11 Types Of Tasty Pastries One Should Try

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11 Types Of Tasty Pastries One Should Try

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Pastries are something everyone loves and they are a part of baker’s offerings, surprisingly enough they don’t necessarily have to be sweet. Pastries come in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavours, and textures. They are almost everyone’s favourite. So hold your breath and try out these tasty pastries.

11 Types Of Tasty Pastries One Should Try    

1. Croissant

Source: The Spruce Eats

This is a type of puff pastry from France. These croissants are rich flaky roll, which is named after its crescent shape. It is typically consumed during breakfast along with tea or coffee. Croissant can have different fillings in them. It can be chocolate, honey, cheese, or anything that you like.

2. Pies

Source: Bigger Bolder Baking

A pie is a baked dish that is made up of fruit, meat, or vegetables. While apple pie is a fixture in North American culture, there are many other popular pie flavors including cherry, peach, pecan, and blueberry. The variation in the pie recipes is what makes them a popular choice for people.

3. Danishes

Sources: Allrecipes

This sweet pastry is a specialty of Denmark. It is a popular breakfast buffet item available in many flavors like apple, cherry, chocolate, and cheese. When it is baked correctly it is fluffy and crispy from the outside and buttery and flaky on the inside.

4. Macarons

Source: Jam Lab

Macarons are the delight which is made by egg whites, icing sugar, and almonds sandwiched around the layer of buttermilk in between. They are available in a large variety of colours and flavours.

5. Éclairs

Source: Bake from Scratch

An oblong hollow pastry, filled with custard or chocolate-flavoured cream, éclairs is a staple to any gourmet bakery or French patisserie. The filling is mostly a pastry cream. It is decorated with fondant icing. They are crispy and puffy and a paradise for all pastry lovers.

6. Strudels

Source: Kimi Eats Gluten Free

Strudels is a layered pastry, in which strudels are made with filo pastry and filling which is usually sweet. There are many varieties to this too that’s apple, cheese, sour, and cherry. Often served with creamy deliciousness. It hails from Austrian cuisine but can be found among various European cuisines.

7. Cannoli

Source: Food Network

It is originated from Italy. Cannoli is made with a tube-like shell of fried dough filled with a creamy, sweet ricotta filling. They are no bigger than a finger to as long as a fist. It can also be filled with spiced cream depending on your choice. This Italian pastry hails from the island of Sicily.

8. Pretzels

Source: The Spruce Eats

Unmistakable with their unique knotted shape, pretzels are made the baked dough in both soft and hard varieties. Originated from Europe, pretzels can be made with both sweet and savory flavors and a variety of toppings and coating.

9. Tarts

Source: Leite’s Culinaria

This is a baked dish stuffed with filling over a pastry base, tarts open top. The traditional tart can be made with sweet ingredients like custard and fruits, or savory ingredients.

10. Profiteroles

Source: BBC

In the United States of America its commonly called cream puffs. These French choux pastry balls are made with whipped cream, pastry cream, custard, or ice cream, which is topped with powdered sugar, fondant icing or pistachios, or chocolate glance. They are crispy and as light as air.

11. Shortcrust Pastry

Shortcrust Pastry
Source: GoodtoKnow

It’s a type of pastry that is used as the base for tarts or pies. It doesn’t puff up during baking. These pastries can be used to make both sweet and savory pastries such as apple-pie, quiche, lemon meringue, or chicken pie. It is a quick recipe and a good choice for breakfast.

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