13 Indian Mango Dishes To Try In Summer

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What if we could get mangoes throughout the year? It would absolutely be a dream come true! Summers arrive with excitement and happiness to savor the first mango of the season. With the brimming sweetness and flavor that it brings, it’s hard not to be swept away by the taste of it. Besides the ripe mangoes, raw mangoes and the variety of dishes made from them are also causing a buzz. No wonder mango is called the ‘king of fruits.’

Let’s look at some of the delicious Indian mango dishes to try in summer:

1. Aamras 

indian mango dishes to try in summer
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The summer delight in a bowl, Aamras, is a traditional delicacy of Maharashtra and Gujarat, where it is popularly known as ‘Keri no ras.’ Aamras is the mango pulp or puree with some sugar and milk added for an utterly smooth consistency. It goes well with pooris or as an after-meal dessert.

2. Mango Puri

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A perfect and delectable tea-time snack, mango puri is simple to make. Sweet mango puree is added to the flour and kneaded into a soft dough. These deep-fried puris are refreshing with the taste of ripe mangoes!

3. Aam Panna

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A North-Indian favorite delight, Aam Panna, aka ‘Kacchi Kairi ka sharbat,’ is the go-to drink during the peak of summer, especially in June and July. It has great heat-resisting properties and is a great source of vitamins and minerals. The refreshing minty flavors and sweet-citrusy taste of Aam Panna are to die for.

4. Mango Mint Raita

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The sweetness of mangoes with the soothing flavors of yogurt is the perfect combination, hands down. The finely whisked yogurt is mixed with the mango pulp, added with herbs and spices making it an ultimate masterpiece. Add mint leaves for a refreshing punch.

5. Mango Pickle

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Any boring meal can be spiced up just by adding a slice of ‘aam ka achar,’ and you are good to go. This traditional Indian pickle recipe is made of raw unripe mangoes combined with exotic herbs and spices. This recipe certainly requires skills and labor, but the taste it puts on the table is just lip-smackingly amazing. 

6. Mango Daal 

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Mamidikaya Pappu, or Mango daal, is a delicacy of Andhra Pradesh. This daal has a mix of spicy and tangy tastes that will compel you to lick your bowls. If you are bored of the same-old daals and want some twist of taste, try it and thank us later!

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7. Mango Murabba

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Every part of India has its own regional cuisines, and every household has a separate culinary way of making such flavorful treats. Mango murabba is one of India’s most loved and cherished food items that is often enjoyed as a side dish to enhance the taste of the main meal. It is made out of fresh unripe mangoes prepared with fruits, sugar, and spices. It is preserved in jars to use for a longer period of time.

8. Mango Kulfi

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What is more comforting than a creamy mango kulfi in the scorching summer heat? It has the perfect chewy and creamy texture with a fruity, flavorful punch. This is undoubtedly the best pick for your little summer cravings.

9. Aam Papad

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Our childhood would have been incomplete without aam papad. We all have a lot of childhood memories attached to aam papad, also known as ‘amawat.’ The fruity leather of mangoes with the added sweetness of jaggery is definitely binge-worthy with a punch of nostalgia.

10. Green Mango Chutney

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Chutneys are of central importance in our Indian cuisines. This is the perfect condiment recipe that is derived differently from every Indian household. The best part is that it is quick and easy to make, and the aromatic Indian flavors will awaken your senses. Adding this chutney to any simple meal will transform it into a firecracker.

11. Mango Lassi

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Summer calls for the best mango lassi in town. It is a delicious blend of sweet mangoes, yogurt, or milk, garnished with some pistachios and saffron. With every slurp of this mango lassi, you’ll be transported into a heavenly ride of mangoes and their refreshing sweetness. 

12. Mango Kadhi

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Mango kadhi, famously known as ‘mango fajeto,’ is a specialty of Gujarati cuisine. It is made with yogurt, spices, and chickpea flour with some twisty taste of mangoes. The spicy, sweet, and tangy taste of this kadhi has its own unique charm and an utterly magical taste. 

13. Mango Bhel

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Chaat is undoubtedly every Indian’s first love. You can amp up your bhel by adding the extraordinary flavors of mango to it and encounter your best bhel ever. Add the finely chopped unripe mangoes with some extra spices to it, and you will be amused by the magical essence of mangoes in the bhel. Feel free to add your favorite ingredients, like tamarind chutney or jaljeera powder, to amplify the taste.

So these were the ultimate Indian mango dishes to try in summer. Have fun with the variety of tastes every recipe here will bring!

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