15 Impressive Snacks to Compliment Your Drink

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Snacks are much needed while enjoying that relaxing glass of wine or whiskey after a tiring day. It could be traumatic to be unable to find something crunchy that goes excellently with the ever promising glass of booze. One would not prefer something too heavy or too light. The right balance of taste and crunch is what makes the drink even more happening! You can find some of the most iconic and delectable snacks that you would lovingly consume with your glass of delight.

15 Impressive Snacks to Compliment Your Drink

1. Peanuts

Source: Afrovitalityeats

Let us agree, Peanuts top the list of snacks to be enjoyed with any drink! They are crunchy and go well with the bitter taste of the drink. The salty ones specifically provide great soul satisfaction due to the taste. You must never forget peanuts when planning to host a party with your loved ones.

2. Nachos

Source: Macheesmo

It is prominent crisp with the shot of a delightful drink. Nachos work great because of the taste and flavour that they give. They are crispy with a cheesy texture just right to complement the drink. Nachos would also be a great partner to some cheese sauce or the ever promising Salsa sauce.

3. French Fries

french fries
Source: The Splendid Table

Now we are exactly talking delicacy. French fries are irresistible when it comes to enjoying it with drinks. They are crispy, soft and salty. One can go on and on with french fries since they are made out of potatoes that rule the snack kingdom. You can add some seasonings or simply enjoy with ketchup, cheese or jalapeno dip.

4. Onion Rings

onion rings
Source: Recipe Fairy

It is for sure that drinks go perfect with crispy snacks. It is the bitter relaxing flavour of certain drinks that call for a crunchy bite along. Onion rings prove to be the best combination with some drinks. They are deep-fried and have the onion flavour within them. Some ketchup could never harm the happening event.

5. Cheese Garlic Bread

cheese garlic bread
Source: Cafe Delites

A soft, subtle and gooey snack calls for your attention with the drink. Cheese Garlic Bread is yet an impressive amalgamation of cozy cheese and pungent flavour of garlic. What’s more interesting? The seasonings basically include some red chilly flakes and the common friend – oregano. This is one of the best snacks that will surely make your drink even boozier.

6. Dried Fruits and Nuts

dried fruits and nuts
Source: International Nut and Dried Fruit

This might sound a little off but nuts love to be combined with a glass of beer or whiskey. Dried fruits and nuts can be served in numerous manners depending upon the drink. They can be dried, salted or even roasted. Some sweeter drinks require unsalted nuts while the bitter drinks would go well with roasted ones. You can choose your favourite nuts for the perfect sip with an even more perfect bite!

7. Jalapeno Poppers

jalapeno poppers
Source: Taste of Home

While Jalapeno Poppers are generally served as appetizers in any party, they are certainly made to jam with your drinks! Spice lovers would love having this delicacy on their platter. Get it to a higher notch with the addition of gooey Mozzarella cheese. This can be served with ketchup or a cheese dip.

8. Chocolate

Source: Mental Floss

Astonishing as it may sound. Chocolate is not generally preferred in the first go with a drink. But surprisingly, dark chocolate just makes the experience merrier. Whiskey and dark chocolate are trusted to be the perfect partners for each other. Dark chocolates with least sweet flavor can create magic right on your table.

9. Masala Papad

masala papad
Source: Yummy Tummy Recipes

Nothing better can smoky flavours served on a platter! Papad is basically called Poppadum or Papadum that can either be fried or roasted. The roasted one enhances the smoky flavour topped with fresh vegetables. A mixture of onions and tomatoes is spread over the papad. The dish gets completed with a sprinkle of fresh coriander leaves with lemon juice. Now, that’s the perfect snack made for your glass of whiskey or beer!

10. Potato Chips

potato chips
Source: F.C Tucker

How can you ever forget the snack that would never forget you? Out of all the snacks, chips are pretty much easy to be found in your nearby stores. Chips are not only crunchy but also are filled with the right amount of salt. They are crunchy and really go with any dip you have at your home. No more hunting, just take chips and sit with your favourite dip!

11. Pizza

Source: www.currypizzahouse.com

Looks like someone said Cheese! Pizza is again a delight that would leave you licking your fingers. Pizza is one of the most palatable snacks you can enjoy with your drink. It has veggies, cheese, corn and your favourite toppings. It is a fusion of seasonings with pungent flavours. Pizza becomes the right choice to enjoy a lazy day with a delectable snack.

12. Paneer Chilly

paneer chilly
Source: Craftlog

What is it when you want to have something smooth but not cheesy? Paneer chilly could be the appetizing snack to be taken pleasure from. Paneer is cooked with garlic, soy sauce and chilly sauce. It is cooked with green bell pepper and garlic. Paneer chilly becomes one of the most impressive snacks complemented with your drink.

13. Chana Masala

chana masala
Source: Indian Good food

Indians have loved the fusion of onions and tomatoes with snacks for a pretty long time. Chana Chor or chana jor is mixed with finely chopped vegetables. Cucumber is also merged with the appetizer. The snack is garnished with an excellent spread of coriander and a sprinkle of lemon juice. Must add this snack to your list of pleasures.

14. Cheeselings

Source: Your Veg Recipe

Cheeselings are one of the oldest snacks that humans have been enjoying with their drinks. It provides crunch, munch and lots of cheese! The well-cooked flavour of cheese takes no time in making your mood high with joy. This snack could also be merged with some veggies and enjoyed. These mini cubes are worth eating all day to have a light and happy soul.

15. Kebabs

Source: Cooking Classy

The name itself is mouth-watering. Kebabs have ruled the world of snacks by offering a lot of varieties in the making. Kebabs go crazy with drinks as they are soft and deep-fried. They fulfill the urge to have something delicious and not keep it too heavy for the day.

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