14 Best Restaurants To Visit On Diwali

The “Biggest Festival of Lights,” known as Diwali, is one of the most well-known holidays. Dubai has the largest fountain in the world, along with magnificent fireworks displays for Diwali. You may do many more enjoyable things with your lover or family. Create a wonderful rangoli and add colorful diyas to give it a more ethnic and lovely appearance. Have a look at the 14 best restaurants to visit on Diwali: 1. Maya – Trident, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai  Maya delivers traditional food from the North-West Frontier while artistically capturing the flavor of contemporary Indian gourmet dining. This upmarket restaurant provides … Read more

22 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Somalia

Somalia, located in the Horn of Africa, is an East African country that exemplifies African civil wars and their devastation on the local population. Most people in the Western world associate the country with this. Various regional and world powers, including Ethiopia, the Ottoman Empire, Italy, and Britain, occupied the country over the centuries, leaving their imprints. Let us now learn more about Somalia through its food. 22 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Somalia 1. Canjero In Somalia, the most common breakfast is canjero. Every Somali eats this light meal, which is ideal for early risers, before going to … Read more

20 Flavors Of Kababs You Must Try

Having originated from the cuisines of the Middle East, kabab is indeed a mouthwatering, delicious dish that all of us must try. Moreover, kabab comes in different flavors and attractive colors. Also, the combination of meat with spices makes them too yummy and hard to resist! Here are the 20 flavors of kababs you must try ASAP! 1. Shish kabab A shish kabab is a favorite meal or appetizer among many in the world. This kabab is a signature Turkish meal. It is an exotic appetizer made of cubes of lamb meat marinated with lemon juice, olive oil, cumin, bell … Read more

20 Sattu Dishes To Try Your Hands On!

Sattu is one of the most underrated food items in India. It is made out of roasted chickpeas and is consumed in many different ways, especially in the eastern states of India. It is also known as ‘desi protein powder’ because of the health benefits it offers. It is enriched with protein, vitamins, and excellent cooling agents to beat the heat during summer. Have a look at the 20 Sattu dishes to try your hands on: 1. Spicy Sattu Drink This Sattu drink is not just nutritious but a perfect thirst quencher during scorching summers. Just pour some iced water into … Read more

16 Best Street Foods You Must Try Out in Delhi

Street Food of Delhi is a fanciful affair. Whimsy bites of delicate snacks compete with an exorbitant array of plates loaded with appetizing carbohydrates. Following is a guide through this amazing street foods chow carnival to make you fall in love with this exciting city. 16 Best Street Foods You Must Try Out in Delhi 1. Chhole Kulche Walk around Delhi, and one soon realizes that not spotting a street foods stall selling piping hot plates of Chhole within minutes is next to impossible. This spicy Indian rendition of white chickpeas is wildly popular in the state capital. Pair it … Read more

15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Kabul

Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan, its food reflects the continental cuisine of Afghanistan.  The city’s main food comes from major crops like bajra, wheat, rice, etc. They also use a variety of spices and milk. Kabulis mostly eat the staple diet of chicken and rice. Let’s go through some of the mouthwatering dishes of Kabul. 15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Kabul 1. KABULI PULAV Kabuli pulao is mainly made by using Lamb meat. It is colloquially also called quabili pulaw. Steamed rice is cooked up for this process, with a mixture of spices and dry fruits. … Read more

12 Classic Persian Dishes To Try out In Iran

Persian cuisine is rich and full of flavours. However, it often does not receive the amount of appreciation it deserves. The food is made aromatic with a perfect blend of spices such as turmeric, saffron and cinnamon. Persians also use fresh herbs liberally. Meat, rice and beans are widely consumed throughout Iran. 12 Classic Persian Dishes To Try out In Iran 1. Tah Dig Rice is eaten widely throughout Iran, and so several variations of rice dishes can be found all over the country. However, tahdig or tah deeg is a unique spin on rice. True to its translation (bottom … Read more

12 Exotic Foods to Eat in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a cosmopolitan country that offers various attractions for tourists all around the world. Apart from the places worth visiting, tourists enjoy the tasty traditional food as also the cuisines offered by the country. The traditional food of the UAE is rich in taste because of the kind of spices used in preparing a particular dish. There is maximum usage of spices just like the Indian food items. Arabs are used to consuming a lot of meat which consists of sheep and goats as also fish, vegetables and rice form a main part of the daily … Read more

20 Delicious Street Foods to Eat in Mumbai

“Amchi Mumbai” with its glamour and bright lights, is not just a city of dreams, but also a centre of street food where every nook and corner offers a whole sequence of dishes to suit everybody’s sense of taste. Strolling down the streets of Mumbai, one could find a complete mish-mash of vulnerable food items ranging from Kheema Pav at Crawford Market to white biryani at Bhendi Bazaar. Mumbai’s cuisine is a blend of several other cuisines from different parts of India. However before the system of street food was introduced different suburbs of Mumbai were classified with their food … Read more

14 Best Foods to Eat in Egypt

When we speak of Egypt, no dish immediately strikes our mind because its cuisine has never really crossed its borders. But when you visit there for the first time, you would realize its food is very similar to Mediterranean cuisine with a lot of rice stuffed vegetables, legumes, fruits and meat. Here are a few dishes which are local favourites and often turn up in the recommended list of must-haves. 14 Best Foods to Eat in Egypt 1. Ta’meya Everyone has heard of and loves falafel, and Egyptians are no different. Ta’meya is Egypt’s answer to the falafel of the … Read more