Khopra Patties of Indore

Indians are very much fond of food and adventure. Living in India, you get to experience numerous mouth-watering cuisines. The secret to a happy life is exploring different kinds of food! India itself shares a large variety of food with others and even improvises other cuisines in the Indian style. If you are a dedicated foodie, you might have tasted many such dishes.

Indians know very well how to experiment with different spices and convert them to something new every time. The experiments are also appreciated and adopted at places and gather a huge fanbase. Some popular Indian dishes are Kachodi, Samosa, Poha, Daal Baati, Shrikhand, Pani Puri, Bhel, Uttapam and what not! Many of these are just mere experiments that have been admired and admitted in Indian cuisine. One such experiment is Khopra Patties of Indore.

Khopra patties.
Source: Gastronomic Bong

About Khopra Patties

Though Khopra Patties can be found in all of the Northern parts of India, the taste that Indore has cannot be compared with any place. Indore is not only the commercial capital but also the Food Capital of India. People take pride in calling themselves, food addicts. It is even called “Indori patties”.

Khopra patty is a type of patty made with coconut, potatoes, and bread crumbs. The number of people who love eating khopra patties in Indore is more than any other dish of Indore (Poha is exceptional). Khopra patties are round and crispy, unlike patties that are a rectangle or a triangle. It has a tangy, hot and delicious taste to offer. Let’s know more about this beautiful dish!

Khopra patties are considered to be a Navratri special dish made at home during festivals. It is stuffed with dry fruits and is soft and tasty. Khopra patties are similar to aloo patties (potato patties) with more modifications. Khopra patties have a soft pillowy structure. The reason Indori Khopra patties are famous is because of their minimal rate and phenomenal taste. The love for this dish can be seen on a day–to–day basis when you live in Indore. It can be found at every stall, street market, and even people sell it from their homes!

From kids to old–aged people, Khopra patties are loved by all and appreciated in all parts of North India! The Sarafa market of Indore and a shop named Vijay Chaat House in the 56 markets (name of the market) is the perfect place to taste khopra patties.


If you are unable to come to Indore to try this superb dish, all because of Covid. Then, you can also make it at home! How about having the Indori taste at your home by your own hands? Here’s the recipe if you are planning to make your self-styled khopra patties:

Source: Gastronomic Bong
  • Desiccated coconut – half cup.
  • Five Cashewnut – five.
  • Poppy seed – two tsp.
  • Chopped Green chilli – two.
  • Crushed Ginger – one tsp.
  • Salt – half tsp.
  • Amchur powder – half tsp.
  • Crushed garlic – half tsp.
  • Coriander leaves – two tsp.
  • Small size boiled potato – one (Grate it).

Mix it all well. Make it like dough, and your stuffing is ready!

  • Boiled potato – half kg ( grate it ).
  • Dry bread crumbs – half cup.
  • Corn flour – ¼ cup.
  • Salt – half tsp.
Process of making khopra patties
Source: Gastronomic Bong

Grind it all well, and make a dough out of it. Make balls of stuffing and make another ball of your bread dough. Flatten it and create space in between. Put the stuffed small-sized ball into the bag. Stuff it and close it tightly. Form a ball by mixing both the dough. Prepare other balls in the same way. Coat it with dry crushed bread crumbs. Now deep fry the prepared balls in hot oil. Please keep it on medium flame. Stir accordingly. Let it turn crispy and golden brown.

Your patties are ready to eat. Serve it with tamarind and green chutney. As seen, it does not contain any complicated or hard-to-get ingredients. It can be prepared in only half an hour!

Khopra patties
Source: Indian Regional Cuisines

Hence, it is a balance of crunch and spiciness, filled with herbs and dry fruits. You cannot resist khopra patties if you have tasted them once. It is wonderful. Khopra patties will make you crave more. You are most likely not to get the same taste as Indore, but you can get a sense of its wonderfulness! Allow yourself to enjoy the delicacy.

Khopra patties are a must-try dish in the lockdown when you are stuck at home. The more you explore, the more you learn. Indore is a great place to explore and fulfil your foody desires. You can have many things when you visit Indore, but khopra patties will leave their mark on you for a lifetime.

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