13 Food Items That Help Overcome Acidity

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Acidity or acid reflux is a common condition in which the stomach acid flows back and irritates the food pipe inner lining, hence giving a feeling of discomfort or burning sensation around the lower chest area. There are certain soothing food items that have cooling effects and help cope with the acidity.

People often come across the problem of heartburn or acidity and that is usually because of intake of varied oily and spicy food at irregular hours or may also occur due to skipping meals. One of the reasons for acidity is also over-eating and indigestion. Explore this list to overcome this issue and get painless relief.

13 Food Items That Help Overcome Acidity

1. Melons

Source: CUESA

Melons are dense in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, and are a storehouse of health benefits. Due to high fibre, this soothing food item helps avoid acid reflux and maintain other stomach ailments.

2. Oatmeal

Source: Well Plated

Oats are incredibly nutritious as it is rich in antioxidants, and also contains a powerful soluble fibre that promotes intestinal health and also it reduces constipation and help you hold off acidity.

3. Ginger

Source: Diabetes UK

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. There are many anti-inflammatory effects of ginger that can help you reduce inflammation. This soothing food item may relieve symptoms of acid reflux.

4. Brown Rice

Brown rice
Source: Whole Foods Market

Brown rice as a soothing food item is whole grain rice with many health benefits. The fibre in brown rice helps in various things like it promotes fullness, maintain your digestive system and also it is useful in acidity.

5. Lettuce

Source: Precision Nutrition

Lettuce is high in nutrients but low in calories. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants and packed with vitamins. This soothing food item is easy on your stomach and will not cause any painful gas.

6. Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves
Source: Incitasecurity

Basil leaves have anti-inflammatory properties which help to maintain your stomach and gives a cooling effect. It can give you instant relief from acidity and acts like a herb for it.

7. Apples

Source: History

Apples are nutritious, high in fibre and neutralize the acid by creating an alkaline environment in the stomach. This soothing food item also lowers the risk of any stomach diseases.

8. Fennel

Source: Medical News Today

Fennels are full of vitamins and minerals. It treats indigestion and also soothes acid reflux. You can also soak them in water and drink it to relieve acidity and heartburn.

9. Cinnamon

Source: alzdiscovery.org

Cinnamon is high in antioxidants and it has both saturated and unsaturated fibre which neutralizes the acid. You can consume it as it is mixed in tablets and food or in the form of powder.

10. Jaggery

Source: My Recipes

Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and minerals which helps in digestion by boosting the intestinal strength and reducing stomach acidity. This soothing food item is sweet in taste which helps to cool down any inflammation.

11. Cloves

Source: The Daily Meal

Cloves help in the secretion of saliva in a large amount which aids digestion and fights acidity. It is beneficial for heartburns and other stomach ailments as it does not allow the formation of gas.

12. Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds
Source: The Spruce Eats

Cumin seeds are a rich source of iron and help to reduce fat reduction. One such spice can stimulate digestive juices and help keep stomach troubles like acidity away.

13. Banana

Source: The Scientist

Banana is a low-acid fruit that helps those with acid reflux. This soothing food item contains high-fiber content that can strengthen your digestive system and help to cool down your stomach.

The food items that are specified above are some of the edibles which will soothe or help you get rid of the burning impact due to acidity, but along with these foodstuffs, there are also certain beverages used like cold milk and buttermilk, to cool down the effects of acidity.

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