10 Weird Food Combinations That Taste Good

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10 Weird Food Combinations That Actually Taste Good!

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Is it just us, or have we all experimented with some really weird food combinations when we are too hungry to cook a meal or just straight-up bored? We can’t be the only ones. Here is our list of the weirdest food items that make a whole new snack when mixed together and taste quite incredible too! 

10 Weird Food Combinations That Taste Good

1. Nachos and Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Nachos and Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Source: That’s Life

Not so weird, but this is just the start of it. We love mixing nachos to leftover Mac ‘n’ Cheese to give it a whole new flavour and added crunch to it. You can even use the latter as a dip for any nachos, and trust us on this; it tastes so, so good! 

2. Pizza and Fries

Pizza and Fries
Source: This Muslim Girl Bakes

This weird food combination has a very subtle taste, which is not very overwhelming and is still one of our favourites! You can eat your fries with pizza as you do it with burgers; one by one, OR you can layer your fries on top of the pizza before/after you bake. All of the variations taste impeccable. 

3. Ice cream and Fries

Ice cream and Fries
Source: Twitter

Hear us out on this; it is, honestly, a fascinating combination that will hit your taste buds in the right spots. This is a very quick snack to make if you have ice cream and fries lying around in your house. It has a very bewildering flavour to it, which is, surprisingly, a little too tasty than anyone can think of. Consider this weird food combination as an adventure and try it at least once, please! 

4. Pizza and Ranch Dressing

Pizza and Ranch Dressing
Source: Litehouse Foods

The ranch is that one dip we all absolutely love and cherish. It goes with anything you can think of, just as it does with pizza. Once you try your pizza with ranch, there is no going back. You’ll get obsessed with this food combination, that’s for sure. 

5. Mango and Chili Powder

Mango and Chili Powder
Source: Pepper Bowl

All our Indians know that even though this is quite unusual, but oh God, mango and chili powder taste so fine. With a tangy taste to it and the hints of chilli blends flawlessly together and gives you an explosion of flavours in every bite. The weird food combination makes up for a candy bar but in a healthier way. 

6. Watermelon and Feta

Watermelon and Feta
Source: Serious Eats

When we say that cheese is the secret ingredient, we mean it! This is a salad served with mint and watermelon, and is a very popular one. It gives a burst of summer flavours and is very refreshing. Definitely try this weird food combination out when you can. 

7. Peanut Butter and Mayo

Peanut Butter and Mayo
Source: The Independent

‘Why?’ because it is actually one thing we have all been sitting on, which is an unbelievable combination. It sounds disgusting, but it’s the total opposite and pleasing. Just take one slice of bread with mayo spread across and the other with peanut butter, and that’s it. You can even add lettuce in between to give it a better texture. Whoever tried it LOVED IT. And so will you. Promise. 

8. Coca Cola and Ice cream

Coca Cola and Ice cream
Source: The Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Pretty sure all of us have had this. Some people love it; some don’t. But we are a fan of it. It gives such a good flavour to the otherwise bland vanilla ice cream. It makes your coke taste better. Need we say more? Just top your coke with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoy! 

9. Orange Soda with Caramel Popcorn

Orange Soda with Caramel Popcorn
Source: Fine Cooking

Even if you don’t like either of the things, you will definitely enjoy this combo. It is such a blissful dessert with a tangy taste of orange soda and popcorn’s sweetness. It tastes better with vanilla ice cream, which balances out everything just perfectly. You will not regret having this, for real. 

10. Schezwan and Idli 

Schezwan and Idli
Source: Reddit

Idli is a type of Indian rice cake and is usually served as a breakfast item with some delicious sambhar. To be fair, schezwan tastes good with anything and everything. Does food taste a bit flavorless? Add schezwan. Do you want to experiment without ruining your taste? Add schezwan! But the only combination that stood out for us is the one with idli because it just transforms the taste of your traditional idli and gives it a new Indo-Chinese flavor profile, which we are so here for! 

This is it for today. Have you tried any before? If not, what are you waiting for? DO IT. Would truly love to know theweird” food combinations that you swear by. 

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