. To cook them fully again, fry them until they are brown. Let them dry; here you have homemade potato fries.

To make wedges, follow the same process but cut them in the shape of wedges. To make variations of it, add paprika, chili flakes to make peri-peri fries. Make a cheese dip or make cheesy fries/ wedges by adding cheese and broiling it for 5-10 minutes. Then you will have beautiful cheese dip fries.

6. Pizza

Source: Times food

Everyone is a pizza fan. You can make pizza at home as well. Take the homemade roti/ bread if you have any. Top it with tomato sauce/ketchup/ paste. After topping it with tomato, add the vegetables of your choice to it and top it with cheese. Keep this on preheat pan for 5-8 minutes or keep it in preheated oven for baking. Tada! Here you have your homemade pizza. In the available ingredients.

7. Oreo dessert

Source: Tasty

Even when you have a sweet tooth, you can make your favorite dessert which will be tasty as always. Cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla essence, and milk are definitely necessary. If you have a banana, then without flour you can have a delicious banana cake. Mix the banana, add an egg, and all the other necessary ingredients, cook in the oven/ microwave/ on the stove for about 1:30-2 minutes, and your tasty mug cake is ready. While making vanilla/ chocolate mug cake, just add some chocolate chunks/ sprinkles and follow the rest of the recipe. You are ready to eat your cake. Garnish it with honey/ chocolate syrup/ maple syrup.

These were some of the recipes which you can cook when you have friends over for a meal and your budget is tight. These recipes are not just pocket-friendly but time-consuming and easy to cook as well. Those who are beginners at cooking can cook these as well.

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