13 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Seychelles

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A beautiful island located in the south of East Africa, Seychelles has a cuisine that is full of essence and flavour that will make your mouth water. The people of Seychelles have such streets that offer a combination of global dishes with the essence of Creole cuisine. Trust us, if you’re in Seychelles you can exercise your taste buds in so many ways. 

13 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Seychelles

1. Coconut Curry

coconut curry

When we talk about Coconut curry, this savoury dish is something that the Seychellois are super amazing at making. Coconut Curry has coconut as the base with other spices in order to increase the flavour. This creamy curry is prepared by frying onions, ginger, garlic and a number of masalas that are of Indian origin. Freshly made coconut cram is then added to the dish with curry leaves and hot chillies. The curry is eaten along with rice for it balances the combination of bland rice and spicy curry. 

2. Satini


Creole cuisine is not just about seafood and bizarre meat dishes. Satini is a traditional dish, like a salad that can be eaten along with a meal that completes it. In this salad, one will find finely chopped or grated ingredients like unripe fruits, such as papaya, or golden apple mixed with spices and onions. For hardcore non-vegetarians, there is also one made of boiled sharks and a combination of other fishes.

3. Breadfruit chips

Breadfruit chips

When you feel like munching in Seychelles, you will have to try their Breadfruit chips. Simple, quick and easy to get anywhere on this island, these chips make an excellent snack. Breadfruit is a traditional ingredient which is a fruit emanating the aroma of fresh bread. Breadfruit is cut into little pieces or in the shape of fries, which is first washed in saltwater, then put in a mixture of salt and turmeric (optional) and then deep-fried until it turns crispy. It is often accompanied by various sauces and the famous coconut satini, which makes it a delightful snack. 

4. Sausage Rougay

Sausage Rougay

It is basically pork sausage that is very famous in Seychelles. It is a sausage-based dish that is rich in tomato and onion sauce and usually features garlic, ginger and chillies. The secret to the dish is very different and unique. In Seychelles, locals make this dish by either using local Creole sausage or salted sausage. The sausages are cut into pieces with a bit of Tuscan texture. The other ingredients include chopped onions, capsicums, and various types of seasoning.

5. Smoked fish salad

Smoked fish salad

Everybody knows that since Seychelles is an island, it will have different varieties of fish to offer to its people and local visitors. Smoked fish salad is a dish that is rich in nutrients and is very healthy. Seychellois prefer to preserve their fish by smoking it rather than refrigerating it. It is usually served with a variety of veggies that are used as a dressing with various kinds of herbs and spices. Along with meat, they also add unripe fruits like mango, or papaya in the salad to add a tangy taste to the dish. 

6. Shark chutney

Shark chutney

Eaten only in the regions of Seychelles, this dish is a must-try if you are in Seychelles. Now though the idea of chutney originally comes from India, Seychellois have developed their own. This dish is made of boiled skinned shark, finely mashed and cooked with squeezed bilimbi sauce and lime. It is a unique and delectable chutney that is also mixed with ingredients like onions, pepper, salt and turmeric. It is served at almost every Creole restaurant and food joint at an affordable rate.

7. Grilled fish 

Grilled fish

In Seychelles, people consume a lot of seafood. There are various kinds of fishes that are used either in a combination of two or more. Fishes can either be baked, fried or grilled. Grilled fish is a must-try dish and is prepared by choosing a fish that is coated with oil or butter, seasoned with spices along with garlic, chilli, ginger over hot coals of barbeque. It is often fired by coconut husks to give a wonderful aroma and flavour to the dish. Barracuda is one of the popular dishes that is loved by one and all and is prepared in a unique way.

8. Spinach soup 

Spinach soup

Seychellois people have their own way of making Spinach soup. It is considered to be one of the healthiest soups that is consumed on the island which tastes supernatural and is also highly nutritious. It is prepared in different ways, however, on the streets, it is something that you can try. It is made using spinach leaves that are mixed either with tomatoes (for vegans) or milk and are boiled and blended. It, therefore, turns into a thick paste that totally looks delicious and tastes better when enhanced with butter or extra milk. Topping generally includes some spices or herbs and cream.

9. Palm heart salad

Palm heart salad

Belonging to American cuisine, this dish is a perfect one to try when you’re in Seychelles. Healthy and as the name suggests, a  heart salad is a must-try if you’re a health-conscious person. Also referred to as the “Millionaire’s salad,” it is a combination of various veggies like zucchini, broccoli, pickled ginger, tomato, beans, onions, cabbages and lots more. It is then mixed with various kinds of spices and condiments. After then, sauces like soy sauce, fish sauces, pickles, and vinegar are added to give it a lemony taste. 

10. Bread pudding

Bread pudding

One of the most highly consumed desserts around the world, bread pudding is everybody’s favourite dish. It is an easy-to-make dish that simply tastes amazing and is also locally available. Bread pudding is made using challah bread (staple bread), and other ingredients include eggs, milk, cream, sugar syrup, honey and dry fruits. It is then mixed with the bread, heated in the oven, till it turns golden brown. After it is done, thaw the slices, then pull together this comforting and warm dessert. It is a perfect dish that goes along with a cup of tea or ice-cream.

11. Coconut nougat

Coconut nougat
Image credit: Food and Home Entertaining

Wanna try the most loved dessert of Seychelles? It is nothing but Coconut nougat. It is a rich old-fashioned sugar fudge bursting with real coconut flavour. This fudge needs to be beaten up until it turns into a proper texture. It is prepared by grating coconut, adding condensed milk and cream along with sugar syrup or honey. Vanilla essence of cream can be put to give it a better flavour. The lightness of the coconut and the creaminess of the nougat go absolutely beautiful together. It is sometimes even toasted and also has different flavours from chocolate to strawberry.

12. Banana tarts

Banana tarts

They’re desserts made with bananas and a little bit of love. Oh yes! Banana tarts are so good in Seychelles, that you would want to recommend it to everyone. They’re a popular dessert in Seychelles made of bananas, eggs and milk. These tarts are prepared by using sweet caramelized bananas along with eggs, chocolates and milk filled in a sweet dough. It is drizzled with caramel syrup and is topped with whipped cream. It has a pretzel crust, creamy texture, and a rich custard filling that makes the tart extraordinary. 

13. Cassava pudding

Cassava pudding

Not-so-popular dessert but you should definitely try this dish. Cassava pudding is made by using cassava plant leaves which are used for not only making desserts but for other purposes too. It was brought to us by the people of the Solomon Islands and is a sweet pudding made with tapioca, milk and cream. It is more like a savoury cake than a pudding and is made using grated cassava, sweet potato, coconut milk and fresh cream. After the ingredients are mixed, it turns into a gooey mixture that is frozen and eaten fresh. It is best served with reef fish.   

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