22 Vegan Dishes From Around The World

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Vegan Dishes From Around The World


These delicious plant-based recipes are perfect for reducing your meat intake or eliminating it entirely from your diet. Including simple breakfasts and nutritious dinners to meal-prep-friendly lunches and easy breakfasts.

22 Vegan Dishes From Around The World

1. Vegan Borscht (Ukraine)

Beetroot soup with a vegan twist is a popular and tasty soup that originated in Russia and Ukraine. Its deep red color makes it very appealing. Additionally, it is nutrient-rich and tasty.     

2. Lentil Stuffed Red Cabbage Rolls (Poland)

Vegetarian cabbage rolls are prepared with onions, garlic, lentils, and brown rice. It is a plant-based and gluten-free meal.  Simply delicious and super-filling.

3. Vegan Welsh Cakes (Wales)

Eggless and dairy-free, these Welsh cakes are moist, lightly spiced, and studded with dried fruit, and would be an excellent snack. 

4. Zacusa (Romania)

Zacusa is made from eggplant and red peppers. It’s a vegetable spread popularly served on bread. A classic recipe is popular in Romania.

5. Vegan Yorkshire Pudding (England)

This pudding is a must for a comforting roast dinner. They are golden fluffy on the inside.

6. Vegan Potato Pancake (Germany)

They are delicious and crunchy. It is great to share with family and friends

7. Pumpkin Spring Rolls (Bulgaria)

As part of Chinese New Year traditions, spring rolls are often served as part of banquets. It is a season full of color as well as lots of vegetables and fruits harvested, and pumpkins are one of the symbols of the season. Bulgaria is known for its pumpkin spring rolls.

8. Vegan Colcannon (Ireland)

Potatoes and cabbage make up this traditional Irish dish. Serving alongside vegetarian stew makes the right option for St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

9. Vegan Schnitzel (Austria)

Austrians are known for their love of schnitzel. Despite its crisp exterior, the schnitzel is soft inside. Whether it’s winter or summer, this vegan Austrian meal is delicious.

10. Mejadra (Jerusalem)

Rice pilaf from the Middle East when combined with sweet crunchy onions has a fragrant aromatic spiced rice that’s not so spicy. You can also serve this rice with vegetables, a dollop of yogurt, and a sprinkle of herbs as a dinner dish.

11. Vegan Scones (Scotland)

They have a delicate, fluffy texture and crispy edges.  Added bonus: they’re part whole wheat! Any flavoring of your choice may be mixed in, including blueberries, strawberries, and chocolate chips. Alternatively, you can make them savory by adding herbs. 

12. Vegan Apple Tart (France)

To make it vegan, this French Apple Tart uses butter-free puff pastry (which is readily available at any supermarket). I would recommend serving this tart alongside some coconut milk ice cream!

13. Vegan Cabbage Soup (Hungary)

Cabbage is a low-calorie, high-nutrient veggie that is ideal for people who are trying to lose weight, detox, or eat more nutritiously. In addition to reducing inflammation, this superfood can even help prevent heart disease. When it comes to losing a few pounds, this dish does not disappoint. 

14. Vegan Tirasimu (Italy)

 This dish is an easy-to-prepare classic Italian dessert that takes just 10 minutes to put together.  Creating a Tiramisu is most enjoyable when you layer it. Adding biscuits makes it gluten-free and nut-free; it tastes best chilled.

15. Kisir (Turkey) 

Bulgur rice, tomatoes, onions, olive oil, and bulgur are used to make this fine traditional cuisine.   Typically it’s served as part of a Turkish meal alongside other Turkish foods.

16. Vegan Jota (Slovenia) 

Known as a hearty stew with sour turnip, beans, carrots, and onions, this Slovenian vegan dish is called Jota. The dish has a traditional flavor with nutritious ingredients. 

17. Vegan Shakshuka (Israel)

With quinoa, red peppers, and beans, this recipe is a protein-rich Israeli classic. You can store it in the fridge in an airtight container for up to a week and reheat it on the stove or in a microwave.

18. Vegan Ajiaco (Colombia)

With sliced avocado, capers, and tangy cream, Ajiaco is a one-pot vegan meal made with three types of potatoes. Cubans and Peruvians enjoy this delicious soup. The recipe varies from culture to culture.

19. Vegan Coleslaw (US)

The classic salad of coleslaw is made with ten simple ingredients. You’ll enjoy it with BBQ sandwiches or as a side dish. It’s crunchy, fresh, tangy, and easy.

20. Vegan Kale Soup (Portugal)

The soup will keep you cozy and warm. Indulge your taste buds and fill up your stomach on a cold winter night. This dish is loaded with potatoes, kale, and cannellini beans.

21. Vegan Swedish Tart (Sweden)

There’s something adorable about these hand-held tarts that are stuffed with your choice of pie filling. They are also referred to as Sandbakkels. The Swedish have loved this dish for a long time. 

22. Vegan Souvlaki Tofu Skewers (Greece)

In addition to street food, it can also be found in restaurants and taverns in Greece. A pita bread wrap and fries are the best accompaniments to this popular fast food.

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