15 Most Scrumptious Lost Indian Dishes

India is a country with a vibrant variety of regional and traditional cuisines. While these diversities of cuisines substantially vary due to different cities, cultures, and food habits, in recent times, there has been a great evolution of delicacies, fusions, and whatnot. This resulted in many national dishes losing their place in the hierarchy. Therefore, let’s take a U-turn and relish some exceptional lost Indian dishes.

15 Most Scrumptious Lost Indian Dishes

1. Paani ki Roti

Lost Indian Dishes

Most Indians are strongly attached to their traditional cooking recipes passed on as part of our legacy. A local rural dish of Uttar Pradesh, Paani ki Roti is an authentic delicacy whose dough is made using wet hands, and a layer of water on the sides gives it a unique flavor.

2. Sannata

Sannata alludes to the relief from all the gastric issues, a name with a thoughtful history behind it. A glass of Sannata could be a definite cure to your problems. A heavy drink of one part curd and three parts of water and remaining ingredients would be a pleasure to devour.

3. Dadpe Pohe

A dish you surely shouldn’t miss on your list of lost Indian dishes, a well-known relative of Maharashtra’s Pohe. The Dadpe Pohe, with an additional ingredient coconut, is often appreciated all over different parts of the region.

4. Khus Sharbat

A cool, refreshing, and healthful summer drink, Khus, or vetiver sharbat provides all you need throughout the day. The strong, aromatic fragrance captures your heart all day, any day.

5. Dal Fara

The eastern Uttar Pradesh-originated dumplings, Dal Fara accompanied by spicy, peppery chutneys, would be a delightful snack. One can never get enough of the lentil stuffed dumplings seasoned with mustard and curry leaves.

6. Paani ki Gujiya

Another lost Indian dish, a little peculiar to the usual Gujarati Gujiya, Paani ki Gujiya belongs to the Braj region of Uttar Pradesh. The flavorsome meal made with rice flour is steamed to provide a wholesome lip-smacking dish.

7. Rasaawar

A close variant of the long adored traditional Kheer. A little different Rasaawar is prepared using sugarcane and a negligible amount of milk that provides authenticity and flavors.

8. Dahi ki Arbi

A tough, long dish that requires a continuous stirring of hours, Dahi ki Arbi is one of the most scrumptious of the lost Indian dishes. It comprises luscious, mouth-watering taro roots cooked in yogurt gravy, establishing different flavours in the dish.

9. Karara

A gravy side dish that you would love to have a bowl of again and again. Karara is a gravy made with a paste of moong dal and buttermilk spiced up to be a perfectly healthy meal.

10. Tootak

An epic way to begin an enormous platter, Hyderabadi style, Tootak are small semolina and condensed milk dumplings stuffed with all spectacular ingredients like cheese and dry fruits fried to be a great starter to binge on.

11. Tawsali

While the names of this lost Indian dish would be unheard of, you would love the taste of it. A Goan recipe, Tawsali is a basic steamed cake made of cucumbers and jaggery. It is a healthy cake to end your cravings and be a boon to gobble down.

12. Boote Ka Samosa

The huge fried samosas with a twist, Boote Ka Samosas are stuffed with green grams to break the usual mundane flavours and present a zestful dish worth your time and money.

13. Malai Ka Paan

The Nawabs and their great invention of paan have stuck with people for decades. However, Malai Ka Paan prepared with thin sheets of malai, dry fruits, and Mishri promises to be a dessert that you would wish to finish off all alone.

14. Chhena Poda

A classic, rich dish, Chhena Poda originated in Odisha by the first half of the twentieth century, is popular, albeit, lost Indian dish you must have if you’re in the city. The crunchy, creamy, scrumptious cuisine brings a huge smile to your face.

15. Lehsun Ki Kheer

Astonished by this lost Indian dish? Why not? An exotic sweet dish with richness and goodness of ingredients that absolutely please your stomach. The thick, luscious, chilled Kheer will tantalize your taste buds forever.

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