10 Rasgulla Varieties You Must Try Out in Bengal

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Bengal Roshogullas

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Bengal could best be defined as the ‘Sweet capital of India’. Not surprisingly, we find shops named ‘Bengali sweet shops’ all over India. Since time immemorial, Bengali sweets have made an irreplaceable place in the hearts and minds of people. When we talk about sweets, Rosh Gulla couldn’t be ignored at any cost. Bengal is believed to be the birthplace of Roshogullah.

10 Rasgulla Varieties You Must Try Out in Bengal

1. Strawberry Roshogullah

Strawberry Roshogullas
Source: Youtube

Who doesn’t love strawberries? And it’s an absolute delight when it comes to mixing them with our favourite dessert. Roshogullas dipped in a syrup made with sugar and strawberry puree is exceptionally flavorful and an experiment not to be doubted.

2. Kiwi Roshogullah

Source: The shillong Times

Kiwi as fruit is no less than a blessing. It has so many health benefits ranging from immunity boosting to the prevention of sickness. A Rosh Gulla with the health benefits of kiwi has to be a must on your dessert list.

3. Chilli Roshogullah

Source: Youtube

One of the weirdest combinations you can think of is chilli and roshogullah. This green chilli-infused roshogullah is different from all the roshogullah you would ever taste. The sweetness of roshogullah with the hotness of chilli gives you an unparalleled experience.

4. Blueberry Roshogullah

Source: LBB

Blueberries are a super source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre. They are also helpful in reducing heart risks and regulating sugar. Another beautiful thing about blueberries is their colour. The sweet and sour taste of blueberry syrup goes well with roshogullah, and this colourful roshogullah is fantastic.

5. Watermelon Roshogullah

Source: Madhuram sweets

This is a sugar-free treat. Though sugar-free and roshogullah together may sound ironic, it’s true. With slight watermelon sugar, this roshogulla tastes as fresh as watermelon and as sweet as your health-conscious self would like it to be.

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6. Coconut Rose Roshogullah

Source: nams corner

This pink roshogullah with a hint of coconut flavour is as wholesome of a dessert as you would wish it to be—a treat to your taste buds and also a treat to your eyes.

7. Butterscotch Roshogullah

Source: nams corner

This roshogullah is here to solve all your dessert conflicts of choosing between your favourite butterscotch ice cream and a syrup-filled roshogulla. With a fantastic flavour of butterscotch, this roshogulla is definitely the best discovery.

8. Kala Khatta Roshogullah

Source: Maayeka

Your favourite flavour of ‘Gola’ combined with roshogullah is a dish not to be missed and deserves a shoutout. This soft roshogullah with a strong flavour of Kala Khatta is just a hilarious experience.

9. Green Apple Roshogullah

Source: Youtube

The sweet and sour green apple with various health and beauty benefits & being a source of nutrients make an unparalleled combination with roshogullah. With a greenish hint of apple, this roshogullah looks soothing.

10. Pineapple Roshogullah

Source: MoBhai

Pineapple, being a strong-flavoured fruit, owns every dish to which it is added. When pineapple flavour combines with roshogullah, it pleases your taste buds like no other dessert. This roshogullah is a must-try if you are a fan of pineapple flavour and up for some innovation.

I hope you liked and found the article interesting. If you are also a roshogullah lover, then make sure to try these varieties and share your experience with us.

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