14 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Puri

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The city unheard in Orissa, Eastern India, Puri, also known as Sri Jagganath Dhama after the 12th century, is one of the original Char Dham pilgrimage sites for Hindus. Annually, many tourists visit the city and seek blessing from the Jagganath Temple. However, Puri is also home to many varieties of Odia cuisine, and the popular local dishes developed over time.

14 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Puri

1. Dalma

A historic traditional Odis cuisine, Dalma is reference to the Odias and the state. It was appreciated over the globe and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam also added it to President’s food menu. The popular local cuisine also adds a restaurant to its name. Dalma, located on VIP road is clear access to the dish in town.

2. Khicede

Being popular yet not so popular dish, Khichdi meets the city with a twist. Khicede, a basic meal served as mahabhog at Puri Temple, is a mix of rice and lentils cooked in ghee. The city adds coconut and cinnamon to enhance the flavor and serve a wholesome meal.

3. Malpua

Sweets incorporate good food, good health, and a good mood. Malpuas distributed as morning bhog to Lord Jagganath are cooked differently than in the rest of the world. Bananas, cardamom, and coconut express Odia’s delicacy as a whole.

4. Ukhuda

Every sweet dish expresses sweetness at a different level. Ukhuda, fried puffed rice sweetened by the use of jaggery, along with coconut and carom seeds, provides a distinct taste. It can surely be your takeaway gift for friends and family.

5. Abadha

Do you wish to meet the local cuisine of Puri together on a platter, then your wish is my command. Abadha Thali comprises the mahaprasad served at the temple and a combination of popular local cuisine and leaf plate. Return to the conventional style and taste, Abadha is served at the temples and every crowdy Anand Bazaar.

6. Chhena Poda

This dish requires not only your efforts but also time and patience during preparation. Chhena Poda is believed to be Lord’s favorite sweet dish and is cooked in homes and food joints on special occasions and festivals. A dish made only using cottage cheese, and caramelized sugar is one of a kind. It’s found at every local shop in a city and worth each bite of it.

7. Santula

A properly cooked healthy meal on the platter, Santula is a delicious vegetarian Odia curry accompanied by rice and Indian bread. It can be either boiled or fried and tastes terrific. A unique brinjal variety is a must-try in the city.

8. Pitha

A dish you must keep experimenting with, Pitha is a sweet dish offered in different versions: Arias Pitha, Manda Pitha, Kakara Pitha, Podo Pitha, and many more. A crispy, crunchy, and a blast of flavors. Pitha is always munchy, and you can never get bored with it!

9. Rassabali

A very special delightful dish included in chhapan bhog at Jagganath Temple, Rassabali, as unique as its name, is made by farmer’s cheese fried and soaked in delicious milk. The dish you ask for again and again, and never get enough of it.

10. Flavoured milk

If milk is not a go-to drink of the day, it will surely turn out to be. Flavored milk with elaichi, Kesar, and other spices can change your opinion in no time. Sweet, cool, and refreshing milk available at Grant road is a choice among the youth today.

11. Khaja

A perfect delight to devour, Khaja is a well-acclaimed local dish. The sweet-savory dish is a popular one related to the emotions of all Odia people. It’s also offered as an offering in the temple and the popular spot, Nrusingha Sweets, welcomes you with open arms.

12. Nimbu Pudina Panna

Take a sip to quench your thirst and refresh you after facing the intense heat during summers. Nimbu and Pudina Panna is undoubtedly the best beverage of all times. Relax, Refresh, and Relish this cool beverage anywhere at the roadside in Puri.

13. Malai Chapati

The name definitely confuses you a bit, but its taste will be a heavenly pleasure. A thin layer of malai that appears on milk is taken out and rolled into chapati mixed with sugar, and dry fruits is served in the streets of Puri. A dish you should not miss at any cost.

14. Chhena Jhili


A classic Odiya dessert, Chenna Jhili would melt in your mouth, providing an ever beautiful delight. It is prepared using fried cheese and sugary syrup, tantalizing your taste buds and offering a soft, scrumptious, and succulent meal just your fingertips away.

The famous conventional local cuisine of Puri is as sweet and diverse as the experience of the city. It provides you each and every dish with an Odia twist you would hardly ever forget in your lifetime.

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