15 Desserts You must try out In Brazil

Brazil is blessed with a variety of candies and traditional desserts passed down to the modern age to satisfy the sweet-toothed, or as they would say in Portuguese, the guloso. Often their desserts are variations on Portuguese desserts made with local ingredients. They really know how to end a meal and make it memorable. So here’s a guide to the 15 desserts you need to help yourself to. 15 Desserts You must try out In Brazil 1. Brigadeiro Brigadeiro is a traditional Brazilian dessert made using condensed milk, butter, cocoa powder, and covered with chocolate sprinkles. They can be served … Read more

15 Best Street Foods to Eat in Brazil

There’s nothing Brazilians love more than their food. A country with such a diverse range of dishes owing to its multicultural influence, it has something unique to suit everyone’s palette. With street food a-plenty, here are 15 items you’ll have to indulge in! 15 Best Street Foods to Eat in Brazil 1. Acarajé A classic northeastern dish in Brazil that has its roots in African cooking, acarajé is a deep-fried patty made with black-eyed peas and pureed onions, all fried in palm oil. This fritter is split open and stuffed with a spicy filling of vatapa – a rich puree … Read more