17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in South Africa

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Most Popular Foods to Eat in South Africa

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South Africa is a beautiful country with stunning natural surroundings and a deep and complicated history. Along with these things, South Africa also has some mouth-watering traditional dishes. So, if you are in South Africa, don’t forget to try the variety of food items here. Let’s focus on the delicious food in South Africa.

17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in South Africa

1. Bunny Chow

Bunny chow is very famous street food in South Africa. Bunny chow is a hollowed loaf of white bread. In it, the cook will pour a curry of chicken and pork. Its vegetarian variety is also full of flavors. It is easy to eat. When you are eating it, first eat the curry and after finishing it, eat the bowl of bread. No need to clean.

2. Chakalaka

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Chakalaka is a delicious and spicy vegetarian dish that is made of tomato, beans, peppers, onion, and curry. A few more spices and vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage, and chilies, are also added according to their different varieties.

3. Biltong

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Biltong is a famous food in South Africa. It is a dish of real dried meat. It is also known as beef jerky in the Western world. It is an amazing dish of dried and cured strips of meat, which is very thick if cooked traditionally. You should try biltong if you are in South Africa.

4. Boerewors

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If you are in South Africa, you must try boerewors, the flavorful traditional sausage of South Africa. These delicious sausages are a perfect combination of beef, pork, coriander, and curry. It is served as a long, coiled piece that can satisfy your hunger.

5. Bobotie

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Bobotie is a traditional African dish. This dish is made up of minced meat, which is simmered with curry, vegetables, spices, and dry fruits. Its topping is of milky-eggy custard. The cook will bake it until its colour changes into golden brown. It is the best combination of sweets and spices. You can serve yellow rice and vegetables along with it.

6. Malva Pudding

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Malva pudding is the famous dessert of South Africa. It is a sweet and spongy cake that is made up of apricot jam and a mouth-watering topping of a creamy sauce. Along with this, you can find some other variations in these puddings. It could be with the addition of ginger, dates, or brandy.

7. Potjiekos

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Potjiekos means a small pot of food. This dish originated from Africa because Africans had to travel to the countryside and had only a single pot to cook their food. It is made of meat and different kinds of vegetables cooked with the help of water and oil. They also add alcohol for an extra flavour.

8. Amadumbe

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Amadumbe mainly consists of sweet potatoes. Butter is added to these sweet potatoes after mashing them. Before serving it, sprinkle peanuts and a drizzle of honey. You must try this sweet and healthy food in South Africa.

9. Vetkoek

Credits: – ilove2bake.co.za

Vetkoek is a very popular pastry in South Africa because it plays two roles: one is a savory snack, and the other is a satisfying dessert. These pastries are deep-fried in cooking oil. The inside of the pastry is stuffed with minced beef and served with honey, jam, butter, or cream.

10. Koeksisters

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Koeksiter is an original African dish. It is made by twisting or plaiting of dough after frying it. Then it is dipped into the syrup of sugar. After this, delicate coconut is sprinkled on it and served. You should try this fried delicacy if you are in South Africa.

11. Melktert

Credits: – freshplanetflavor.com

Melktert is a pie-like dessert, which is loved by everyone in South Africa. This dish contains a sweet pastry crust and its filling is made up of milk, flour, sugar, and eggs. It is a perfect snack with tea.

12. Bokkoms

Credits: – timeslive.co.za

Bokkoms is a famous dish on the west coast of South Africa. The mullets are tied in a knot and hung up to dry, which are salted previously. These mullets are dried due to sunlight. After peeling off their skin, they are eaten. It is the best dish for fish. It can be served with pasta and soups.

13. Gatsby

Credits: – recipesavants.com

Gatsby is very popular street food in South Africa, which is a giant foot-long roll. This roll is brushed with soft fries soaked in vinegar, egg, spiced steak, sausage, and peri. You should try this legendary roll in South Africa.

14. Pap En Sous

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Pap En sous is a dish of ground maize, which is also known as a staple in South Africa. It is served in different ways like porridge, balls dipped in sous of tomato and onion, or as a fruit salsa. It is also served as wedges and fried eggs in modern restaurants.

15. Snoek

Credits: MyKitchen

Snoek is a dish of species of mackerel, which is very easily available in the seas around South Africa. Snoek is a very delicious dish with amazing flavors. It is served with battered fish with french fries. It is the best local dish in South Africa. You should try it once.

16. Peppermint Crisp Tart

Peppermint Crisp Tart

It is one of the most popular dishes, which is African in origin. This dish has a no-cook pudding layer with biscuits, caramel treats, whipped cream, and thin peppermint chocolate bars. It is not a stylish dish, but it is a must-try dish of South Africa.

17. Denningvleis

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Denningvleis is a traditional dish of South Africa. It is one of the oldest cuisines in the country. It is a sweet and sour stew that is cooked slowly with a pinch of tamarind and spices. It is a cape Malay delicacy of South Africa which you should try.

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