20 Varieties of Indian Pickles you must try out

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Pickles are an intrinsic part of the Indian culinary sphere for ages and transcend the western definition of preserving vegetables and fruits in brine and vinegar.


Every state in India has several unique sorts of pickles that boost our palate and taste buds with a spicy and tangy hit of flavours. Mangoes, Lemons, and Chillies are indisputably the foremost favourite ingredients.

However, Indian pickles transcend the standard concoctions of spices and flavours that we are familiar with. To reiterate our love for pickles, I’ve handpicked some unusual pickles from the four corners of the country that are sure to make your mouth water and tingle your senses.

20 Varieties of Indian Pickles you must try out

1. Amla Pickle

Amla pickle or Indian gooseberry pickle is a popular spicy pickle in India. Gooseberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorus. Pressing gooseberries makes it. Mustard seeds are sauteed in oil, and then the gooseberries and other ingredients are added. The pickle is often stored in a refrigerator and is used for about 15 days.

2. Carrot Pickle

Carrot pickle is ready by dicing a carrot and adding green chili peppers alongside ginger. It is mostly prepared in the winter season.

3. Garlic Pickle

Garlic pickle is the most famous spicy pickle of Andhra Pradesh. Mix peeled garlic cloves with mustard seeds and jaggery alongside a pinch of salt, with jaggery acting because of the sweetener.

4. Green Chilli Pickle

Green chili pickle prepared in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra majorly. It is commonly used as a condiment with most dishes. Cutting chilis lengthwise and then frying them in ginger, garlic, and green chili pickles. Other flavoring agents include mango powder, lemon juice, and fenugreek. It is considered a Rajasthani specialty and is usually used as a flavor for Indian snack foods.

5. Onion Pickle

Spicy onion pickle is prepared by cutting onions into pieces then rubbing salt on them. After some point, the surplus water is drained, and therefore the onions are marinated with other spices for four or five days.

6. Raw Mango And Chickpea Pickle

Raw mango and chickpea pickles are very common pickles in India. It is prepared by marinating grated raw mango with salt and turmeric powder at some point and mixing it with soaked chickpea and other ingredients, then letting it sit for four days.

7. Red chili pickle

Red chili pickle comes under the delicious pickle category in India, which many households prepare slitting red chilies length-wise, stuffing them with fenugreek powder, and placing them in a closed porcelain jar for one month.

8. Sweet Mango Pickle

Sweet mango pickle is a very famous pickle in India. Cut mangoes into pieces and adding syrup over them, along with other ingredients, and then keeping them sealed in a jar under the sun until the mangoes soften.

9. Sweet Sour Lemon Pickle

Sweet, sour lemon pickle is India’s famous sweet and sour pickle. It is prepared by cutting lemons into halves, sprinkling salt, and pouring syrup over them.
Later, marinate them for one week.

10. Tomato Pickle

Tomato pickle is a very fashionable spicy pickle in India. Cook ripe tomatoes and adding spices alongside mustard powder to prepare it.

11. Coconut Pickle

Coconut pickle is usually served alongside South Indian breakfasts. Unlike other pickles, it’s perishable. It is made from grated raw coconut and features a much shorter preparation time than most Indian pickles.

12. Lingri ka Achaar

The cinnamon fern, which is understood as lingri in Himachal Pradesh, finds itself within the culinary circles of the state as a lightly saccharine pickle. The young, tender, tightly curled new shoots of fern are used to make the pickles, and these aren’t cultivated but propagate within the region like every other fern species.

13. Brinjal Pickle

Most people that I know completely despise ‘baingan’ or brinjal, but I’m sure that this gem from Goa, which may be a delicious mixture of sweet, spicy, and slightly tangy, will change your mind.

14. Chana Methi Achar

Relatively lesser known across the country, this unique pickle is quite popular in Gujarat. It is formed of chickpeas, and dry fenugreek seeds perked up with an outsized assortment of spices and preserved with mustard oil. One can even find variations, with mango being the foremost popular addition.

15. Banana Flower Pickle

This pickle comes from Assam and comprises banana flowers that are a rich source of iron, calcium, and an entire host of other minerals. Other parts of the country also consume bananas so, the banana flower as a pickle is, without a doubt, one of the most authentic creations of Assam.

16. Orange Tholi Achar

Who would have thought that orange peels might be made into a pickle, a delicious one at that! A zesty combination of sweet and tangy, this pickle is sort of common in South Indian kitchens. It is easy to prepare and doesn’t need any settling time.

17. Gajar-Gobhi-Shalgam Achaar

A winter staple within the northern parts of the country, this pickle comprises carrot, cauliflower, and turnip and is perhaps one among the foremost delicious and sadly underrated pickles within the country. Therefore, the tang of the turnip and the sweetness of the carrot, which is pickled alongside cauliflower using vinegar, make the pickle the best accompaniment for parathas and curd.

18. Green Apple Pickle

While the apples from Jammu and Kashmir would require a piece of writing of their own, the green apple pickle from the region is equally delicious. Sweet and tart, because of the apples and spices, the pickle is often savored with bread or simply on its own.

19. Kairi Ka Achaar

Made from Kairi (berries from Rajasthan that are dried and used), this pickle is exclusive to the state and is found abundantly during the winters. Sour and tangy, Kairi ka achaar is incredibly delicious and can be enjoyed with any bread or rice.

20. Chicken Pickle

Kerala is home to several non-vegetarian pickled delights, from fish, pork, prawn to chicken, you name it, and you’ve got it. First, we need to marinate the chopped pieces of boneless chicken with turmeric, spice mix (garam masala), red chili powder, and pepper powder for an hour to make a chicken pickle. Next, fry the chicken pieces and increase sautéed fenugreek, mustard seeds, asafoetida, ginger-garlic, peppercorns, whole red chilies, and sprinkle salt to taste. Once cooled, add vinegar, top up with extra oil, and lock in airtight containers. This pickle has got to be kept refrigerated and needs to be ideally consumed within 3-4 months.

In India, each pickle has tons of variants; every village, city, state, or region features a pickle legacy to mention. I picked the famous few; if your favorite has found a spot, I wish to hear bingo! And if it hasn’t, I still wish to hear which one! I hope you enjoyed reading about these mouth-watering pickles.

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