7 Delicious Khandesh Dishes To Indulge Yourself In

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Delicious Khandesh Dish


Khandesh is a region that falls within both Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra state borders. It is located at the center of India, in the north-western area of Maharashtra. Khandesh has its own culture and heritage. People here are of mixed religions, which is reflected in their delicious Khandesh dishes.

Khandeshi dishes are a mix of Maharashtrian, Gujarati and Indori food cultures. They have a wide range of variety of dishes. All are majorly vegetarian dishes, as here Jain people are dominant. Let us have a look at their dishes and get a glimpse of their culture.

7 Delicious Khandesh Dishes To Indulge Yourself In

1. Patodi Bhaji

Patodi Bhaji
Source: YouTube

Gram flours bars in curry

Patodi or Patvadi are bars made from (besan) gram flour. They are cut into a diamond shape. The curry is made by sautéing dry coconut and onion powder. Spices like cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, star anise. This delicious Khandesh dish can be eaten with chapatti or eaten as a dish in itself.

2. Khapar Manda

Khapar Manda
Source: Wikiwand

Rumali Puran Poli

Puran Poli is the famous sweet roti (Indian flatbread). Rumali roti is originated in the Deccan part of India, mainly eaten with Hyderabadi and Mughlai cuisines. Rumali roti is also called manda. Rumali roti with the stuffing is Khapar Manda.

The sweet filling made from harbour pulses (harbara daal) is stuffed in the roti, which is made from Maida or atta (wheat flour or all purpose flour). After filling the dough, it is gently rolled out and then to make it thin, it is hand-tossed, just like pizza base or the rumali roti.

It is made especially at the Ganesh festival and at the Holi festival. It is served with a bowl of milk and ghee.

3. Shev Bhaji

Shev Bhaji
Source: Recipebook

Sabji made from Shev

Shev is made from (harbara daal) harbour pulse. It looks like a small tube. Shev is actually a snack, which can be enjoyed with tea. It can be used as a topping on spicy dishes. Shev bhaji is no different from other bhajis. Shev is added to normal (tadka) tempering technique. Spices like curry leaves, cumin seeds, red chilli powder, salt, pepper, turmeric and hing are added.

Shev bhaji is quite popular in Maharastra as well. It is a perfect combination of healthy and tasty.

4. Dadar Bhakri

Dadar Bhakri
Source: Wikipedia

Dadar grains thick bread

Dadar is a grain that is grown in Khandesh. This delicious Khandesh dish is native to this region. The thick bread (bhakri) made out of this grain is a must try and not to mention a favourite of locals. It is eaten with bharit or Bharata.

5. Vangyache Bharit

Vangyache Bharit
Source: Aaichi Savali

Baingan bharta

Vanga/ Baingan means aubergine or eggplant. Khandeshi/ Devapatil have made this Khandeshi version famous. This dish is made all over India. Every region has its own twist to it. The bharta is generally made by grilling the eggplant and then mashing it. This is added to sautéed garlic, green chillies, tomato. Which is spiced up with salt, pepper, cumin seeds, turmeric and hing. This delicious Khandeshi dish has spring onions, dry coconut, to give it a sweet and crispy taste. The Khandeshi version has a lot of oil in it. It is eaten with roti, chapattis or bhakri.

6. Batti–Varan

Source: Madhura’s Recipe

Daal bati

Khandeshi daal bati is a Rajasthani dish. The bati is made from coarse wheat flour. Turmeric, oil and cumin seeds are added to the flour. This dough is then made into balls. These balls are grilled, after covering them in ghee. The daal is made differently. Dry coconut, spring onions, onion powder, daal is added afterwards. This is served with vangyche bharit or kadhi.

7. Raw Banana Roti

Raw Banana Roti
Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Raw banana pancakes

This delicious Khandesh dish is specially made for fasting. Raw banana flour is mixed with rajgira flour (amaranth flour) it is made into dough. They are cooked like pancakes. These fluffy banana pancakes are served with potatoes.

These are the local dishes of Khandesh. There is less rainfall in this region, so we can see daal-baati in this region. The winter nights are cold, so there are delicious bhakris with Bharata, it helps you to be warm. Dry coconut is added is the favourite ingredient of these people.

Next time you visit the Vidharbha region from Maharashtra, do try these dishes. At a ‘Hurda party,’ you will easily find most of the local dishes.

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