15 Best Foods To Eat at CST Station

Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus, formerly known as Victoria Terminus, is a historical terminal train station and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mumbai. Every day, millions of travelers board the train; a famous landmark is also a symbol of this city. Home to many food stalls and local cuisine, no one can leave this place hungry. Let’s take a look at some lip-smacking dishes it offers.

Here Are The Best Foods To Eat In CST Station:

1. Butter Pav Bhaji

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Long-lost travelers, the greatest desire by the end of the day is a delightful plate of butter pav bhaji. Cannon P.B is a well-known restaurant. Piping hot, lip-smacking bhaji is served with an ounce of butter on the top, two pavs (Indian bread), onions, and lemon as a complete wholesome meal any time of the day.

2. Veg. Pulav

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The varieties of rice in this city and its special flavors can make you fall in love with it. Shree Sai Fast Food, every day serves many food items, including their ever-famous veg. pulav. The spicy, flavorsome delight surely will suffice your hunger.

3. Kanda Bhaji

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Mumbai and their local travelers can never forget to add this dish to the list. A spicy snack served with chutneys are fritters you can be obsessed with in the long run. The appetizing aroma of kanda bhaji encapsulates you and is extremely pocket friendly.

4. Parotha Bhaji

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During the day, many customers are in quest of a healthy, heavy meal. The sizzling, conventional taste of Parotha Bhaji reminds you of your home. The spicy maseladar bhaji, along with two huge parathas, pickle, and raita is definitely a dish to keep in mind.

5. Chinese Dosa

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A fusion of Chinese and south Indian dishes is hardly appreciated in this country. However, this dish surely puts you in question. Chinese dosa from the South Corner whisks you into an imaginary world. The normal sada dosa accompanied by Chinese noodles and sauces is an inviting meal to devour.

6. Veg. Cheese Pizza

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These streets by the station are recognized as the well-known khao galli (street food) of the city. From traditional wholesome meals to junk, everything is under one roof. Veg. cheese pizza is also one of the most popular food dishes among kids. The sauté of veggies, sauces, and cheese is a preferred meal any day.

7. Medu Vada

Source: boldsky

A crispy doughnut-shaped fritter, medu vada can be your snack any day. The Pullokand Store shares the best one in town. Its crispy exterior and soft interior are adored by a million visitors every day. And as the south Indians proudly say, “Love is temporary — Medu Vada is eternal.”

8. Idli Sambar

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The three-word definition of breakfast today is “Idli Chutney Sambar,” which is loved all over the globe. Soft, spongy idlis offer us a perfect, healthy breakfast option. The steaming hot sambar and chutney are served with idlis as a companion for life. Tamil Nadu Foods will serve you all an experience to cherish.

9. Kala Khatta and Watermelon Sharbat

Source: curlytales

A drink anyone would have hardly thought of, Kala khatta, an ever refreshing beverage with some fresh watermelon. The perfect answer to the sweltering heat above. A cool, chilled beverage is your companion in the scorching sun. Therefore, are you ready for one?

10. Rice Plate

Source: healthline

A feel of homely food, this meal surely takes its place graciously. The yellow dal, reminding you of your spicy conventional taste, along with rice, spicy bhaji, and just-cooked soft phulka rotis make up a dish to fill your tummy, not only with taste but also with memories.

11. Vada Pav

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Bombay’s popular, ever-growing Vada Pav can also be one of the most adored dishes near the station. The eclectic vada pav’s main attraction is a leaf of lettuce which brings a unique and different flavor to the plate. The huge spicy vada with chutneys and pav is a delight.

12. Malai Lassi

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All the food items surely make you hungry again; however, the hidden lassi charms its glory in the crowd. The thick, heavy, sweet lassi can be your drink of the day. Each sip of it is a rejuvenating experience in itself.

13. Maggi Sandwich

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In Mumbai, who doesn’t love sandwiches? A quick, easy, and go-to food for decades. But the fusion keeps it more exciting. The new Maggi sandwich brings variety accompanied by taste and happiness. It is an option to consider every day and order not only for yourself but the entire crowd.

14. Falooda

Source: atlasobscure

If not so excited about ice creams, we surely have another attraction to present. The colorful, delicious chilled Faloodas have never ever heard a denial. Not only do they taste superb, but they are also a mood-changer. Falooda is a special treat, and Badshaw is a legendary destination awaiting your presence.

15. Soda

best foods to eat in cst station
Source: justdial

A fizzy drink at the end of the day is a necessary drink. After a day at work, it clears your body as well as your mind. Sodas, by the end of the streets, conclude your day.

Every day you meet lots of people and food is a means of interaction. A well-known spot in the city, it’s a must-visit destination to experience food and people and taste life in the real sense. So what are you waiting for?

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