15 Varieties of Momos you can try out in Delhi

Momos (or dim sums) are filled dumplings made with flour. These are a part of Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine and are very popular among the Indian subcontinent. You can find them in every nook and cranny of North and East India. But Delhi, hands down, is particularly very obsessed with them.

I mean, do you even live in Delhi if you are not knee-deep in love with dim sums? Let’s check out your obsession with them! Here are the 15 absolutely delectable momos this city has to serve and why they should be on your bucket list!

15 Varieties of Momos you can try out in Delhi

1. Steamed momos

Source: The Terrace Kitchen

Literally, every person in Delhi (or anywhere) has had these at least once in their lifetime. These are timeless, and you can never get enough of them. The dim-sums are soft, juicy and generously stuffed, and the best part is the red chilli sauce. Very spicy yet the best you will ever taste. Bonus point, you can find them all over the city, in every corner and all of them are just as good.

2. Fried Momos

Source: VegeCravings

If you think rains and fritters are the best friends, you might be wrong. Monsoon season calls for these piping hot fried variants, and we are here for it. The second most popular type and an amazing one in itself. The texture and the crunch to these are made to give you a blast of flavours in your mouth, and they pair the best with mayonnaise and the red chilli sauce.

3. Pan-fried Schezwan

Source: Fun love and cooking

Possibly the best kind of dumplings out there. They are sautéed together with spicy Schezwan sauce which ups the game in literally no time. You can have these without the dip as well since the Schezwan sauce makes up for it. And it is absolutely drool-worthy.

4. Gravy Momos

Source: Zomato

These momos are, actually, to die for! And we know we are not even exaggerating, and you will get to know the moment you take your first bite. The gravy is creamy enough to leave you longing for more and the red chutney compliments it exactly as they should. The hype they get is true; they are easily one of the best.

5. Wheat Momos

Source: cookpad.com

The healthier version of your regular variety is just as good. It deserves to be on the top of your bucket list. These lip-smacking dumplings will satisfy your recurring yearnings in a healthy manner. Best paired with your good ol’ red chutney and mayonnaise.

6. Tandoori Momos

Source: LBB

Trust them when you are craving momos, they will not disappoint. Quite honestly, the only variety of dumplings that has never failed to amaze us with their flavor. The aroma, the grilled taste and the green and chilli garlic dips make these the talk of the town. Definitely, a must-have if you are in or around Delhi.

7. Afghani momos

Source: DforDelhi

An amalgamation of gravy and tandoori momos loaded with cream, yogurt and coriander leaves is a perfect product to indulge in. Just like your favourite malai tikkas, these are here to take your taste buds to heaven.

8. Cheese Momos

Source: cookpad.com

Everything tastes better with cheese in it, and they proved it. These are our ultimate favorite when craving for some “cheesegasm”. One bite in and you will be in a different zone altogether. They are for real and are available in multiple outlets across the city.

9. Nutella Momos

Source: Frozen Bites

Who doesn’t like Nutella? We know we do. And we believe that this fusion of dumplings and nutella couldn’t have been better. Sweet tooth tickles are best solved by them. Filled with generous amounts of Nutella and chunks of cake, these makeup for the best dessert snack to binge on.

10. Kurkure Momos

Source: Pinterest

Also, it is called KFC style momos. If you are obsessed with KFCs crispy chicken, you will fall in love with this variant. They are an upscale version of fried ones. These are covered with chunks of Kurkure and are fried to give it a crunchier texture and a spicy flavour. This delicious dish is best paired with mayonnaise and chilli garlic sauce.

11. Kothe Momos

Source: -Wikimedia commons

This is the Himalayan take on the momos obsession, and it is clearly appetizing. They are pan-fried and dipped in flavorful sauces of your choice. The key ingredient of this dish is fried ginger, which gives it an outstanding taste. YETI, The Himalayan Kitchen would be the perfect place.

12. Vodka Momos

Source: Pinterest

You heard us right! They are a thing, and they are the best way to get booze-up and satiate your cravings at the same time! The better is prepared with vodka along with the stuffing. It’s so divine!

13. Chilli Momos

Source: DforDelhi

Tossed in the hottest sauces and ketchup, they are here to burn and pleasure your taste buds simultaneously. If you are into spicy food, this is your best bet. Do not miss out!

14. Shago Shabril Momos

Source: Buddymantra

The traditional blend of mashed potatoes and juicy and tender meat wrapped inside the dough. Tastes better than heaven itself. It is best paired with Green mint sauce, and it has to be on your bucket list!

15. Butter Chicken Momos

Source: Sanjeev Kapoor

Had to end this list with our favourite kind of momos. Addressed a few fusion foods here, but this totally tops the list. These momos are tossed in butter chicken gravy and so flavoursome. This is a match made in heaven, for sure.

What was your score? If you got a score above 10, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a certified Delhiite. If not, do yourself a favour and plan your post-lockdown dates with your friends and level up!

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