20 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Jodhpur

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Jodhpur's 20 Most Popular Dishes

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The city in the Thar Desert of the northwest Indian state of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination. It’s also known as the Blue city, and people visit here from all over the globe in search of exquisite paintings, and elaborate royal palanquins. However, Jodhpur’s classic traditional Rajasthani food would never leave your stomach empty when it comes to food. Let’s look at some mouthwatering dishes

1. Dal Baati Choorma

Dal Baati Choorma

An authentic Rajasthani food, Dal Baati Choorma is a popular dish. It is served hot with lemon and onions. People often visit this city to taste this dish for once in their lifetime. It is a major dish prepared in almost every occasion and festival.

2. Mawa ki Kachori

Mawa ki Kachori

A signature dish of Jodhpur, Mawa ki Kachori can’t be found anywhere else on the globe. A deep-fried cardamom seasoned kachori is placed in a sugary syrup (chashni) inculcating sweetness. It was invented by Rawat Mishthan Bhandar, a well-known name in the city.

3. Bajre ki Khichdi

Bajre ki Khichdi

Khichdi is a famous yet not so famous dish of the Indian subcontinent, made from rice and lentils. However, Jodhpur brings a change worth recognizing. It shifts from a simple, bland dish to a tasty, lip-smacking Bajre ki Khichdi. From spices, vegetables, and Rajasthani flavors, this dish definitely wins hearts.

4. Mirchi Bada

Mirchi Bada

Small, spicy, scrumptious, Mirchi Bada is a deep-fried snack made with chillies stuffed with potatoes, spices, and lemon juice. It can be found in every street food stall on your journey.

5. Makhaniya Lassi

Makhaniya Lassi

A nutritious twist to beverages is certainly asked for. Makhaniya Lassi definitely brings a healthy change forward. Yoghurt, sugar, and butter churn up a smooth, refreshing drink to relish.

6. Pyaaz ki Kachori

Pyaaz ki Kachori

An all-time original dish of Rajasthan, Pyaaz Kachori is a go-to street food item for travelers and tourists. Stuffed with onions and spices, Pyaaz Kachori is consumed with sauce and chutneys enhancing the pleasure.

7. Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani Thali

Jodhpur welcomes you not only with its local dishes but also a platter worth awaited for. It serves churma, gatte ki sabji, wadi, ker sangri, Lassi and other lavish varieties to devour. Gypsy Restaurant serves an experience of a lifetime.

8. Gulab Jamun ki Sabji

Gulab Jamun ki Sabji

A sweet dish adored all over the globe turns into savory. But the change is also accepted, Gulab Jamun are deep-fried and instead of sugary syrup are placed in tomatoes and cashew nuts gravy. If you wish to experience the real flavor, Shandar Restaurant is surely a go-to destination.

9. Malai Kofta ki Sabji

Malai Kofta ki Sabji

A dish found in the menu of every restaurant, Malai Kofta ki sabji tastes sweet. The creamy, luscious, and mouthwatering flavors makes the dish special. It can also taste good with bajre ka sogra.

10. Bajre ka Sogra

Bajre ka Sogra

Basically a Roti, Bajre ka Sogra is Rajasthan’sstaple food. Hot sogra topped with ghee is served with many curries and also tastes good with curd. As highly recommended bread in the city, Sogra is surely a dish to order next.

11. Traditional Kadhi

Traditional Kadhi

An all-time favorite dish, mixed with anything tastes good. Its prepared with traditional spices, and in conventional methods. It is both light to eat and easy to make.

12. Kadhi Kachori

Kadhi Kachori
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Again a combination worth every bite. Kadhi, a sabji is mixed with Jodhpur’s kachori. Its peculiar taste is truly admired. C road Sardar Pura is well acclaimed for its kadhi kachori.

13. Dahi Chaat

Dahi Chaat

With everything good on the menu, we advise you to order the best. Dahi Chaat is successfully devoured in this city and its chatpata masaledar flavors surely tantalize your taste buds. Bombay Chaat, Pal Road is the most trusted location to head to for this one.

14. Pani Patasa

Pani Patasa

Jodhpur and its street food can never leave a chance to surprise you. Pani Patasa is served in almost every stall you look up. Small Puris filled with spicy yummy water are delicious. Mahalaxmi Mishthan Bhandar, Chirghar serves the best one in the city.

15. Lasan ki Chutney

Lasan ki Chutney

You will find it anywhere, everywhere and with everything. It is served to enhance the quality of food. It can be had when your mouth feels salty or needs a refreshing element.

16. Lapsi


An old dessert still loved in the city, Lapsi is a perfect conventional recipe of Marwadis. A must-try dish to look out for old cultural flavors of the city.

17. Doodh Laddoo

Doodh Laddoo

An experiment with milk appreciated by the people, Doodh Laddoo surprise your taste buds. An exotic dessert, Laddoos create a blast of flavors in the mouth.

18. Malpua


Jodhpur’s people start their meal with sweets and malpua is their go-to dessert. The crispy malpuas are soaked in sugary syrup and balanced with topped slices of pistachio and almonds.

19. Kalakand


Better known as Mawa Mishri in Jodhpur, it is created with solidified milk and cottage cheese. The flavorful taste and aroma of this dish can surely enrapture your heart.

20. Ghewar


A well known Indian cake, Ghewar is prepared using wheat flour and is soaked in sugary syrup. Jodhpur serves varieties of Ghewar across the city. However, the demand steadily increases from the Teej festival marking the beginning of festivals in the city.

Jodhpur and its vibrant varieties of food is truly special. I definitely recommend it to people who wish to taste the classic rich flavors of Indian cuisine.

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