15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Shimla

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Shimla is one of the most iconic cities in India. It is covered with majestic mountains, stunning greenery and unforgettable food and beverages. Set amidst the beautiful lakes, it enjoys a local cuisine which is a mixture of Tibetan culture.

15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Shimla

1. Madra

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One of the delights enjoyed by the locals at every occasion and celebration. Madra is made out of white or black chickpeas along with yogurt to form a thick gravy. Rice is commonly associated with Madra.

2. Dham

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Dham is the beloved dish of locals since it contains nutrients and offers an incredible taste. It includes Dal, Rajma (Beans), Rice, Curd (Yogurt), Boor ki Kadi finely complemented with jaggery. The chefs responsible for the preparation of this dish are called Botis.

3. Thukpa

Thukpa soup originated from Tibetan culture. It is a noodle soup with a mixture of onions, tomatoes, string beans, carrots and chopped cabbage. It can be consumed with or without chicken. Ginger, garlic and chilly are used in a high quantity to bring out the flavors.

4. Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems

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Bhey is extensively desired by the locals and is eaten almost daily. It is prepared with the stems of lotus which are cooked with ginger-garlic, onions along with gram flour.

5. Chha Gosht

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Heart of Shimla lies in this dish! Chha Ghost is an authentic dish prepared with a marinated lamb with a fine gravy of yogurt and gram flour. Spices like cardamom, coriander powder, bay leaves are widely used to instill the natural fragrance and taste in the dish.

6. Chicken Anardana

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A unique way wherein chicken is served with anardana (Pomegranate) to enhance the taste of it. The dish has a tangy flavor and is served with paranthas or triangle flatbreads.

7. Mittha Bhath

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Mittha Bhath is extensively enjoyed as a local sweet dish by the humans of Shimla. It is prepared with cooked sweetened rice topped with dry fruits like raisins and almonds.

8. Babru

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Babru is an incredibly unique twist to traditional kachoris. A flatbread is filled with a fine paste of black gram. Patties are made, rolled and are deep-fried to be served with tangy tamarind chutney.

9. Tudkiya Bhath

It is an authentic form of “Pulao” or “Khichdi” that mountain people cook in their own style. It is knocked up with onions, tomatoes, garlic and cinnamon. Tudkiya Bath is complemented with drops of lime juice to balance the texture.

10. Mash Dal

mash dal
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Mash Dal is prepared with black lentils and is also popularly known as, “Maa ki Dal.” Dal is soaked overnight and is cooked with finely chopped onions, ginger and garlic. It is usually cooked in mustard oil for a comforting base.

11. Siddu

Siddu is a perfect example of Himachal cuisine. It is prepared with plain flour by treating it to yeast for up to 5 hours. Later, it is filled with a small amount of paste of poppy seeds or mutton. Pieces are broken by hands and enjoyed with a dip of lukewarm oil.

12. Aktori

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Aktori is totally entertained during major festivals and occasions. It is like a cake or a pancake prepared from buckwheat leaves which are further cooked in the wheat flour.

13. Patande

Patande is an Indian pancake. It is prepared from a batter made of rice flour, milk, sweetened sugar and baking powder. It is enjoyed as a sweet dish as well as a breakfast item.

14. Khoru

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Khoru is enormously tempered with spices to just have the right consistency of the much-loved soup! It is aimed to create warmth amidst the chilled weather of Shimla. It is prepared with buttermilk and commonly served with jaggery or sesame bun.

15. Patore

Patore is a vegetarian dish made from colocasia leaves. It is stuffed with rice flour and mixtures of spices, tamarind and jaggery.

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