12 Best Street Foods to Eat in Kolkata

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Kolkata is the city of joy, culture, and street food. Here you will find not only Indian dishes like Vada Pav (not better than the Mumbai ones, obviously) but also dishes like pasta and chowmein (I guess better than the original) sold as street foods. Here are some dishes that are a must-try when you visit Kolkata and it applies to every lane.

12 Best Street Foods to Eat in Kolkata

1. Puchka/Fuchka


We have all tried this at some point in our lives. But here we have some special connection to this dish. Made from round hollow puri which is fried then filled with a mixture of potatoes and herbs and sweet or sour water. This is actually what a typical puchka is, but here you will find a variety like Dahi (curd) puchka, Pakori puchka and Ghughni Puchka. P.S. – it is a sin not to take one piece as a whole in your mouth.

2. Rolls


One of the most important street food dishes, as you can eat it on the go. There are food stalls dedicated only to rolls. From veg rolls to mutton rolls, you will find it all here. Almost every busy area has a roll stall with menus that won’t let you buy only one.

3. Chowmein

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Again one of the most famous dishes as street food. Stalls that sell chowmein will also have dishes like Manchurian, fried rice etc. The quality and quantity in relation to the price are great.

4. Aloo Chop,Pyazi, Beguni and Muri

Aloo Chop,Pyazi, Beguni and Muri

This is something that not only loved by the Bengalis but also the non- Bengali people here. Again a very tasty on the go food that will cost you not more than Rs. 20. At the aloo chop stall, you can find dishes like Pyazi (onion fritters) and Beguni (eggplant dipped in a batter and fried).

5. Sandwich

Image credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKdAc9WZjiQ

Vegetable sandwich, paneer sandwich, cheese sandwich, double cheese sandwich, chicken sandwich, pizza sandwich- just to name a few of the sandwiches that you can taste here.

6. Momos

Image credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2idcKjSb48

You can find stalls dedicated only to momos or at stalls where they sell chowmein. Steamed, fried or pan-fried, all varieties are found here, though sometimes not at the same stall. Just like rolls and sandwiches, there are many varieties of momos to choose from. Just remember to carry something sweet with you when you are out to have momos.

7. Chat

ghugni chat
Image credit- yummilyyours.com

The two main dishes that you have to try here are ghugni and tikiya chat. The only difference in the making of these two is that Ghugani chat has only yellow peas whereas the tikiya chat has aloo tikiya. Both taste a lot different from their preparation.

Image credit- hungryforever.com

8. Pav Bhaji

pav bhaji
Image credit- tasteofcity.com

Though it’s a dish from Maharashtra, you will find several stalls here selling mouthwatering Pav Bhaji, one of the famous stalls being “Agarwal’s Pav Bhaji”. My mouth waters as I write this, so you can understand how good it tastes.

9. Jhal Muri

Gonna spend an entire day shopping? Hungry but don’t have time to stop and eat something, and also wait for something that takes longer to get ready to eat? Then Jhal muri are your saviour. Spicy, on the go, tummy-filling snack that you will definitely love.

jhal muri
Image credit – placeoforigin.in

10. Kesar Chai

kesar chai
Image credit- placeoforigin.in

In Kolkata, do you need a break? Have a bhar (clay cups) of Chai. And if it’s Kesar chai it’s heaven. With a couple of biscuits, you are good to go. One sip drains out all the stress.

11. Luchi and aloo dum

luchi and aloo dum
Image credit- thebengalirecipe.com

Luchi may look like puri but is different. Luchi is made from flour or all-purpose flour whereas puri is made from whole wheat flour. Luchi is lightly fried unlike puri and tastes totally different. Eaten with aloo dum which may or may not include onion.

12. Batata puri

batata puri
Image credit- recipes.timesofindia.com

One of the most loved chaats in Kolkata, batata puri is papri (fried flatbread) or sometimes puchka papri with muri, boiled potatoes, curd, sweet and green chutney and some spices. (I am really craving one right now.)

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