15 Food Festivals In India You Should Visit Asap!

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food festivals in india you should visit


Food is an integral part of a human being, and for us Indians, it is even more than that. India is known for its exotic, aromatic, and scrumptious variety of food items that you just can’t afford to miss. What if we tell you that all the national and international varieties come under one roof for the real foodies to encounter the taste from every nook and corner of the whole world? We have compiled a list of Indian food festivals that offer an exciting and distinctive variety of dishes from every part of the world, including fun events, socialization, and whatnot.

Here are the 15 most exciting food festivals in India you should visit:

1. National Street Food Festival – New Delhi

All the street food of Delhi comes under one roof; this will certainly create some buzz. All the local vendors with their amazing specialties gather at this event and mesmerize the foodies with some great street food flavors, be it Chole Bhature, Momos, Pav bhaji, etc. It takes place in Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium in December-January. Foodies, tighten up for the biggest event ever.

2. Navi Mumbai Food Truck Festival – Mumbai

An absolute kid and adult-friendly event to come across some great food trucks offering great taste along with fun games. Every Mumbaikar waits all year long to attend this two-day event that includes a variety of local food and some very delectable dishes. It uses this event for a great cause by fundraising for the orphanage and specially-abled children. This event is attended by foodies, chefs, kids, and families for food sampling and having fun at the same time.

3. Goa food and Cultural Fest – Panaji, Goa

Hosted by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation, this event offers Goa’s spectacular cuisine and multiple flavors, including famous artists and DJs performing at the event. Adding to the charm of Goa’s beautiful beaches and the perfect weather, this festival acts like a cherry on the cake.

4. Asian Hawkers Food Festival – New Delhi

It is quite obvious by the name; all the authentic Asian cuisine be it Thai, Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, are all available in a single place to bring some of their best dishes to you. This is a three-day event that is held in the month of October. It includes a great ambiance, a variety of food, and lots of entertainment.

5. International Mango Festival – New Delhi

Have you tried all the species of mangoes? If not, then you must. The International Mango Festival that takes place in New Delhi annually during summer is hard to be missed. They bring together all the mango varieties for taste sampling, fun games, quizzes, crafts, dance performances, etc. The fragrance of those succulent, hearty flavors of mangoes from all over the world, i.e., langra, dussehri, Alphonso, etc., is to die for. If you, too, are a mango person, don’t even dare miss this one!

6. Ahare Bangla – Kolkata

Bengal’s much-awaited Pet Pujo Fest, Ahare Bangla, offers unique thematic events that include various prominent dishes where various renowned chefs and food bloggers arrive at the location for food sampling, cooking contests, talk shows, etc. If you are visiting West Bengal during the time around December, don’t hesitate to barge in!

7. The Grub Fest – Delhi, Mumbai, Pune

The Grub fest is the most famous food bonanza of all. It celebrates food as no one does. The perfect hotspot for all the foodies who just can’t suffice with a single taste of flavors. It offers a wide variety of food items, mood-rejuvenating music to tap your foot on, fun events, and the list goes on. The fest organizers are now covering more and more states to reach every place possible. So, the die-hard food crazies should buckle up for the food season.

8. Sattvik Food Festival – Ahmedabad

This food festival sounds unique and rare by the name itself. This festival is all about celebrating the traditional and nutritional food of India, which most of us are unaware of. There is a display of organic and eco-friendly agricultural products, an exhibition of grassroots innovation, crafts, pottery, folk songs, and dances. It encourages farmers to showcase their special skills in agriculture and focuses on promoting a nutritional and healthy lifestyle.

9. Mei-Ramew Food Festival – Meghalaya

This two-day annual food carnival takes place in Mawphlang, Meghalaya, in the month of December. It exhibits traditional cooking styles and brings back the ancient ways of preparing authentic food, and showcases the real hard work that it takes to bring such flavors. It outlines the local culture and indigenous activities of Meghalaya for the people to rewind to their old memories and emphasizes bringing back the old cultures into modern life.

10. Bengaluru Food Fete – Bengaluru

Bangalore’s biggest food festival, which is much more than just food. It offers foot-tapping music, dance on hit numbers, fun interactions with great chefs, games, and of course, mouth-watering food. They bring together all the top restaurants, cafes, and food trucks so that you do not miss anything. It takes place in the month of April for two consecutive days. If you are in Bangalore sometime around this event, please visit!

11. Bhukkad Flea – Mumbai

All the big bhukkads, gather! This flea food stop is for those who are hoggers with a great sense of taste and food choice. There are more than 150 food stalls in one place with some great music for the mood while satisfying your hunger. It is getting exciting with each passing year as it adds on varieties of food every year. It takes place in Mumbai in the month of January. So, go on and let your inner bhukkad roar!

12. Foodistan, 10 Heads Festival – Gurgaon

A wonderland for all the foodies! This place will not just satisfy your cravings for those zesty and delectable food items but also with great fun events that they bring forward, such as flea markets for crazy shoppers, stand-up comic shows, luxury items fair, music fever, and more. It takes place immediately after the festive season in October, so get up and mark your calendar now!

13. Horn Ok Please – New Delhi

The most famous and happiest food festival that takes place in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium for three consecutive days is around the corner. It has some of the best-curated cafes, food trucks, restaurants, and local street food stalls paired up with some great musical events, live performances, games, shopping, and in short, a perfect day out for family and friends.

14. Great Indian Food Festival – New Delhi

A perfectly sorted outing bringing the best and mouth-watering delicacies from every corner, be it Dahi Chaat, Chole Bhature, Momos, etc., with some great music and above 100 stalls from all the states. Get your tickets and be ready to taste some culinary wonders.

15. Itsy Bitsy Food Festival – Mumbai

A fun and frolic festival with a purpose that not just provides some irrevocably amazing flavors from across the world but also takes care of the food that is wasted and uses it to donate to organizations that provide surplus food to the hungry and needy. It is also marked as the ‘first zero-wastage food festival.’

So get set for a whirlwind ride of giving in to your foodie instincts! Take some time out from your hectic life and attend these amazing food festivals.


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